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I’ve been laying low this week past week as my impacted wisdom tooth has flared and the pain has zapped my desire to do anything. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve kind of enjoyed not doing anything (I’m not enjoying being behind on things though…). It’s given me time to spend with the boys, it’s allowed me to do some slow stitching and it’s made me realise that I really need to start being stricter on myself when it comes to having a break from the business.  The timing has been a bit pants as I was laid low with what I now know was the gastro bug sweeping the Little Man’s kindy. (Kids! They’re like outbreak monkeys!)

I can’t complain though because I’m actually really lucky. I was told 13 years ago to go and have this wisdom tooth taken out and like all good dental patients I ignored the advice. This is only the second time that it’s been painful so that’s not too bad. However the time has come and as with all good things they must end and so I’ve got an appointment tomorrow with an oral surgeon to talk about having it taken out, which will probably happen in the next fortnight. And yes, I know you probably have some horror story about wisdom teeth and surgery that you’d just love to share with me, but for the love of all that is quilting cotton please don’t. I’m a massive hypochondriac at the best of times and so I don’t need my imagination fuelled any further. But thank you for thinking of me! *wink*

It’s a big week for body related things as I also have my regular skin check up this week to check back in on a mole that looks like it could be turning nasty. (Again, something else I’m worrying enough about without the horror stories!) I grew up in Tropical North Queensland and I’m so pale I’m practically translucent. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve got more moles on me then a dot-to-dot picture you’d never be able to find me. I have a really strong family history of skin cancer and melanoma and so I’ve always been a slip, slop, slap kind of girl but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about my skin and going for regular check ups.

I just found this great app called SkinVision. You install it on your phone, follow the directions and it will give you an indication (it doesn’t replace a doctor) of whether you should be concerned about your skin. It’s been really great for putting my mind at ease in between visits to the skin clinic. If you haven’t had your skin checked recently (or ever) then I strongly urge you to get to your GP and ask them to check your skin or head to a skin clinic and talk get a specialist to look you over. (And ladies, while you’re at it get your lady bits checked!)

Now that you know all about my health history I’m off to do some sewing. I hope you have a most fabulous day and a super week!

Looking for a baby quilt that delivers big impact and is quick to make? Then check out the free When You Wish pattern from Kirsty at Bonjour Quilts. Get all the details by clicking here.

 With everyone popping over to QuiltCon what better time to start collection signatures and well wishes to turn into a Friendship Quilt. Simple Simon & Co has this great tutorial on how to make a friendship quilt. Get all the details by clicking here.
 Colour selection can be a bit of a mystery for some, so the folks at We All Sew have put together some Colour Wheel Basics to help you all out. Get all the details by clicking here. (If you love the colour wheel (I do!) and you’ve got an obsession with enamel pins at the moment (I do!) then you can even get a colour wheel enamel pin (I did!) – click here to purchase.)


Mollie from Wild Olive has done it again with this tutorial on how to make yourself a felt Storm Trooper. Get all the details by clicking here.


One of my favourite gifts from Christmas was my Lego Yellow Submarine set (click here to purchase) and now I see Shwin and Shwin are sharing a free yellow submarine cross stitch pattern. Get all the details by clicking here.


Do you want to add some dimension to your EPP? Then check out this dimensional english paper piecing tutorial by Amy Barickman on the Cotton + Steel Blog. Get all the details by clicking here.

Have you got an event, a charity drive, a pattern release, a class schedule or something else that you think my community would be interested in hearing about? Why not drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to share it with my readers. Click here to email me.

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