Mum's Quilt…proudly displayed on the Hills Hoist Gallery in Mount Isa…

It seems somewhat fitting that it’s taking me a year to post the photos of the finished quilt as it took me a year to actually finish sewing it. I shared the finished patchwork in May 2010, so now I share with you the finished quilt.

Mum's Quilt

I gave this quilt to my Mother as a gift at the end of last year and these photos were taken in her backyard while we were on holiday at Easter time.  I still can’t believe the amazing job that they did on it at Altogether Quilting.


I’ve started work on another quilt, only this time for my Nana.  I started it back at the end of last year and I’ve not managed to progress as far as I’d like I really need to dedicate some serious time to it.  I’m going to make it a priority for the next month.  I swear I am…

Mum's Quilt

I’m still working on my rainbow crochet blanket.  It’s taken a hit because of holidays but I’m going to get back on to it.

So many things to work on so little time.

Mum's Quilt…the backing fabric and closer look at the quilting details…

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  1. Your quilting s are gorgous! I think will try a more less with this joy colours.
    I’m living in Europe, Hungary, Budapest – I have relatives in Australia. They went to Sydney before the II. World War.
    I was then a little girl – now I’m an old woman. But Like very much quilting and crochet too.
    Thank you all your beautiful things!
    With love

  2. What a beautiful quilt! I can see why it took you so long to finish. I’m tempted to make a very small quilt to see how I get on, but it’s way out of my comfort zone …

    • You know, I’d say “do it”. I thought it would be really hard, but it’s quite easy. Just pick a simple pattern. (Which is what I always do.. )

      I find the thing I struggle with the most is making the time to sit down and just get it done. Motivation is a killer. But it’s so worth it in the end.