Fat Bottom Girls by Angie Wilson -

Sounds like every girl’s worse nightmare… but not me! Today is the opening of the Canberra Quilter’s Annual Member’s Exhibition and I’m thrilled to say I have 2 quilts hanging in this years exhibition. One is a collaboration with the ever talented Raylee of Sunfower Quilting and I’ll be sharing that a little later on, but the other is my first ever 100% made and quilted by me entry; “Fat Bottom Girls”.

I look forward to the exhibition every year, there’s just something about pushing myself to make the quilts I want for it and then seeing everyone else’s quilts that I find so creatively invigorating.

I had so much fun making this quilt. It measures, actually I don’t really know what it measures because I didn’t measure it, but I know that no side on that quilt exceeds 35cm (13 inches) as it’s entered in the Tiny Treasures category of the show. I also know that those undies are all of 3″ wide.

Fat Bottom Girls by Angie Wilson of - submitted in the Tiny Treasure category of Canberra Quilters 2014 Members Exhibition.

One of the reasons I made a Tiny Treasure entry is because it’s one of the only entries that doesn’t require a photo when you submit the forms. Which was lucky because I only had the idea and hadn’t started it when I submitted the form. I did however have to write a description about the quilt on the entry form so that was a little harder because, well, it was all just an idea.

I’d seen the undies pattern by Penny at Sew Take a Hike and then seen the amazing undies that Cat (from Cat & Vee) had done and I thought it would be amusing to make a quilt of them for the Tiny Treasure category (because none of my undies have ever been considered a “tiny treasure”!).

I had so much fun picking out the fabrics and then trying to sew really small curved pieces. (This was the first time I’d done curves on this scale and only my second time sewing curves.)

There’s so many little things (no pun intended) that amuse me in this quilt. I managed to get a gnome (and not just any gnome a Heather Ross gnome!) and an angel in there (undies 1 and 2 of the middle row). There’s the socks and jocks undies (undies 1 on the first row).

The skull and crossbone undies which are like a warning not to enter (undies 2 on the first row). The strategically placed unicorn (undies 3 on the last row) and the losing my cherry undies (undies 1 on the last row).

The glasses undies (undies 3 on the middle row) which remind me of the pick up line; “Is that a mirror in your pocket because I can see myself in your pants”.  The Superman undies (undies 2 on the last row) that are a tribute to the man that wears his undies on the outside of his pants. And the cupcake undies (undies 3 on the first row) which are like a sweet treat.

So many jokes… I used Botanics Branches in Ash for the background fabric because now my undies have “wood”. (This one really made me chuckle because mentally I’m a 12yo boy!)

Fat Bottom Girls by Angie Wilson of - submitted in the Tiny Treasure category of Canberra Quilters 2014 Members Exhibition.

I backed the quilt with a doughnut fabric I had in the stash. I figured if I keep eating doughnuts my undies really will never be tiny treasures. (And no, I hadn’t thought of any other link to doughnuts until I showed my filthy minded Mother! Guess that explains where I get it from!)

I named the quilt after one of my favourite Queen songs (I dare you to listen to that song and not start dancing in your seat) – I thought it somewhat appropriate. Actually this year I named both my entries after songs, but I’ll explain that later.

I had so much fun making this quilt and the pattern is so simple and can be scaled up if the thought of 3″ undies scares you.  To top it all off the quilt got a Highly Commended in it’s category which was totally unexpected and totally thrilling. I was so happy that they were well received (and now I can say I have high commendable undies!). I just hope they make people smile, have a naughty little giggle and make them happy when they look at them (that’s not too much pressure on a quilt is it?)

The Exhibition is on at Exhibition Park in Canberra from Thursday 21 August to Sunday 24 August. There’s some absolutely amazing quilts on display and I’m so proud to be hanging with my fellow Guildies (although technically we’re not a guild we’re an incoporation but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as Guild (my World of Warcraft nerd coming out there)). If you go, be sure to check out my undies (see there’s no end to the jokes!) and snap a photo with them (the only time I’ll ask you to snap my undies!).

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  1. Just love this little quilt and all the stories, lots of giggles and real lol with my coffee this AM!

  2. love love love love LOVE the undies Angie, and all their little stories!! Fat Bottomed Girls you make the rocking world go round! xx