Through a happy accident I happened to order puff paint for Shop Creative instead of fabric paint. I hadn’t used puff paint since I was in primary school so I was kind of apprehensive about just how puff paint could be used these days without looking like I’d been attacked by a colour blind primary school kid.

I hit up the trusty internet to see what the crafty people of the world were doing with puff paint and I came across this awesome tutorial by Doodle Craft; DIY Puff Paint Doilies.

It looked like heaps of fun so I decided to give it a go and what do you know – it worked!  So today I’m going to share with you just how I did it.


What you need:

Puff paint in your choice of colour – I used copper and black

Baking paper

Doily pattern

Washi Tape (optional)


How to do it:

1. Google images of doilies.  Seriously, it’s this simple.  Just put “doilie pattern” into google and browse the images it returns.

Keep in mind that the more delicate and intricate the pattern the harder it will be to get a crisp finish.  I found with the crochet pattern I had places where the paint flattened out (which it does naturally) and joined to the line beside it causing the detail to be lost.  It’s not a big deal, I actually like the fact that each one is different (like a snowflake) but it’s something to keep in mind when choosing a pattern.

2. Find a pattern you like and print out the picture/pattern.  I used this one (crochet pattern) and this one (drawing).

3. Once you’ve printed it out find a place to work where you won’t be bumped and where there’s a flat surface. Use the washi tape to secure the printed out pattern to the table top. (You don’t have to do this step if you don’t want to, but I found it easier in the long run as the pattern didn’t move while I worked.)

4. Cut some wax paper to a size that will cover the pattern and have enough over hang that you’ll be able to pick it up and move it without ruining the puff paint. (I cut mine to a4 size.)


5. Tape the wax paper down over the pattern.  (Again you don’t have to do this, but I found it helped keep everything secure and not moving while I worked.)

6. Now begins the fun part! Take your puff paint (in whatever colour(s) you want to work with) and trace the design – starting from the middle and working outward.  Be careful not to work in such a way that your arm/hand will have to rest on the puff paint pattern.



7. Once you have covered the design with puff paint you need to let the design dry. (I peeled the washi tape off the table and put my wax paper on to a cake rack and put it up high, out of the way, to let it dry.)  DON’T TOUCH THE PUFF PAINT!



The puff paint will need a couple of days at least to dry completely.

8. Once the puff paint has dried carefully (I cannot stress this enough – you need to be gentle with this step) peel the puff paint doily away from the wax paper.  (I checked on mine periodically over a 4 day period and it wasn’t until day 3 that I could really begin to peel it away from the wax paper.  I ended up waiting till day 4 to peel it off and I found it much easier to do – but I still had to be really, really, gentle with it!)

9. Step back and enjoy your creation!

I had a heap of fun making these. I did find however that half way through the second one my hand began to cramp up! gnomeangel_puffpaintdoilies_1They’re so versitle – you can use them as coasters, anti-slip mats for trays, they will stick to glass without the need for adhesives (I’m not sure how long they’ll stay there, but I’ve had one stick for a few hours before I removed it – so they’d be great for the kids to play with!) – the uses are endless.


The one thing I will suggest is to store them flat and don’t store them on top of each other as they have a tendency to bend and stick to each other.

Sound like something you’d like to have a go at? Well for the next week I’m offering 10% off puff paint in Shop Creative – just enter the coupon CREATEPUFF (offer not valid with other offers – ends 30 May 2013).

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  1. that is a total ripper Angie, I love it. I was hooked at the ‘how to make a puff paint doily’ heading – my first thought too was ‘I haven’t used puff paint since I was at primary school’! I am going to bookmark this to read again later, and have a go in the school hols. x

    • Thanks Cat! Did you have a puff paint shirt collection – I did – I cringe to think about it now, bless my Mother for letting me do it!

      Let me know how you go (and if you need paint 😉 ) can’t wait to see what you make! 🙂