Bunny by Elizabeth Hartman – All the Animals Sew-along

Bunny is the next block we’ll be covering in the Fancy Forest pattern as part of the All the Animals Sew-along. I had planned on having my own version of Bunny to share with you but the fabrics I ordered before Christmas (hello! Black Friday sales!) seems to have gone missing in the festive postal madness and so I’ve had nothing to sew with to make my bunny. It will teach me for not being more organised last year and having the fabrics ready to go.

This event is going to be run a little differently to how I’ve run events in the past. It’s going to be a more casual approach to sewing along with you getting to choose which blocks you want to make, when you want to make them and what you want to make. I’m also going to be doing things a little differently because I’m not going to be making all the blocks every week. I too am going to dip in and out and make the blocks that I want to make, when I have the time to make them. After the pressures of the past few events I really wanted to do something that’s more about participating at your own pace and having fun and these patterns from Elizabeth Hartman are great for that. You don’t have to make them all, you don’t have to make a full quilt, you just have to have fun.

I’ve gone into more detail below about how to participate, eligibility and where to find event more information. If you still have questions please let me know in the comments below or drop me an email and I’ll do my best to clarify and then update the FAQs to reflect the answer. I can’t wait to see what you all make with these amazing patterns!

Love the look of this quilt? It’s a Fancy Forest Quilt Kit in Tula Pink Spirit Animal from event sponsor Pink Door Fabrics and you can buy it on Etsy for AUD$243.45 by clicking here.

How the Event Will Work

Let me get this out of the way up front because I just know it’s going to trip some of you up… YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE ALL THE PATTERNS! Think of this event like a choose your own adventure – you just make the blocks you want and forget the rest. It’s really simple. Just pick the blocks you want to make and make those, you can turn them into quilts, bags, pillows, table runners, whatever you like.

This event is all about helping those of you that have wanted to make one or more of Elizabeth Hartman’s animal quilts. I’ve selected 10 patterns (click here to see) that I’ve always wanted to make and I’m going to try to make at least 1 block from each pattern and turn them into a big quilt, some cushions and a couple of other projects. I’ll be using this event to keep motivated and on track and to help you do the same. As always there will be prizes on offer and to keep things exciting there will be a couple of ways you can enter:

  1. Pick a pattern and make a quilt as per that pattern. You will need to post one photo of each of the individual blocks in the quilt between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018. You will then need to post a photo of your finished quilt top (it doesn’t need to be quilted or bound) between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018.
  2. Pick the blocks you’d like to make and make your own project with those blocks. You will need to post one photo of each of the individual blocks in your project between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018. You will then need to post a photo of your finished quilt top (it doesn’t need to be quilted or bound), cushion, bag, mini quilt, table runner between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018. Important: Your entered project cannot include any other animal blocks by another designer. They can include traditional patchwork blocks, setting blocks, improv piecing, words, etc. but the animals must be by Elizabeth Hartman.

For every finished project (a quilt top is considered a finished project) you post using a block from the selected patterns (see pattern list below) you will get an entry into the major prize pool.

Each month there will be a monthly winner picked from those that posted a block from any of the selected patterns during the month (you can see the list of the blocks for each month by clicking here). At the end of the event there will be Grand Prizes awarded for completed projects made during the event.

For more information and clarification see the Sew-along General FAQs by clicking here and the Elizabeth Hartman All the Animals Sew-along FAQs by clicking here.

How to Win the Monthly Prize

Each month 1 lucky participant will win a prize generously donated by one of the event sponsors by doing the following:

  1. Following the specified Instagram accounts (see the monthly prize details post below),
  2. Posting a photo of at least one of the selected blocks for that month on Instagram (see the monthly prize details post below),
  3. Using the event hashtag #elizabethhartmanalltheanimalssal

If you would like to make a block not included in the monthly list (but on the event list – for example a block that appears closer to the end of the event) you can totally do so and if you follow the guidelines below you’ll be entered in the grand prize pool.

Please see the Elizabeth Hartman All the Animals Sew-along FAQs by clicking here for more information about all the various scenarios for participating.

How to Win a Grand Prize

At the end of the event the will be a grand prize(s) on offer, to win you will need to do the following:

  1. Following the specified Instagram accounts (details will be posted on 6 June 2018),
  2. Posting individual photos of all the Elizabeth Hartman blocks used in your finished project between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018 to Instagram,
  3. Using the event hashtag #elizabethhartmanalltheanimalssal on all images and the hashtag #EHwinnerscircle on your final project photo (so the judge can find it)

Don’t worry if that’s all about as clear as mud, I’ll post updates and answer questions over the course of the event to ensure it’s fully understood. You have heaps of time to enter and participate so don’t stress. The great thing about Instagram is that you can go back and add details to the caption at any time!

January’s Task List + Prize Details

To win this month’s prize you will need to make and post a photo of one of the blocks from this list between 12:01am January 1 and 11:59pm 31 January 2018.

Pattern: Fancy Forest – 6 Blocks

Block Order:

Fancy Fox – 3 January 2018

Alternative Pattern: Fancy Fox and Fancy Fox II

Hazel Hedgehog – 6 January 2018

Alternative Pattern: Hazel Hedgehog and Hazel Hedgehog II

Bunny – 10 January 2018

Alternative Pattern: Bunny

Allie Owl – 13 January 2018

Alternative Pattern: Allie Owl

Thistle – 17 January 2018

Alternative Pattern: Thistle

Frances Firefly – 20 January 2018

Alternative Pattern: Frances Firefly

Pattern: Lepidoptera

Block Order:

Alice – 24 January 2018

Beatrix – 27 January 2018

Carmen – 31 January 2018

You will also need to:

  1. Follow these instagram accounts: @GnomeAngel and @PinkDoorFabrics,
  2. Use this hashtag #ElizabethHartmanAlltheAnimalsSAL

For further information about sponsors, prizes and winners click here.

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