Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Sew-along Link Up Party


It’s the last Sunday of Month 2, can you believe it? If you’re keeping up (and there’s no pressure to keep up) you should have 22 blocks made. (Which means there’s only 77 blocks left to complete all the blocks in the book.) This week we covered three blocks; Patience, Patricia and Grandma. It’s been so much fun to see all the various versions of the blocks being made and shared and I hope you’ve been drawing inspiration from it as well. For next week’s link party I’m going to do a big round up of some of the photos shared so make sure you link up a good clear photo of your blocks.

You’ve got a week left to sign up to the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Swap. (Click here to find out more and sign up!) It looks like it’s going to be a fun swap and I’m really excited to get started on making something for my swapper. I’ve had a couple of really good questions asked about the swap and so I’ve put together some answers that may help:

Q. Where can I find my Swapper details?

A. You will be allocated a swap partner once the sign ups have closed. Swap partner allocations will happen within 24 hours of the swap closing.

Q. Will I send and receive from the same person?

A. No, you will send to one person and receive from another. This means you’ll get a chance to make 2 friends!

Q. Why can’t I just swap a block?

A. I thought about just making it a block swap but given the various skill levels and confidence in work I decided to make a finished object would remove a lot of pressure from people and make the swap more enjoyable. The easiest item to make would be a mug rug. Simply make a block and then quilt and bind it and it’s a mug rug. (Or a really mini mini quilt!)

Q. How will I know what my swap partner likes?

A. Good question. As part of SwapBot’s sign up process you are able to create a profile. As part of the allocation process of swappers I will be going through and checking to make sure everyone has relevant and helpful information in their profile. Some suggestions of things to include:

  • Which is your favourite Farmer’s Wife block so far.
  • What are your favourite colours.
  • What are the colours you like least.
  • What are the fabrics you love.
  • What are the fabrics you like least.
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • A little about yourself. You don’t have to include a complete life’s story, just the key points that will give your swapper some ideas about swap inclusions or items to make.
  • What items you might like to receive (baring in mind it’s up to your swapper to decide what they’ll make to swap)
  • What non-sewing inclusions you might enjoy. For example, do you also collect stamps and so would like one from the swappers area. (Again, inclusions are totally up to the discretion of the person sending the package and so you might get only the required item.)

The more information and direction you can provide the easier you’ll make it for your swap partner to send you something you will love.

Please note: If your profile is blank I will be forced to remove you from the swap. It makes it very hard for me to trust that you’re a real swapper and not just a troll looking for free stuff if your profile is blank. It also makes it really hard for your swapper to send you a package you’ll love.

Q. Will all packages be the same?

No. It’s the nature of the swap (and life). The minimum requirement is to swap an item made with the Farmer’s Wife blocks. Given various life situations, budgets, commitments, postage rates, quarantine laws, etc. I can’t ask people to send more than that. In my experience however swappers are always generous and considerate and so I’m sure the package you receive will be sent with love, kindness, consideration and good will. This swap is not about getting free stuff, it’s about connecting and sharing with others. I would recommend you join the swap assuming you’ll get nothing and then be pleasantly surprised when you do get a parcel.

Hopefully that’s helped answer people’s questions. If you’ve still got more please either leave a comment or send me an email.

Now, on to this week’s sew and tell.

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  1. Where can I find my profile? I don’t recollect filling one in when I joined up.
    Thanks Angie, you do a great job.