Long Time Gone Sew-along: Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s all the information you need to know about the Long Time Gone Sew-along. If you can’t find what you’re looking for click here to drop me an email and I’ll do my best to help you.

When is it?

Starts: Wednesday 15 March 2017 7:30am Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney’s timezone).

Ends: Wednesday 28 July 2017 7:30am Australian Eastern Standard Time (Sydney’s timezone).

Winners will be announced 2 August 2017.

A Note About Timezones

All dates, as written in this blog post and for the purpose of our organising, will be in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). This is the timezone for Sydney, Australia. The beauty of doing this via Instagram is that it will date stamp your block with the day and time you post it. To be eligible for prizes you need to have posted the correct block for the correct week in your timezone. It’s simple and means you don’t have to worry about doing any time conversions, etc. Just post your block during the time period we’ve advised and you’ll be good to go.

I missed the start, can I still participate?

The answer is always YES! Participate! However, if you’re wanting to win some prizes then by not starting when it kicked off you’ll not be eligible for any of the prizes that require you to have posted blocks in the specific time period (in your timezone) with the correct hashtags and followed the correct accounts. But don’t despair! There will also be spot prizes at various times and surprise giveaways. Ultimately the real prize is making a quilt of your own and connecting with amazing quilters all over the world, so please PARTICIPATE!


One of the reasons we moved the start date of this sew-along was to provide everyone with enough time to order the pattern. At the moment you can order the pattern in Australia via Amitie Textiles by clicking here (they ship internationally). You can also order the pattern in the US and Canada from Marti Michell by clicking here.

I have started to collate a list of stockists which you can find by clicking here. This is provided as a courtesy and will be updated as I get information. I take no responsibility (nor can I control) stock levels, pricing or postage.

Where’s it happening? Do I need to sign up to participate?

Instagram is where it’s at. Nicole, Marti and I will be posting tutorials on our blogs to help you construct your blocks, however to be eligible for prizes and connect with your fellow participants you’ll need to post your blocks to Instagram.

What if my account on Instagram is Private?

I’m really sorry, but if your account is private we won’t be able to see your blocks and therefore you won’t be eligible to enter the competitions. One way around this, if you’re really keen to participate but don’t want to share your private moments (which is completely understandable), is to create a second account and just post your blocks on this account. Instagram now makes it really easy to flip between accounts so it shouldn’t be too cumbersome to manage. You can read the Instagram help file on how to do this by clicking here.

How Many Hashtags do I Have to Use?

There’s 2 reasons why you would use hashtags; 1. to connect with others in the community, and 2. to win prizes. If you just want to connect with others in the community then you only have to use #LongTimeGoneSAL, if you want to be in the running to win prizes then you have to use the appropriate hashtags for each prize you want to be eligible for. You can find out all the information about the hashtags and which ones to use by clicking here.

Do I have to use Alison Glass, Anna Maria Horner, Jen Kingwell or any other specific fabrics?

We love Alison Glass and Anna Maria Horner, but that doesn’t mean you have to. This is all about making a quilt that you will love and cherish, so please use whatever fabrics make your heart sing. There’s no rules about what fabrics you can use. Just have fun!

How big is the quilt?

The quilt finishes at 66.5″ x 67.5″ (169cm x 171.5cm).

How Much Fabric Do I Need?

Here’s the fabric requirements as per the Long Time Gone pattern:

6m to 6.5m (7 yards) approximately of assorted prints in small cuts (e.g. Fat 1/8th or 1/16th work well. Remember to include geometrics, stripes, florals, etc.)

1.2m (1 1/3 yards) solid for sashing, checkerboards and binding

4m (4 1/2 yards) backing fabric

Now if you’re like me you’re going to read that and go “Whoa, that’s a lot of fabric” but the reality is if you make the quilt as it is on the cover you’re going to need variety and so that’s what the fabric requirements reflect. You may have 6m of fabric on your cutting table, but I guarantee there will be fabric left over – the requirements reflect the scrappy nature of Jen’s quilt (and it also reflects why she’s a genius at what she does – it’s all about cohesive variety!).

How am I going to choose my fabrics?

Both Nicole and I have partnered with our favourite fabric designers to make our quilts in nothing but their fabrics. I will be making mine in nothing but Alison Glass and Nicole will be using nothing but Anna Maria Horner (paired with some solid). We’re really excited to share our versions with you all.

We know that fabric selection can be a bit tricky for a quilt like this so we’ll be sharing our thoughts about it with you all. We’ve also partnered with Alison Glass, Anna Maria Horner and Jen Kingwell to offer you fabric bundles to help with your fabric selection and you can find all the details by clicking here.

Do I have to make the quilt as per the pattern?

Ah… yes. This is all about making the Long Time Gone Quilt. You can alter how many fabrics are in the block. For example the block has 4 fabrics in it but you really want to use a fifth fabric in there – that’s not a problem. However you can not remove or add seams to the blocks. You’re making the quilt exactly as it is in the pattern.

