One Craftee Mumma Peas in a Pod Cross stitch

…my Christmas present from the talented Tamara

Another craft that I’ve been watching with envy on Instagram is The Frosted Pumpkin’s Kawaii Winter Wonderland Countdown Sampler.  I’ve loved seeing each square emerge and checking out everyone’s different take on the colour combinations.

So when I saw the sign up for the 2013 Monthly Woodland Sampler I just had to give it a go.  (If you want to join in the special early sign up price of $10 is valid until 11 January, then it goes up to $16.95)  I signed up and then encouraged Tamara (from One Craftee Mumma) to sign up as well.  (She’s been cross stitching up a storm in the past months!)

I’ve really enjoyed stealing some moments while the Little Man sleeps to work on a cross stitch for my mother (I’ll share the finished product with you all soon, I promise!).  I think doing one block a month will be a nice pace.  I also really love that you can buy all the floss required in a kit from The Workroom.

I’m so looking forward to getting started on it.

Are you working on anything special in 2013? Are you going to try the Woodland Sampler with me?

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  1. snap! I totes just blogged about this too! So excited to stitch along together! i think it’s fun to see other mixing up the colours too – but too chicken for that myself! haha

  2. It’s been ages since I last did any cross stitching but I’ve just signed up to do the sampler. I hope my eyes can cope but I guess I can use one of those magnifying thingies. It might even get me motivated to finish the last cross stitch I started many years ago.
    Maybe 2013 will be the year for me to complete unfinished craft.
    Are you going to order the floss kit and fabric from The Workroom?

    • Hi Robyn! 🙂
      I’m so glad you’re on board to do the sampler. I think it’s going to be heaps of fun and should end up a really cute finished product! Funny, I have one that I need to finish ASAP and it’s so close to finishing – just need to pull my finger out… maybe when I’m done with January on the sample – ha ha ha!
      I was going to go with the Workroom for my supplies, but I had a Spotlight voucher from Christmas so I used that for supplies instead. I know the workroom have the kits back in, but they’re still waiting on the material (might give you a chance to finish your WIP before starting the new one???)

      Let me know how you go!

      • I already have so much thread from the old days but am afraid I could run out. I have no idea how much the postage would be from the US. As for the WIP there’s still a fair way to go but I might just fish it out and have a look.

          • Hi Angie
            I only just saw your reply. Sorry. As for the WIP it’s been sitting on the dining room table for about a week but I finally got started on it again today. I think I’ll have to get a magnifier because my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and I’m worried the new work will look messy.