Fussy Cutters Club: A Bootcamp for Mastering Fabric Play - 14 Projects. Written by Angie Wilson of and published through Stash Books (C&T Publishing). Available September 2017. For more information visit

What is fussy cutting? It’s when you find a particular design, picture or print in your fabric and then cut around it so it fits into a patch or block on your quilt or sewing project. Often fussy cutting is used to create a secondary pattern within the pattern. It’s all about cutting your fabric with intent and being conscious about how the design/print/colour of your fabric will be used in the completed project.

If I had to sum up the defining characteristics of my work in three words they would be: fussy cutting, colour and fun. (Ok, that’s four but I see “fussy cutting” as one word.) I love fussy cutting. I love the way it allows me to express myself, I love the joy it brings when others see it and I love just having fun with fabrics. I think I’m not alone when it comes to a love of Fussy Cutting and that’s why I think that there’s an unspoken club out there in the world of fussy cutters and if this club had to have a name it would be called “Fussy Cutters Club”.

Fussy Cutters Club Book

In 2016 I signed with C&T Publishing to write my first book and when I thought about what it was that I wanted to share with the world through my work the answer was simple and resounding; fussy cutting. I wrote Fussy Cutters Club as a way to share the way in which I approach patchwork through my love of fabrics. The book is aimed at helping those that have never fussy cut learn the basics of fussy cutting through projects focused on traditional patchwork, improvisational patchwork and English Paper Piecing. It’s also a great book for those looking to branch out when it comes to fussy cutting by learning new tricks and looking at alternative ways to use fabric. The book has 14 projects ranging in skill levels from beginner to confident and covers projects from pot holders, zipper pouches, mini quilts, tote, cushions and various sized quilts. I’m really proud of this book and I hope you will love it and learn from it.

Can you keep a secret? Pre-orders of Fussy Cutters Club are now available at a handful of online stores. The book is due for release October 7 and I’ll have signed copies available from me, but if you just can’t wait to make sure you secure one then the following information will be helpful.

You can buy the book via these links Book Depository (click here) |  Amazon (click here) and if you do so I will make a small commission on the sale which will go towards helping me to keep hosting events, posting tutorials and writing more books. (Thank you so much!)

Fussy Cutters Club on Facebook

I launched Fussy Cutters Club on 20 June 2014 and since then it has gone from strength to strength. I started Fussy Cutters Club as a way of helping those that love fussy cutting connect, share their work, ask questions, learn new tricks and have a good time. As part of The Fussy Cutters Club I organise and run projects for people to make and share that utilise fussy cutting techniques. It’s a great way to have more fun with fabrics. If you’d like to join or be involved simply head to Facebook and request membership to The Fussy Cutters Club.

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