Jen Kingwell’s “Long Time Gone”: A Sew-along

Long Time Gone quilt by Jen Kingwell. Sew-along to be hosted by Angie Wilson ( and Nicole Calver ( - kicks of 15 march 2017. For more information see

Image courtesy of Jen Kingwell Designs

Wow! It’s great to see everyone is as excited as me to make Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell! I’ve had emails daily from people asking for more information and so here’s the first instalment. The big news is that we’ve moved the start date from 1 February to 15 March. We’ve done this to help people get their hands on patterns and supplies. It also means that you’ll have a bit more time if you’re confident enough to start sewing before we release the tutorials.

I’ve hosted a lot of online events in the past years, but I have never undertaken something like this. While the #100Days100Blocks was a marathon, this is like a decathlon. You’re going to need all your sewing and time management skills if you want to be eligible for prizes with this event. This quilt was originally offered as a Block of the Month (BOM) in 2016 and with good reason, there’s a lot of blocks in this quilt. However, we’re not ones to back down from a challenge so we’re going to give you a tight 4 months to get this quilt top made.

The quilt top is entirely machine pieced with no y-seams so there’s nothing too scary involved, it’s just going to be a lot of sewing with small pieces. You’re going to need to pay attention to your accuracy. It’s entirely do-able and I have every confidence that you’ll be able to do it. (If I can do it, anyone can do it!) There is foundation paper piecing as an option for one block, but it’s really simple so if you’ve never done FPP before this is a good way to learn. Also, Marti Michell will be providing ways to do it without foundation paper piecing so you’ll have options.

It’s going to be an exciting rollercoaster and I’m thrilled and honoured that Jen Kingwell has entrusted us with her quilt. Now, let’s get down to the details you’ve all been asking for.


I’m really proud to announce that I’ll be partnering with Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) and Marti Michell to bring you this event.

I met Nicole 3 years ago when we both competed in Sewvivor. Nicole went on to win the event and my heart. We’d never met until we shared a room together at Quilt Market 2016. I had such a great time with Nicole and it was at Quilt Market that we hatched the plan to do this sew-along. I’m really excited for you to get to know Nicole, she’s super crazy talented.

We’re also teaming up with Marti Michell (from the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Sew-along) and I’m thrilled. I love and adore Marti and she’s going to be making her version of the quilt with her templates and sharing how you can do the same. Using the templates and seeing how Marti approaches quilting has taught me so much and I can’t wait to learn more.

Important Dates

Start Date: Wednesday 15 March 2017

End Date: Wednesday 12 July 2017

Ordering the Pattern

One of the reasons we moved the start date of this sew-along was to provide everyone with enough time to order the pattern. At the moment you can order the pattern in Australia via Amitie Textiles by clicking here (they ship internationally).

There will be stockists available in the US and we will provide this information on Wednesday 18 January 7:30am (AEST) to help you secure your own copy.

If you live outside the US and Australia please drop me an email (so I know where I have to find a stockist) and I will try to help you out.

I have started to collate a list of stockists which you can find by clicking here. This is provided as a courtesy and will be updated as I get information. I take no responsibility (nor can I control) stock levels, pricing or postage.

Block Order

Unlike previous sew-alongs we’re going to provide you with the order we’ll be covering everything so you can start to plan for your approach to getting them done. As we’ve said before, and we’ll continue to say, this sew-along is going to test your accuracy, your endurance and your stamina. It’s going to be totally worth it, so get ready to have a heck of an adventure.

We’ve listed the block names and how many of each are required. We will be releasing one tutorial a week for each block type. To keep up with the sew-along you will be required to make the required numbers of each block per week.

  1. Bow Tie – Make 2
  2. Square in a Square Stars – Make 1
  3. Crosses of the U.K. – Make 6
  4. Jacobs Ladder – Make 9
  5. Trip Around the World – Make 1
  6. Plus a Star – Make 1
  7. Churn Dash – Make 21
  8. Courthouse Steps – Make 9
  9. Log Cabin – Make 4
  10. Half Square Triangle 1 – Make 1
  11. Half Square Triangle 2 – Make 1
  12. Half Square Triangle 3 – Make 1
  13. Flying Geese – Make 64
  14. 60 Degree Triangle – Make 30
  15. Pineapple Log Cabin – Make 16
  16. Checkerboard


Nicole and I are going to alternate providing tutorials for the blocks. Tutorials will be posted on Wednesday’s at 7:30am AEST. (This is Tuesday 3:30pm for Nicole who is in Canada.) If you live outside of these timezones you can use the following website to do the time conversion, click here. You will need to use Sydney, Australia as the city for Australian Eastern Standard Time.

The following list shows the breakdown of who will have the tutorial for which block.

  1. Bow Tie – Angie
  2. Square in a Square Stars – Nicole
  3. Crosses of the U.K. – Angie
  4. Jacobs Ladder – Nicole
  5. Trip Around the World – Angie
  6. Plus a Star – Nicole
  7. Churn Dash – Angie
  8. Courthouse Steps – Nicole
  9. Log Cabin – Angie
  10. Half Square Triangle 1 – Nicole
  11. Half Square Triangle 2 – Angie
  12. Half Square Triangle 3 – Nicole
  13. Flying Geese – Angie
  14. 60 Degree Triangle – Nicole
  15. Pineapple Log Cabin – Angie
  16. Checkerboard – Nicole

Don’t worry, if this all seems too much for you both Nicole and I will post at Wednesday 7:30am AEST to remind you that there’s a tutorial and point you to the right place to find it. All you need to do is follow our blogs and you’ll have all the information you need.

Marti Michell Conversion Charts

Marti Michell will be helping you conquer Long Time Gone by providing template conversion charts so that you can use Marti’s templates to construct the quilt. It is not compulsory to use these templates to complete the quilt. We’re offering you this as an alternate method because we believe the templates help with accuracy, conserving your fabrics and allowing you to easily fussy cut.

We will provide all the details about what templates you need and where you can purchase them from on Wednesday 18 January 7:30am (AEST).

Fabric Selection

Both Nicole and I have partnered with our favourite fabric designers to make our quilts in nothing but their fabrics. I will be making mine in nothing but Alison Glass and Nicole will be using nothing but Anna Maria Horner (paired with some solid). We’re really excited to share our versions with you all.

We know that fabric selection can be a bit tricky for a quilt like this so we’ll be sharing our thoughts about it with you all on Wednesday 25 January 7:30am (AEST).

We’ve also partnered with Alison Glass, Anna Maria Horner and Jen Kingwell to offer you fabric bundles to help with your fabric selection and we’ll have details about this included in the Wednesday 25 January (AEST) post.

Sponsors & Prizes

I’m really thrilled to let you all know that we’ve partnered with the following designers and companies to bring you the most amazing offering of prizes. We won’t be sharing what they are just yet, but we can tell you who we’ve got on board at the moment, are you ready for this? We’ve got:

Trust me, you’re going to want to have a shot at winning these prizes. We’ll be announcing the final sponsor line up, full prize details and how you can be eligible for prizes on Wednesday 18 January 7:30am (AEST).

Keeping Up-to-Date

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Newsletters are sent every Monday and contain all the information you need about all the events that I’m hosting, things I find from around the internet, community cork board and other great finds.

So, what do you say, are you in?

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