Hello, We’re GnomeAngel

A mother-daughter-duo established in 1977.

Ange is the patchworker and Judi is the data enthusiast, together they run GnomeAngel from their studio office in Townsville, North Queensland. Ange started GnomeAngel in 2002 as a personal blog, in 2011 the blog transitioned into the world of patchwork and in 2018 the online store was opened. When Ange and her family moved from Canberra to Townsville in 2022 it provided the perfect opportunity for Judi to (officially) join the team.

It’s all about having fun, if we’re not having fun you won’t have fun either. And that’s no fun for anyone!

More about ANge, the patchworker

Ange fell in love with fabric and patchwork in 2011 and has never looked back. She’s the author of “Fussy Cutters Club“, the creator and host of 100 Days 100 Blocks and a lover of the template method of patchwork. Her role within GnomeAngel is wide and varied, but at its core it’s all about making patchwork fun and connecting with like-minded creatives around the world.

more about judi, the data enthusiast.

With over 40+ years of experience in running successful small businesses and keeping Ange focused Judi is the backbone of GnomeAngel. Her love of people, her warmth of spirit and her commitment to doing a good job permeate all aspects of her role in GnomeAngel. While new to the world of quilting, her love of colour, design and having fun is inbuilt to GnomeAngel as she has always been an inspiration and influence in Ange’s work.

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