Tuesday's With Wendy Quilt

In July 2011 I took a Beginner’s Quilt Course at Addicted to Fabric.   I had done a quilt course back in 2007ish and it was crap, but I had it on good authority that this course was much better.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The teacher, Wendy Saciler, was brilliant.  Totally understandable, really patient, years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.  As an added bonus Wendy is absolutely lovely.

The course was 8 weeks long and each week Wendy taught us a new block and techniques.  The blocks were both hand sewn and machine pieced which was totally handy because my hand stitching leaves a lot to be desired.   Wendy also taught us about picking fabrics to compliment the block patterns.  I decided to go with a black, white and yellow combination and added the grey to tie it all together at the end.  (I was inspired by my brother’s motorbike… weird I know.)

Tuesday's With Wendy Quilt

I loved doing the different blocks.  I seriously underestimated how much I’d love seeing points turn out properly.  I also found that having to have the blocks done by a set time and date really handy.

I ended up using left over fabric and making another simple patchwork pattern for the backing fabric.  (2 quilts for the price of 1!)

While I was doing the class we were also doing our last round of IVF which turned out to be the round that finally worked.  I swear it’s all because of the quilt class!  I wasn’t able to attend the reunion class because I’d had day surgery that day to do our egg harvest.

I was really disappointed, but in some ways it worked out well because I hadn’t been able to get the quilting done.  (Turns out my machine just doesn’t have the oomph to deal with quilting!)

Tuesday's With Wendy Quilt

I ended up putting the quilt into Altogether Quilting and getting Helen to do an all over pattern on it in grey thread.  I also got Helen to do the binding (because I’m lazy and she does it so well).

I called this quilt “Tuesdays With Wendy” because class was on Tuesday nights and I really wanted to honour Wendy and thank her.  She’s an awesome teacher – I’d do the class again just to spend another 8 weeks with her!

I picked the quilt up a couple of weeks ago and I’m in love with it.  I had originally planned to give it to my little brother, but as I’ve given away all of the quilts that I’ve done to date I decided to hang on to it.  (Sorry Scrot, I’ll make you another one!)

It’s turned out quite fortuitous really because now it will be Junior’s first quilt.  This is the quilt that I made while we made Junior.

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  1. What a great first quilt – a lovely pattern and fabrics – well done

    (just came to visit after reading your life story quilting blog 🙂 )

  2. I love love love your quilt. It is so beautiful and I love the colours. I’ve never seen a quilt in those colours before, and they just go together so well. I too have a habit of making things and giving them away and never keep anything for myself. I wouldn’t be giving that away either …. it is going to look gorgeous hanging somewhere in your house.

  3. Totally agree. The excitement of getting points to match up really comes out of the blue!

    And I love the back of the quilt. Coming from a long line of wonderful quilters (and having received quite a few quilts – albeit mainly for the kids), I love the little “extra” on the back. It’s like getting that hidden bonus track on a cd, after listening to 4 minutes of nothing.

    A beautiful quilt. Love the Yellow.

  4. It is a beautiful quilt, and I love that it has so much meaning to you guys! I’m glad you’re keeping it.

    Wendy is a top lady. I love her. She has so much to teach us, and not just patchwork and quilting.