Elizabeth Hartman All the Animals Sew-along FAQ

Please find below our frequently asked questions about Elizabeth Hartman All the Animals Sew-along. I’ll keep this page updated with commonly asked questions and answers as I get them. If you read all of this and your question still hasn’t been answered please feel free to email me by clicking this link.

What are we sewing?

We’re sewing blocks from a collection of patterns by Elizabeth Hartman. You can find the full list of patterns and their associated dates by clicking here.

How big are the blocks?

They’re a mixture of sizes, please see the relevant pattern for further block sizing details.

How much fabric do I need?

All the information about fabric requirements can be found on the relevant patterns. Please see patterns for details.

Do I need the Elizabeth Hartman patterns to participate?

Yes. You need to purchase either a hard copy or a digital copy of the patterns to be able to participate.

Anyone found to be sharing the pattern measurements or copies of the patterns in violation of the copyright laws will be blacklisted from all events.

What If I’m Still Waiting for my pattern to arrive?

It’s not a problem. The event timeline is 12:01am 3 January to 11:59pm 9 June 2018 so you’ve got heaps of time to enter.

What order are we sewing them in?

I’ve set up a block order to help provide a framework for the event (you can see it by clicking here) however it’s up to you what order you and what blocks you want to sew. If you just want to participate you can sew them in any order and post them to the hashtag to connect with members of the sewing community. If you want to be eligible for monthly prizes than you just need to post a photo of the blocks you’ve made as per the event timeline. (Remember, you do not have to make all the blocks – just make and post the ones you want to!)

Can I sew them out of order?

Yes. You can totally jump around and make the patterns as you want to. There are some specific entry requirements for the monthly prizes, so you may want to be mindful of them when posting your images. But really, this is about participating, having fun and making new friends so play along as you’d like to.

You can also sew out of order but save the images to post as per the event calendar if you’d really like to be eligible for the monthly prizes. See below for more information on how to do this.

Do I have to make EVERY pattern?

No. I cannot stress this enough – you just pick the blocks you want to make and make those. You can make 1, you can make 10, you can make 100 – you choose. I’ve set the framework to help with the accountability and to provide a structure for allocating prizes, you do the rest.

You don’t even have to make quilts. You can make bags, cushions, pillows, table runners, mini quilts – whatever you would like – they just have to include an Elizabeth Hartman animal block from the list provided.

Do I have to use the group pattern (all the animals in one pattern) or can I use the individual animal patterns?

Yes, you can use the individual patterns. For example the Fancy Fox block appears in the Fancy Forest pattern, but it’s also a stand alone pattern. You can use either. I’ve put the details of stand alone animal block patterns available in the event block list you can see it by clicking here.

How will I share my work?

Simple. There’s a number of ways to do it, you can do them all or you can pick the ones that work for you. Here they are:


Post a photo to Instagram and use the following hashtag #ElizabethHartmanAlltheAnimalsSAL. Using this hashtag means that people who are also sewing along can find you and your blocks.


You can join Home of the Gnome(Angel) and share your work in that group.

Please note:  Sharing in these groups will not make you eligible for prizes, it’s more about being social. The only way to be eligible for prizes is to follow the instructions for sharing on Instagram.


If you’re a fellow blogger why not blog about your blocks and share it with your community. You can come back here and share the link in a comment or share the links in the Facebook Group.

Please note: Sharing by blogging will not make you eligible for prizes, it’s more about being social. The only way to be eligible for prizes is to follow the instructions for sharing on Instagram.

Is there a timetable for sharing the blocks?

To be eligible for prizes you need to share the block within the monthly event timeframe.

Do you have any tips and tricks for making sharing on Instagram easier?

There’s no reason why you can’t sew ahead, take photos ahead and then just post on their due dates.

There’s a number of services, both free and paid, that will allow you to schedule posts to Instagram. Just google “Instagram scheduling tool” and decide if there’s any there that you like, fit with your budget and will be helpful.

Alternatively, Instagram now allows you to save draft posts for posting at a later date. Click here to read how to do it.

What if I’ve made the block or project in the past, can I reshare it?

You can, but you’ll need to post a photo of it to Instagram within the timeframe of the event and follow the event requirements to be eligible for prizes. Simply going back and adding the event hashtag to a previous photo will not be enough.

Are there prizes for participating?

Yep! I’ve worked hard to get you access to some amazing prizes from fabulous businesses and I’m really excited to share them with you all, you can click here to see the prize pool.

How can I win these amazing prizes?

To be eligible for prizes you will have to follow the directions for each month. These directions can be found in the weekly Elizabeth Hartman All the Animals blog posts which you can see by clicking here.

Please note: I’d love to be able to offer the prizes across all sharing platforms, but unfortunately at this stage I can only offer them on Instagram. This means you’ll need to have a public (so I can see your entries) Instagram account.

When will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced with the first block of the following month. For example, January’s winner will be announced on 3 February 2018 when I blog about the next block on the event schedule. This gives me time to ensure the winner meets all the requirements and notify the relevant sponsor.

What if I miss a week?

That’s not a problem because you only have to post ONE block from that month’s block selection to be in the running to win prizes.

Gosh, this sounds complicated how will I remember everything?

Never fear, that’s why I’m here. My job is to keep you motivated, on track and provide you with all the information you need to actively participate. I’ll be posting details here on the blog every Wednesday and Saturday for the week coming and in my Newsletter (click here to sign up). You won’t miss a thing!

Ok, I got all that, but what is I still forget?

I’ve got you covered. There’s a permanent link on my menu bar (at the top of my website) that will take you to all the details about the event. If you need a reminder of what we’re doing you’ll find it all there.

Fine Print

Winners decisions are final and discussion will not be entered into.  This competition is in no way associate or endorsed by Instagram.

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