The only exception to this is if you use Marti Michell templates to construct the blocks. You may make your blocks as per Marti Michell’s tutorials, however please note that we will be paying close attention to blocks to ensure they are in line with the specified pattern requirements.

Note: This is only if you want to be eligible for prizes, if you don’t care about prizes you can make the quilt in whatever manner you like. The real purpose here is to have fun!

Can I use an alternative method to construct the block?

As much as I love seeing how creative people are, you must make the block with the seams as shown in the pattern. This means that appliqué is not an acceptable block construction method when it comes to winning any of the prizes.

FYI: Anyone found to be providing alternate patterns for making the blocks (such as foundation paper pieced patterns) will be disqualified from the prize pool. You can make and use them yourself but sharing them is in violation of this competition and it’s just plain disrespectful to all the hard work that the pattern designer has done. You need to buy the pattern to be in the running for the wonderful prizes on offer.

Someone has asked me for the measurements for the block, can I share them?

Anyone found providing the measurements for blocks (regardless of whether it’s the original size, a mini version or a maxi version) in their social media captions and comments or website or Facebook will be disqualified from entry into the prize pool (this applies to also encouraging people to email you or message you for the details). You need to buy the pattern to be in the running for the wonderful prizes on offer.

I’ve used another method of creating the block, can I share it?

Anyone found to be providing alternate patterns for making the blocks (such as foundation paper pieced patterns) will be disqualified from the prize pool. You can make and use them yourself but sharing them is in violation of this competition and it’s just plain disrespectful to all the hard work that the pattern designer has done.

This also applies to providing measurements for making a mini version of the block or a larger version of the block. You need to buy the pattern to be in the running for the wonderful prizes on offer.

I’m assembling the quilt and I have a question about <insert specifics here>.

I love that a lot of you are ahead of the game and are starting to assemble your quilt tops (you’re ahead of Nicole and I!), but it’s meant that there’s been a few questions popping up about issues with assembling the quilt. I wish I had a simple answer for you right now, but I don’t. Nicole and I are working across continents and timezones to come up with a way to make the quilt assembly part of the sew-along easier and more inclusive for everyone as people are finding they’re needing to “fudge” some of the settings to get their quilts to come together.

A word on quilt assembly for those the want to be in the running for the prizes:

If you’re in the camp of assembling before we get to that part of the sew-along and you’re worried about the quilt top not matching the pattern exactly, don’t be. We’re going to give you some leeway when it comes to quilt top assembly. To make the event as even as playing field as possible we need to stick to the pattern as much as possible, so when it comes to fudging the final fit we’re going to accept the addition of more checkerboard blocks, less checkerboard blocks, no checkerboard blocks, wider sashing, thinner sashing and no sashing. (This does not mean you can do an additional boarder of checkerboard for example, it’s about small additions to help you make the blocks fit not make the quilt bigger.) The blocks will still need to be in placement order of the pattern, but how you get them to fit that order we’re going to give you some wiggle room on. You will still need to do the boarders on the quilt, as per the style of the pattern.

A word on quilt assembly for those the want to don’t care about the prizes:

If you’re just in it to make the quilt with friends and keep motivated then you can assemble the quilt however you like. Same with adding or subtracting blocks/borders or even coming up with a new layout. It’s all good and we’d love to see it so be sure to use the hashtag and continue to share with the community.

I’ve quilted my blocks as I go, will this be a problem?

Not at all. As long as your blocks have followed the pattern (or Marti Michell’s advice on assembling the quilt) you’re golden.

Does my quilt need to be quilted to win a prize?

A. Nope. This is all about getting you to the point of having a finished quilt top. But if you’re super organised and motivated and have a finished quilt in time for the reveal then that’s fabulous and it will still be eligible for prizes (if you meet all the other criteria).


You can find the list of templates that you can use to make the blocks by clicking here.


Here’s a handy link list of the Marti Michell template sets you may decided (templates are not compulsory) to use to complete this quilt:


No, the templates are merely a tool for you to use to help with more accurate cutting and piecing. The templates are not specific to this quilt and can be used for a variety of projects in addition to this quilt.


No, these templates can be used with many (many!) other patterns and they can be used on their own or to help with other quilt patterns. The possibilities for using these templates are endless.


The pattern provides instructions for the types of pieces you need to cut to make the blocks, the conversion chart shows which piece is equivalent to which template so that you know which template to use to cut the pieces.

What if the Block Picture and the Block Diagram don’t match in the pattern?

At this stage we’re unaware of any of these types of issues. If they arise we will go with either seam line construction and we’ll make you aware of it when we know about it.

What’s the order?

Nicole and I are going to alternate providing tutorials for the blocks, and Marti Michell will provide conversion charts for all the blocks, via our blogs. Tutorials will be posted on our blogs on Wednesday’s at 7:30am AEST. (This is Tuesday 3:30pm for Nicole who is in Canada.) If you live outside of these timezones you can use the following website to do the time conversion, click here. You will need to use Sydney, Australia as the city for Australian Eastern Standard Time.

