Meet Sew Delicious - Interview with Ros of Sew Delicious on

At the end of last year I participated in the Christmas Sweet Pouch Swap which was being hosted by Ros (of Sew Delicious). I was fairly new to the whole swapping thing but Ros was so kind and welcoming that I knew I was on to a good thing even before my partner’s pouch arrived. Since then Ros and I have struck up a friendship and she’s now one of my go-to bloggy peeps. I could prattle on about how awesome she is, how generous of spirit and how great her blog is but let’s just say this; she’s good people.

I’ve loved getting to know Ros over the past months and hopefully when we met on Wednesday for the first time I didn’t make a big ass of myself and she’s still keen to hang out with me (both virtually and in person). If you’re looking for a new person to fall in love with in the blogging world then read on….

What’s your creative story so far?

When my eldest daughter was a baby I was finding being a stay at home Mum busy but not mentally challenging. I borrowed some sewing books from the library, discovered blogs and bought a small second hand Janome on ebay. Then one day I got the guts the click publish on my first ever blog post and was hooked! The rest is history.

What is it that you love about being creative?

Funny thing is that I don’t consider myself very creative. I love the structure of sewing and quilting, and my creative side comes through in my fabric choices and how I interpret a pattern. I love that it keeps me thinking and and keeps my mind occupied when doing mundane tasks like laundry.

Meet Sew Delicious - Interview with Ros of Sew Delicious on

Image courtesy of Sew Delicious.

What fuels your creative passion?

I just need to do it. I feel strange if I haven’t made something for a couple of weeks. It’s become part of me and who I am as a person.

What gives you the most joy from being creative?

Being able to share special unique gifts with people I love and know that they are appreciated and admired.

What are you most proud of from your creative journey?

Seeing pictures of things people have made from my tutorials. It blows my mind that people find my projects so inspiring that they sit down and spend their time making it themselves.

Meet Sew Delicious - Interview with Ros of Sew Delicious on

Image courtesy of Sew Delicious.

What’s the one piece of advice about being creative that you wish all people knew?

People often say “oh I wish I could sew.” Anyone can sew. Using a machine is quite simple. It’s actually more about the desire to sit down and do it, and have a reason to do it. Most people who say that just have other priorities in their lives and other hobbies that they prefer.

We all love finding new creative people to get inspired by, who are some of your favourites at the moment?

Svetlana at SOTAK Handmade makes stunning modern quilting projects, I love following the Michelle Patterns blog, for her fabric combinations, florals mixed with modern prints. I also enjoy cooking and have had lots of success with recipes by Lindsay from A Pinch of Yum.

What creative challenges would you like to conquer in the next 12 months?

This year I’ve been making an effort to connect more with the sewing / quilting community by participating in more swaps and sew alongs. The next 12 months is going to bring some massive changes for our family (no that is not a baby announcement!) so stay tuned, but those changes will impact what I’ll be able to do creatively. I’m also trying to blog more regularly this year.

Meet Sew Delicious - Interview with Ros of Sew Delicious on

Image courtesy of Sew Delicious.

What are your 3 favourite creative projects that you’ve done that reflect who you are as a creator?

Dresses I made my girls when they were younger, I still have very fond feelings about them as they taught me a lot about sewing and my style. My Quilted Sewing Machine Cover tutorial has been hugely successful and has been a turning point for my blog and it’s still a project I enjoy sewing so I make them occasionally to sell. My recent favourite is my Raspberry Kisses cushion, I just love the fabric combination and I see a lot more projects like this in my future.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what other creative endeavour would you like to master?

I’ve always found cooking and baking a creative outlet and I would probably be doing more of that.

Meet Sew Delicious - Interview with Ros of Sew Delicious on

Image courtesy of Sew Delicious.

A Bit of Fun

If you could only have one or the other for the rest of eternity what would you choose?

You can just choose a word, or choose to elaborate on your choice, it’s just a little bit of fun.

1. Fabric: Solid or Pattern? Pattern

2. Quilt Styles: Pattern or Improv? Improv

3. Seams: Open or to the Side? Open

4. Stitching: Hand or Machine? Machine

5. Binding: Hand or Machine? Hand

6. Food: Sweet or Savoury? ALL THE FOOD.

7. Entertainment: Books or Music? Books. Umm. Hard to choose.

8. Entertainment: Television or Movies? TV

9. Computer: Mac or Windows? Mac

You can find more of Ros in the following places: Blog |  InstagramFacebook |  Pinterest | Google+Twitter

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  1. lovely interview with a lovely blogger. I love Ros’s blog. I have just started sewing and learning myself from blogs and you tube. Ros’s blog has helped me so much. I made the sewing machine cover from her blog and I’m so proud of it. Lovely to know more about you.

  2. I can personally vouch for Ros being a wonderful person both in person and online. I’m so glad we connected through blogging. She really has enriched my life and i’m so glad to know her.