Scrap Vomit B Blocks…vomit on the design wall…

With the feather beast waiting patiently in the corner it’s time to turn my attention to completing my May challenge: Scrap Vomit!

I’m so excited to be working on this quilt I cannot begin to adequately capture my excitement in words. When I first fell in love with quilting it was with the standard patchwork quilts that you would see in all the movies, paintings or books.  You know the kind; all the same size block, no fancy triangles or curves and they look like they’re 100 years old.

When I stumbled across Katy’s (from I’m a Ginger Monkey) Scrap Vomit I immediately felt that old nostalgia wash over me.  Here was a quilt, that from a distance, looked like those old school patchwork quilts.  My heart soared and then when I realized that the quilt was made up of novelty prints and randomly cut patterns I just knew I had to make one.  It’s like the quilting version of a Young Ones episode!

Back in January I had some spare time so I got together the scrap squares that I had cut and the ones that had been sent to me from all over the globe and I started to put some of the blocks together.  I loved them and had I not had a million other things competing for my attention I’m pretty sure I would have finished the quilt in one go if I could have.

Then in February I decided on the colour combination for my B Blocks.  I cut up all the fabric only to realize that I didn’t have enough and needed to order more.  So I put my order in and went back to working on the other items on my list.

However the minute the feather beast was slayed I jumped back on the Vomit train.  (Yes, I do like to say vomit a lot…)

I had decided it was time to work on my B Blocks but I couldn’t decide on which combination I liked the most; orange on the outside or pink… so I did both and I just love them.

I’m not sure how I’m going to place them in the end product, but I know that I’m already so in love with this quilt that it doesn’t really matter because it’s all vomit gravy now!

You Rock Garden…you rock garden…

As well as working on my Scrap Vomit Quilt I also took the opportunity to defile some rocks in a girlfriends garden to wish her a happy birthday.

It was a surprise so I took the Little Man over to her house and while he slept I took some super glue, dolls hair and boggly eyes and set to work.  I couldn’t stop giggling the whole time and when I was finished and stood back to admire my work a bloody magpie swooped in and attacked my rocks!

Lucky for the magpie there was no damage, but the hide of him!

Hexy MF Flower

Because it’s the beginning of another month I had the Canberra Quilters Inc. Guild Meeting to attend so it gave me a chance to get another HexyMF flower done.  Bit disappointing that this time there was no photo bombing by Bron (of Krafty Kuka) or Michelle (of Buttontree Lane)Bron was MIA and Michelle is our new Guild President so she was up the front being all presidential and shit so I just made do with showing off my green chucks.

This been no movement at the Woodland Sampler station as I have been busy working on another little stitching project that I’ll be able to share with you all next week.  But now that I’ve finished that I’m going to make time to pick up the Woodland Sampler again and get cracking. (And not just because May is a GNOME!!!!)

May is going to be one busy, busy, busy month…

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  1. Raylee May 9, 2013 at 11:15 am

    you two are so funny, I love the way you write Angie, very real, keep it up. I hope your girlfriend enjoyed her surprise.
    Scrap Vomit is looking good, vomit is a good word to say, it can be so… expressive

    1. gnomeangel May 9, 2013 at 12:14 pm

      Thanks Raylee – she got a chuckle out of it.

      I am totally crushing on the vomit! I think you’ll have fun with it too! 🙂 Can we quilt the word vomit over and over and over on it???? 🙂 😉

  2. Michelle May 9, 2013 at 10:35 am

    I hear you on the busy week(s) babe. This week has been filled with fun, but I am absolutely exhausted – it’s like STOP THE WORLD! I really want to just have a doona day.

    Also “being all presidential and shit” just made me LAUGH! Because that so totally sums up my job.

    Also I LOVE your vomit. Absolutely love it. I’m looking forward to having a spare hour or two to get stuck back into my own! Hopefully tonight at Modern Group I can have two hours there NOT being all presidential and shit and just SEW!

    (Also, magpie was probably just rearranging the quiff on one of those rocks to his own personal preference. He’s probably the Stefan of the bird world)

    1. gnomeangel May 9, 2013 at 12:13 pm

      I stole an hour and a half yesterday to just sit on the floor next to S while he slept, do some xstitch and watch “Life of Pi”. I just needed to do something that wasn’t on a to-do list!

      I can amend your email signature block to reflect that as the tag line if you like. 😉

      Yeah, good luck with that dream. I thought about taking the vomit to work on but I know myself well enough that I’ll spend the time talking and checking out everyone else’s work and I won’t do any sewing – so I’ll just knock over another HexyMF flower.

      No this made me LAUGH! Vidal Sassoon even!

      1. Michelle May 10, 2013 at 9:05 am

        You were right – In only got 6 rows of one block sewn. That’s FIVE SEAMS!!! Hopeless. Had such a great night though.