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Don’t look now, but I’m on HOLIDAY! Yippee! I’m so excited to be forced to take a break, I seriously need it. There’s some big things happening in our family life at the moment and it’s causing me to re-evaluate what’s important, how I spend my time and what I really want out of life. As hard as it is to be going through it, it’s been such a great circuit breaker. I needed a catalyst to make me stop and have a look at what’s going on and whether I am truly doing what makes me happy. The short answer is that yes, I am doing what I love. The long and complicated answer is that while I’m doing what I love I’m going about it in a self-destructive manner.

I work all the time. Like seriously, all the time. I never stop and for awhile there I was happy doing so. I’m not now and haven’t been for awhile. I’ve been rolling from one big project to another and I’ve neglected my family and myself in the process. It’s taken something big to make me give myself permission to stop, re-evaluate and put things in order. I’m not going to stop what I’m doing, I’m just going to pace myself a bit better. I need to make peace with the fact that I have a family, I have a son who needs my attention and is at home and I have a husband who would like to spend time with his wife once-in-awhile. I also only get one crack at this life and I don’t want to exit it prematurely because I’ve let my health slide.

I had big plans for this year and I’ve still got them, they just might not be happening at the pace that I originally planned and that’s ok. It’s my race and I need to stop looking what others are doing and just run the race that’s right for me, my family and my body. I’m going through my life and sorting out the precious from the noise and getting rid of the excess – and I’m doing it for both my personal life and my online life. It’s been really liberating to give myself permission to throw out the things that I was holding on to out of obligation and I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner. I’ve implemented a “no work on the weekends policy” and it’s been great. It was hard at first to just shut the door and walk away, but I’ve found that I’m actually more invigorated and excited about my working week by forcing myself not to keep working.

I actually sewed for the first time in a long time for fun this week and it was so thrilling; like being reunited with a good friend after a long time apart. I’ve actually made something I really love for the first time in a long time and I hadn’t realised how much I missed that rush of creativity. I’m clearing the decks of all the stuff that’s non-essential. I must confess I’m surprised about some of the things that I’m ready to let go of in favour of concentrating on the things that I enjoy and can manage at this stage of my life.

I’m really hopeful about the future and I’m starting to feel more like my old self again. I have a lot of work to do to get me where I want to be and to build the family life that I want, but I’m excited about the journey and I’m really looking forward to the positive changes that we’re all making as a family. Sometimes it takes something really crappy to happen outside of your control to throw a sharp focus on the things in your own life.

If you’re looking for a sign or permission from the universe to make some changes, make peace with where you are in life or to just make a change; this is it. It’s your race, run it at your speed and travel the course you wish to run. I wish you a super fabulous week filled with love, laughter and fabric fondling!

This blog post by Kelly Exeter really resonated with me this week. It’s about prioritising when you want to do everything. Click here to read.


Sure it’s winter here in Australia, but I’m in the tropics where winter means lovely sunny days and ice-cream! Love me these cactus ice-cream cones from Studio DIY. Click here to find out more.


I don’t normally go for pumpkin (it’s a vegetable, blergh!) but I love a good pumpkin soup. Check out this recipe for a great pumpkin soup form Gary at Yummy Lummy. Get all the details by clicking here.


Is there a dog lover in your life? Then you need to check out this scrappy pet leash tutorial over on She Can Sew. Get all the details by clicking here.


Kirsty at Bonjour Quilts has a fun tutorial for making Scrappy Cross Patchwork Blocks. Get all the details by clicking here.
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  1. Delurking to say: ❤️ You know we love you no matter what. Do what makes you happy. You have our support. Now I’m off to make a carrot soup version of the pumpkin soup above.

  2. Well deserved break. Hope you relax and enjoy your time. My rule #1 has always been have fun. When the fun stops, time to restart.

  3. So glad you’re taking a break! Welcome to the tropics – we’ve REALLY turned on the weather for you! It has been spectacular the last couple of weeks 🙂 (Sorry if I go all fangirl if I see you out and about 😉 haha)

  4. You are right. You can have it all – just not at the same:) and in a few short years you won’t have the choice to spend time with your son so take advantage of it now. I have a new empty nest and for some reason I had not realized that I would still be so young with plenty of years and energy to pursue personal goals so just hang on and be patient/enjoy the stage you are in.

  5. I often wondered how you did it all. All the sew alongside, quilt alongs, block of the months, magazine things etc. I felt like I was just lazy or didn’t make the best use of my time when I saw all that you accomplished. It’s nice to hear that you have been stretched and I need to remember that is the case for most people seeking the approval of the establishment. Thank you for the truth that all can’t be done and done well.

  6. Thank you so much Angie for the mention of my pumpkin soup post. I hope you are enjoying some tropical warmth. Enjoy the break.