Week 2 | Long Time Gone Sew-along | Square in a Square Stars

Long Time Gone Sewalong - Learn how to sew and assemble Jen Kingwell's Long Time Gone with this sewalong from Angie (GnomeAngel), Nicole (Snips Snippets) and Marti Michell. See more at

Welcome to Week 2 of the Long Time Gone Sew-along. This week we’ll be tackling the Square in a Square Stars block and it’s a corker. You can have so much fun with this design and I’m really excited to see all the blocks that will be made this week. Out of all the blocks I’ve made for this quilt so far this is the one block I’m considering remaking. The true Alison Glass fans amongst us will be able to identify that there’s 4 fabrics used in this block, but for my liking it didn’t translate as cleanly as I would have liked. I’m going to wait and see if I’ve got time at the end and if I do I’ll consider remaking it once I see it with all the other blocks.

We’ve had a number of requests for extensions to the entry for the prizes and so we’ve had a quick chat amongst us all and we’re going to extend entry for the first block only. This means that you’ll have until Midnight 28 March in your timezone to post a photo of at least one of your bow tie blocks on Instagram and include the relevant hashtags and follow the relevant accounts. So if you’re on the fence about joining, or you’re still waiting for your pattern and supplies or even if life has just gotten in the way you now have no excuse – you’ve got an extra week to join in and be eligible for prizes. If you’re having issues keeping things straight in your head when it comes to entry requirements then check out the end of this post for a more details or click here to see the entry requirements for specific prizes. As always if you can’t find the answer in this post be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

Now, let’s get down to business and find out how to make this week’s block!

Where to Find this Week’s Tutorial

This week the full tutorial is over on Nicole’s blog – click here to visit Nicole.

On the week’s when Nicole is providing the full tutorial I will provide any tips and tricks that I used to construct the block. Please note that this is not a full tutorial, for a full tutorial please head to Nicole’s blog – click here to visit Nicole.

Don’t forget Marti Michell is also offering a conversion chart and tutorial on how to make this block using her templates. If you’re looking for a reason to buy the templates this will be the block that convinces you of their benefits! See Marti’s tutorial and get the conversion chart by clicking here.

Tips & Tricks: Square in a Square Stars

Long Time Gone Sewalong - Learn how to sew and assemble Jen Kingwell's Long Time Gone with this sewalong from Angie (GnomeAngel), Nicole (Snips Snippets) and Marti Michell. See more at

General Information

If you’d like to know “My Top 10 Beginners Patchworking Tools” you can find them by clicking here.

Measurements for the pieces needed to construct this block will not be provided in this tutorial. It is a pre-requiste of making this block that you have a copy of the pattern, Long Time Gone by Jen Kingwell. Measurements, where applicable, can be found in this book and it’s associated media.

Conversion Charts

If you’re using the Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates you can find the conversion chart by clicking here.

How to Make the Block

General advice:

  • Tolerance Levels: you need to decide what is an acceptable tolerance level for “mistakes”. For example if your blocks are consistently 6¼” instead of 6.5″ are you ok with this. Or if your seams matching are less than an eight of an inch “off” are you ok with this. There’s no hard or fast rule and it’s different for everyone, so remember it’s your quilt so make your decision for you.
  • Press your seams at each step. Click here for a great article on how to press your seams for patchwork.
  • You can iron and starch your fabric prior to cutting. I also starch when pressing bulky seams.
  • When pinning, pin away from you so that you don’t move your pieces when pinning.
  • Where possible I chain piece all the pieces I can in one step. If you’re unsure of what chain piecing is, click here for a tutorial on how to do it. However, for the purpose of the tutorials I will step you through all the seams individually.

Block Construction

If you have them, the Marti Michell templates make this block a dream and are well worth the investment if you make these shapes often! (If you’re keen to see how easy they make this block then click here to see this block’s conversion chart) Here’s the things that I did to help make this block a little easier for those that don’t have the templates:

  • I stitched beside the diagonal stitch line instead of on the stitch line. I stitch on the side that is closest to the corner being removed. By doing this I was able to ensure that the when pressed the corner triangle lined up neatly with the square or rectangle.
  • I used the floating pin technique (where you pass a pin through the point of both triangles when blocks are right sides together to line up the triangle tips) to help line up the blocks when joining. Step 8 in this tutorial shows how you can do this, it’s show with foundation paper piecing, but it’s the same technique with patchwork you just won’t have the paper. Click here to see the floating pin technique.
  • I nested the seams. This means that I pressed the row seams in different directions so that when I joined the rows the seams were nested. Click here for a great tutorial on how to nest seams, or if you prefer a video here’s tutorial on nesting seams. Use the block assembly diagram on page 6 to work out which direction you’ll have to press each seam to be able to nest your seams.

Prize Winning Details

Of course the ultimate prize is making this amazing quilt, but if you’d like to also throw your hat in the ring to win some amazing prizes from our amazing sponsors then here’s the information you need to know. You can find out more about our sponsors and the prizes on offer by clicking here.

How to Win

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to win. To be eligible for all prizes on offer all you have to do is:

  1. Post a photo of at least ONE of this week’s blocks to your Instagram account between 22 March and Midnight 28 March 2017 in your timezone.
  2. Tag your photo with the hashtags #LongTimeGoneSAL #AlisonGlass #AndoverFabrics #SewWithTheBest #AnnaMariaHorner #FreeSpiritFabrics #JenKingwell #LongTimeGoneQuilt #AmitieTextiles #MartiMichell #LovePatchworkQuilting
  3. Be following these accounts on Instagram:
    • @GnomeAngel
    • @SnipsSnippets
    • @AlisonGlass
    • @AnnaMariaHorner
    • @JenKingwell
    • @AndoverFabrics
    • @FreeSpiritFabrics
    • @MartiMichell
    • @LoveQuiltingMag

Please note: You do not need to tag these accounts in your images, if you use the hashtag #LongTimeGoneSAL we’ll be able to find you!

You will need to also do the following:

  1. Post a photo of each of the blocks in their relevant weeks in your timezone. You can find the block timetable by clicking here.
  2. Complete the quilt top and post it to Instagram within 12 July and Midnight 21 July 2017 in your timezone.
  3. All photos will need to have all the relevant hashtags on them.
  4. You will need to be following all the relevant Instagram accounts at the time of drawing.

This is the requirements to be eligible for all prizes, if you wish to select which prizes to be eligible for see the individual prize requirements by clicking here.

Need help keeping all of that clear in your head, then get your hands on the Long Time Gone SAL Tracker by clicking here to download.

You can find out all the information about prizes on offer from our amazing sponsors by clicking here.

For more information you can find commonly asked questions and their answers by clicking here.

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