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The universe really has perfect comic timing. I wrote about my schedule and I was feeling really pumped about what I was doing and then…. the treadmill broke. It was horrible. Twenty minutes into walking my way to happiness and I hear a “pop” followed by a burning smell and my treadmill coming to a complete stop. For the past week I’ve been without a treadmill and it’s hurt. (Which is something I never thought I would say!) It turns out that it can be fixed and so I’m silently hoping with all my being that the part turns up today so I can get back on track. (I know I could have been walking outside (shock horror!) but it’s winter and it’s freezing, and dark, and if I’m in the home walking I can trouble shoot if the kiddo wakes up early and I can watch YouTube or listen to podcasts while I walk without fear of being attacked or run over.) I confess I’ve really struggled to keep the momentum up this week without my treadmill. I’ve worked out that I need that time of exercise to help prime me for the day more than any other part of my routine. I’ve been lost without it. (Again, something I never thought I’d say!)

Unlike other times though when roadblocks have popped up I’ve been able to hold to the fact that I know I have a routine and I know I can do it so I’m teaching myself two things: 1. have patience and 2. work the plan as best you can until you can clear the roadblock (ie. don’t hand in the towel just because you’ve stumbled – every step forward is progress, no matter how small!). It’s been really empowering to experience this new level of self confidence when it comes to my self-discipline. Self-discipline is one of the things that I really struggle with and it’s something that I am constantly berating myself over.  (Some of you might find this a shock as I’m sure looking on it looks like I’m the paragon of self-discipline, but I’m not. I just have a little bit more than the average bear, but a lot less than the really successful people.)

I’m changing. I can feel the thrash of change passing and the new normal is taking over and I’m so grateful for it. A couple of years ago I read a book by Steven Pressfield and I’m returning to it again, it’s called “The War of Art” (click here to buy). It completely changed how I look at my creative process. I followed it up with his book “Do the Work” (click here to buy). Together these two books completely changed my understanding of my process and what I needed to do to make the most of it. I’m reading them again and it’s like I’m reading them for the first time again. I’m really loving it. They’re not big books that are hard to work through, they written in an easily digestible manner that makes them perfect for “snacking” on during your day. If you read them and want to talk about them, let me know. I’d love to know your experience with them.

Last week’s talk of schedules and time management really seemed to hit a cord with a lot of you (which is awesome as it means there’s so many of us out there trying to live the life we want) and I had a heap of requests for more information about how I structure my day so I wrote a blog post sharing how my timetable works at the moment. You can find it by clicking here. I really loved sharing this with you all and it’s encouraged me to step outside my fear of failure and share more of what I’m doing behind-the-scenes in a hope to encourage you all to take chances and follow your dreams. Wishing you the most amazing week filled with love, laughter and fabric fondling!

The mood to bake has gripped me hard at the moment and this chocolate coconut slice recipe is a family favourite so I’m going to bake some today. Click here to read more.


I’m addicted to BOM’s at the moment. There’s something so satisfying about working on something a little at a time. Loving this Log Cabin inspired BOM from Sherri at Rebecca Mae Designs. Click here to read more.


I’m starting to think about quick projects I can make for gifts for some upcoming trips and I love these retro drawstring bags from Lisa and Sarah at A Spoonful of Sugar. Click here to read more.


Spring is coming and what better way to celebrate than with a patchwork butterfly block! Sew Can She has this great free tutorial for making these blocks. Click here to read more.


Big, bold and impactful this free quilt pattern by Marinda Stewart for Michael Miller delivers all that and more. Click here to read more.
I love to share the cool things that I find during my week of surfing the internet window-shopping and splurging. Here’s my top 4 from this week:
A. I’m using: I love a good rainbow and I’m loving this collection from Libs Elliot. It’s great as a blender and adds such a pop of colour to projects. Click here to purchase this on Etsy for AUD$57.42.
B. I’m confessing: I’ve started planning out 2018. Yep, it’s true 2017 isn’t even over and I’m already working on 2018. These cute planner stickers are making it fun to plan! Click here to purchase this on Etsy for AUD$2.86
C. I’m thinking: With Quilt Market coming up I’m thinking about ways to add some flair to my wardrobe. Image little embroidery hoops with your favourite fabrics in them! Click here to purchase this on Etsy for AUD$9.95.
D. I’m coveting: Heidi Staples (Fabric Mutt) collection Five & Dime is retro cute and perfect for fussy cutting! (And it even has a yummy yellow print!) Click here to purchase this on Etsy for AUD$32.62+
Have you got an event, a charity drive, a pattern release, a class schedule or something else that you think my community would be interested in hearing about? Why not drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to share it with my readers. Click here to email me.
  • Monica at Knit’s All Folks has a great tutorial on learning loom knitting as an alternative if you’re scared of knitting via knitting needles. You can read more by clicking here.
  • If you’re looking for another sew-along (and you can never have to many!) check out @StaceyinStitches on Instagram’s Sugar Skull event. It’s using the Sugar Skull pattern from Quilt with Tula and Angela (click here to buy). It kicks off on Tuesday (American time) and I’m thinking I might have to make one or two skulls. Click here to read more.

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  1. Your part about “I’m changing” really resonated with me. It is gratifying to see that we do evolve, grow, change and sometimes LIKE embracing some of the routine and schedule. I read “The War of Art” a couple years ago and loved it. I also have DO THE WORK but it’s been sitting on the shelf, unread. I’m starting it today! Thanks Angie and good luck with the treadmill.

    • Thanks Robin! I once read a quote that said “evolving is like sounding the notes of a scale” and I think that’s how life is; one big evolution. Let me know what you think of “Do the Work”. I’m revisiting it this weekend when I have some couch time scheduled. 😉❤️

  2. Hope you get your treadmill working again soon. I look forward to my exercise every day to get going and get the brain juices flowing. Andrea