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I’m a big believer in putting up or shutting up. For the past few years I’ve been writing the back column for Love Patchwork & Quilting and each month I try to inspire and motivate people to think more positively about their creativity and to go after what they want. It’s something that I’m really passionate about and I strongly believe that the only thing that separates those that are living the life they want, and those that are dreaming about it is action. You have to go out there and do it.

In 2015 I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge about what I was doing online and how I was using it to make my dreams a reality. I started Craft Your Blog. My vision for Craft Your Blog was to create a space where I could share all the tips, tricks, articles, inspiring people and more that I found while pursing my goals. I wanted to show people just how easy it is to get online and connect with like minded people, share your creative passions and, if you wanted, make money doing it. I had big dreams for that space, but I got sidetracked. I signed my book deal, I took on more time at work and life just got a little mental.

At the end of the day it wasn’t a priority and so I didn’t treat it as such. All last year I thought about what I had begun and I longed to get back to it but I just couldn’t muster the mental space or the enthusiasm, something was “just not right” with the game plan I had in place. I was enthusiastic about sharing, inspiring and uplifting but I wasn’t thrilled about sitting down to write endless tutorials. I knew before I headed to the US in October last year that I wanted to spend my time away thinking about Craft Your Blog and what it meant to me and whether there was a future in it. I was surprised by the answers I got.

As I walked around Quilt Market and I listened to people talk about their passions, their businesses and their goals I realised that there’s a need in the market for sharing the how to’s and demonstrating how amazing a tool the online world can be for connecting and building a community. On the flight home I thought more and more about how I could help people using my skill set and an idea was hatched. I wrote it down, pinned it to my cork board and then let it just sit there.

You see, I knew what I wanted to do I just had no clue how I would make it happen. I came home and just put one foot in front of another and chipped away at articulating exactly what it was I wanted to do. Before I knew it a new version of Craft Your Blog was born and this one had me excited on all fronts. I knew I didn’t want to sit behind the screen and just dump text on the world, I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to share in the journey and work together with people to inspiring, encourage and uplift. Armed with this knowledge I knew what I had to do; I needed to offer services that would help people with the things that they were struggling with online.

I also knew I wanted to talk with and share other people’s journeys, lessons and hard won wisdom. I love hearing how other people have achieved. I love hearing their struggles and how they persevere and conquer those struggles. I love seeing their unique perspective on what they’re doing and see what I can use of their experiences to save myself time and heartache. With this knowledge and a healthy dose of courage I started down a path that I know I’m meant to be on.

I now offer my services to help people with their online goals. I’ve been actively involved in the online community for over 15 years and I’ve learned a thing or two during that time. I want to share that expertise with others and so now, you can hire my services to help with everything from content creation, social media management all the way up to one-on-one mentoring.  I’ve also taken the leap and started on the road to having my own podcast. In March 2017 I’ll be launching Craft Your Blog Podcast. I’ll be talking with creatives who are successfully sharing their passions in the online community. Whether they do it to share their hobby or their doing it to make money, I’ll be there asking them how they do it, what they’ve learned and sharing how you too can do it.

I’m really excited about what’s ahead. I have no previous experience in podcasting and so I’ve been submersing myself in everything I can to learn and master a new skill set. It’s been scary and thrilling and that’s how I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be. I’ve already got some great guests lined up, but I’d love to hear from you about what you’d like to know more about, who’s story you’d like to hear and what you like or don’t like about podcasts.

So click here to send me an email, let me know your thoughts, I love hearing from you! In the meantime, I’m off to do some sewing and daydreaming. Wishing you a most fabulous day!

I am very goal orientated and love a good goal organising session. These free printables from Skip to My Lou are great for helping you get your goals in order. Get all the details by clicking here.

Looking for a crafty activity that you can do with your kids? How about one of these magnetic pin bowls by Stephanie at Swoodson Says. Get all the details by clicking here.


I’m working more and more with Lawn these days and I have to confess it’s been a pain-in-the-butt at times. But Suzy from Suzy Quilts has this article on how to sew with Lawn. Read more by clicking here.


If you love using Instagram to connect with other creatives then you need to check out Michelle Bartholomew’s “IG on Point” free download. A great resource for anyone looking to get a little more out of their Instagram account. Get all the details by clicking here.


If the events of the past week have you down and you’re looking at ways to get more love and kindness in your creative endeavours then check out this great block tutorial from May Chappell. Be sure to check out all the amazing blocks that have already been made by some great quilters. Get all the details by clicking here.

Love the impact of this Cornered Drunkard’s Path by Missouri Quilt Company. Might be time for me to try and conquer curves! Get all the details by clicking here.

Have you got an event, a charity drive, a pattern release, a class schedule or something else that you think my community would be interested in hearing about? Why not drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to share it with my readers. Click here to email me.

  • Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts is hosting “Have a Jolly Little Christmas” quilt-along which begins January 14th. The quilt-along will provide instructions for 12″ quilt blocks made using traditional piecing methods. There are 15 blocks to choose from and multiple layout options for mixing and matching the blocks are provided. Click here for more details.
  • Jen from Faith and Fabric has this great stacking basket tutorial available that’s perfect for those looking for some customised storage solutions or gifts. Click here for details.
  • Fat Quarter Shop are launching their 2017 Designer Mystery Block of the Month. It’s a big one this year as it will mark the tenth year of this special event. You can find out more about it by clicking here.
  • Michelle from Cole and Taffy has 12 great tips on hosing a fabric destash on Instagram. Click here to read more.

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