When I signed up for the Aussie Modern Instabee I had no idea the fabulous people that would come into my life because of it and Janelle Wind is a perfect example of this. Janelle was my first swap buddy and I was so nervous and excited to create something for this wonderful new person I’d just found. She was everything you’d want in a first time swap partner – encouraging, thankful, thoughtful and generous with her praise. She was like a big warm internet hug!

As the months of the swap have gone on I’ve loved seeing what Janelle has been creating and sending out into the world, not just when it comes to the swap but also when it comes to her patterns, designing and creating. I’ve also loved getting to see how she embraces and supports people like they were family. She’s just one of those people whom you can’t help but smile when you think of them.

I’ve loved getting to know Janelle a little better through her answers and I hope you will too!

1. How did you come to be a quilter?

It was my second year of teaching (19 years ago) and I was living and teaching in Melbourne when I stumbled upon a tiny little patchwork store in a local shopping centre. Having stood beside my Nanna as a child watching her make quilts, it had long been a dream of mine to make a quilt of my very own. I signed up to my very first class straight away, which was for a sampler made completely by hand. I did complete many blocks, but didn’t turn them into a quilt. I went on to take as many classes as I could around my full time work and was completely hooked – completely!! I made as many quilts as I could and fully immersed myself in quilting. I loved it.

"Meet Janelle Wind" Interview on - Image courtesy of Janelle Wind.

Image courtesy of Janelle Wind.

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  1. So lovely to get to know the beautiful Janelle a bit better! She would make one heck of an interior designer… I’ll happily be her guinea pig! She has immaculate taste and sense of style!