I’m extremely excited, and honoured, to be a part of the Modern Medallion Blog Hop and Quilt-a-Long which is starting on Friday 6 June. Crystal (from Two Little Aussie Birds) has designed this amazing quilt pattern, it’s a modern twist on the classical medallion quilt, and now we all get the opportunity to make it together. Yay!

two-little-aussie-birds-modern-medallion-quilt-2Image source: Two Little Aussie Birds

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Medallion quilts are constructed around a central panel. The center is usually either a single piece of fabric like a toile or a Tree of Life, or an appliquéd motif or a large pieced star or other pieced pattern. This central panel is then surrounded by two or more borders. Although some borders may be solid, most are pieced or appliquéd and continue the theme of the central panel. Antique medallion quilts are among those most valued today. – Defintion via[/pullquote]

I’m a mixed bag of emotions about being in this quilt-a-long. On the one hand I’m so stoked to be trying something that is completely out of my comfort zone – purposely wonky piecing, free hand foundation piecing and curves (Oh my gosh – CURVES!). I’m not sure how my OCD is going to handle the “modern” in this quilt. (Who knows I might unleash a wonky beast!)

But on the other hand there’s a little bit of apprehension because I’m conscious of being able to get it all done and dusted within the time frame and make something that lives up to the awesome that is the original. It’s a little bit of pressure, but diamonds come from pressure…

I try to remind myself; “Nothing good ever comes from staying in your comfort zone!”.

So it’s time to tap into that excitement, pull some fabrics and start thinking about how I’m going to put my spin on the Modern Medallion.

I’m going to also be part of the Blog Hop which means that each Monday I’ll be sharing my tips, tricks and tutorials for how to do that weeks section. Then, on the Friday I’ll be writing about my version, how I’ve done it and linking with the link party being hosted by Crystal over on Two Little Aussie Birds. (It’s another exciting element as I’ve not really blogged about making something as I make it before.)

Adding to the excitement and the need for wearing brown underpants I’ll be keeping good company on the blog hop… are you ready for this awesome?

Kristi from Schnitzel & Boo, Melissa from MsMidge, Kate from KateQuilts, Amira from Little Mushroom Cap and of course, Crystal from Two Little Aussie Birds.

I’m totally batting above my average in this group. I’m so excited to see how they put their individual touches to this pattern and to learn some new techniques from these fabulous quilters.

The best thing – if you participate in the quilt-a-long you can tap into 5 different quilters to ask for assistance and problem solving.

So who’s with me? Who wants to make a fabulous quilt, support an Australian quilter and have a good time?

Crystal is launching the pattern tomorrow and you can purchase it here for the bargain price of AU$15.

The pattern is really great – it’s has a fun feel to it and heaps of diagrams (which I found handy!).  So, what are you waiting for? Grab the pattern, start pulling fabrics and get ready for a rollercoaster of fun and learning!

06/01/2014 – Week 1 – Medallion – Schnitzel & Boo
06/08/2014 – Week 2 – Border 1 & 2 – MsMidge
06/15/2014 – Week 3 – Border 3 – KateQuilts
06/22/2014 – Week 4 – Border 4 & 5 – Little Mushroom Cap
06/29/2014 – Week 5 – Border 6 & 7 – GnomeAngel
07/06/2014 – Week 6 – Finished – Two Little Aussie Birds

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  1. Batting above your average – bahahahhah! I’m totally loving this quilt process, and I’m loving seeing everyone else’s! Rock on!!

    • Me too! I don’t know why I’m continually surprised, but I just love seeing how a pattern can transform in different people’s hands… it’s like magic (that’s cooler than magic).

    • Good plan. Even if you don’t do it now, I’m happy to help out when you do. I’m going to host a Mini QAL in July we could do that together 🙂

    • WOOHOO! I’m so glad you’re coming along for the ride. I’m always here if you need advice/vent/photos to get through it. It’s a real challenge – but in a good way and I’m sure you’ll be able to make it (in your own time and in your own style). I’m going to host a Mini Quilt-A-Long in July as well, so when you nail this you can do that too! Whee! 🙂

  2. I’m in I hope I can keep up and yes it’s way out of my comfort zone but that’s why I’m doing it . Extreme quilting lol.
    I really shouldn’t do it it’s not like I have no ufo’s but what the hay?

    • That is AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I like the idea of extreme quilting. This pattern is certainly testing my skill set, but in a really enjoyable way. I’m not sure I’m relaxed enough to improv – but I’m having fun trying. I can’t wait to see what you make.

      Pfft… what’s a few UFO’s between friends? 😉 🙂