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Hello World, it’s me Gnome. I’ve been in hiding for the past week. Not because of anything sinister, I’ve just needed time away from everything. Sometimes I find the world and all it’s demands a little overwhelming and it gets the better of me and I need to retreat. I’m struggling with finding balance at the moment. I have been feeling the pressure of running my own business and the demands that it places on me combined with the fact that I feel like I haven’t been spending time with my boys. It’s been a week of being stuck in my head and I haven’t enjoyed it at all, so I ran away and hid in my own little world for a few days and neglected everything.

The problem with running away and hiding is that things build up in your absence and you put yourself in a worse place because you’re even more swamped with things then you were before you ran away. The upside to running away is that it often provides some clarity around what’s going on and what you need to change – you just can’t hide away forever. So here I am on a Monday morning, staring down the barrel of another week. I’m ready to give it another crack and try to do better. I’ve got my list of tasks, I’ve got a loving and supportive Husband and I’ve got the ability to make things better one little task at a time.

This week I’ll need to keep busy so I don’t dwell on the fact that North Queensland is bracing itself for Cyclone Debbie.  I find it so hard to believe that there’s still a pocket of people out there that don’t believe that our existence is having an impact on the planet and thus impacting the weather. My heart and thoughts go out to those impacted and I pray that there are no lives lost this week due to Debbie. For those of you that might live in an impacted area here’s some links that you may find helpful in preparing for cyclone season and what to do in an emergency: Get Ready (Queensland Government site), Safety Culture (this has a downloadable checklist) and State Emergency Services Storm Safe (this one is for those that will feel the residue of Debbie).
If I want to make a change this week I’d better get off the computer and go spend time with my boys and take little steps towards getting my bigger goals completed. If you’re having a tough time of it at the moment know that you’re not alone and it’s always, always, ok to ask for help. If you don’t have anyone in your life that you can talk to you can always call and talk to the great people at Lifeline (click here for details). Right, I’m off. I wish you a super fabulous week filled with love, laughter and fabric fondling!

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Kristy at Bonjour Quilts has a new quilt pattern out called, Slip Stitch, and it’s a beauty. Click here to read.

The Befriend a Child in a Detention Centre is asking for donations of various supplies and equipment to help improve the lives of children held in Detention Centres (they’re also asking for cash donations to help cover costs). Click here to find out more.


Last week I published the very last tutorial in the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Sew-along (18 months of making and writing is done) and then Kitty (of Night Quilter) published the very last guest blogger blog post and provided a different twist on finishing the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt. Get all the details by clicking here.


I’ve got some of these lace zippers in my stash that I’ve been hoarding for something special and this tutorial by Lindsay at Fort Worth Fabric Studio just might be the motivation I need to use them! Get all the details by clicking here.


Aneela Hoey has a great new pattern out called, Zip-Up Tray Pouch, and it looks like a great project for those looking for a place to stash their hand sewing projects and supplies. Get all the details by clicking here.


Looking for a scrap busting project? Then check out this pattern from Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew. Get all the details by clicking here.

Have you got an event, a charity drive, a pattern release, a class schedule or something else that you think my community would be interested in hearing about? Why not drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to share it with my readers. Click here to email me.

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