The following list shows the breakdown of who will have the tutorial for which block.

  1. 15 March 2017: Bow Tie – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  2. 22 March 2017: Square in a Square Stars – Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  3. 29 March 2017: Crosses of the U.K. – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  4. 5 April 2017: Jacobs Ladder – Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  5. 12 April 2017: Trip Around the World – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  6. 19 April 2017: Plus a Star – Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  7. 26 April 2017: Churn Dash – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  8. 3 May 2017: Courthouse Steps – Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  9. 10 May 2017: Log Cabin – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) &  Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  10. 17 May 2017: Half Square Triangle 1 – Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  11. 24 May 2017: Half Square Triangle 2 – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  12. 31 May 2017: Half Square Triangle 3 – Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  13. 7 June 2017: Flying Geese – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  14. 14 June 2017: 60 Degree Triangle – Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  15. 21 June 2017: Pineapple Log Cabin – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) & Conversion Chart: Marti Michell
  16. 28 June 2017: AMNESTY WEEK – Catch up for those that have fallen behind
  17. 5 July 2017: Checkerboard – Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Marti Michell
  18. 12 July 2017: Assembly – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel) &  Marti Michell
  19. 19 July 2017: Reveal (Assembled Quilt Top) – Angie Wilson (of GnomeAngel)Nicole Calver (of Snips Snippets) & Marti Michell

Don’t worry, if this all seems too much for you both Nicole and I will post at Wednesday 7:30am AEST to remind you that there’s a tutorial and point you to the right place to find it. All you need to do is follow our blogs and you’ll have all the information you need.

Alternatively you can sign up to my email newsletter, Gnome Gnews, which will contain reminders and links about where we’re up to in the event and where to get the latest information. Click here to sign up. Newsletters are sent every Monday AEST.

How will I remember the order?

That’s where the Host’s come in. We’ll be posting reminders to social media, our blogs, newsletter, Facebook groups and any where else we think you might be lurking. Just follow us on Instagram and you shouldn’t have a problem keeping up.

Where can I find information about the Sponsors, prizes and how to win?

We’ve got so many prizes on offer that we needed to give them a page all on their own. You can find all the information you need by clicking here.

Previously Made or Made Ahead of Time Blocks

We know there’s a lot of you that have started sewing blocks to try and stay ahead of the curve balls. We’re also aware that you, like us, will have life events crop up during the event. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

You can still use these blocks, you just need to post a photo of the block during the correct time period with the correct entry requirements to be eligible for inclusion in the prize pool.

You cannot add the hashtag to a block you’ve previously shared on Instagram. It needs to be a new photo date stamped with the correct date. This rule is only applicable to those of you wanting to be included in the prize pool.

You cannot use a photo of a block that is in a finished quilt or quilt top. Sorry, this is all about sewing along and while we’re open to helping people who’ve started or people who’ve got an unavoidable interruption that they can plan for, we’re not awarding prizes for quilts that are already finished. This is all about enjoying the process of sewing along together.  Thanks for your understanding!

Ultimately we’re not the Quilt Police, if you want to sew all your blocks in one weekend – that’s totally up to you. This is all about sewing the pattern, having fun with fabric and getting more involved with the online quilting community. In a nutshell, we’re just here to have fun!

What if I miss posting a block on time?

We know this a huge ask. We get it. We also know how big the prizes on offer are. Unfortunately when it comes to winning the big ticket items you’re not going to be able to miss a block. However, we’re going to be monitoring the progress of everyone very carefully and you never know there may just be a block amnesty at some stage to help everyone catch up and get back on track. But don’t count on it!

Block amnesty was announced and you can find out the details by clicking here.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced Wednesday 2 August 2017 at 7:30am AEST.

I don’t think the winner was correct, can I talk to the organisers about it?

I’m sure you can appreciate just how much time and effort goes into running this free event. The organisers give of their time freely to host the event, as such it means that their decisions are final. We will do our best to ensure each winner has complied with the requirements, however accidents happen to the best of us. Regardless, we will not enter into a debate on how winners were chosen nor will we discuss your opinions on whether they were deserving or if there is someone you feel better suits. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Finally, a request from the organisers…

Please be respectful and patient. We are managing a large group of participants and answering lots of different requests for information daily. Please do not spam us looking for an answer – we will get to you, I promise. We all have busy lives and we work really hard to make answering things a priority, but sometimes life gets in the way. So please, consider that on the other side of your phone we could be dealing with a 4 year old who’s just power vomited through the house from 10pm to 3am while you’re asking us about timezones and block construction – some things take priority over answering immediately, but you are important to us and we will get to you – I promise! Let me just get this spew cleaned up first!

We also ask that you read all the information provided. We pride ourself on providing thorough and comprehensive information however it’s your responsibility to read it. We’ll do what we can to help you out if we see something, but we will not be going through Instagram and letting you know if your image post needs correcting to be eligible to win prizes (there’s just too many of you – horrible problem to have, I know! *wink*).

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