I consider myself a traditional patchworker who uses contemporary fabrics and templates.

If this was pre-1980 I’d be that person at sit and stitch that would be using cereal boxes or template plastic to make my own templates for cutting out the shapes used in my patchwork block. But this is the 2020’s and so I’m using pre-made acrylic templates instead. It’s my preferred method to make patchwork blocks. 

I love it for the accuracy. I used to be a ruler and rotary cutter patchworker and my accuracy was ok. But when I found the template way of working (back when I made my first Farmer’s Wife quilt) my accuracy improved out-of-sight, I became a proficient fussy cutter and the waste in my cutting went down.

I had such improvement in the way that I worked that I became a massive advocate for using templates. My favourite templates and rulers are made by From Marti Michell. I love the quality of the templates and I love, love, love that they’re able to be used for more than just one quilt.

So many times you buy a template and/or speciality ruler and you can only use it for that quilt pattern, but with these you can use them again and again and again with all types of quilt patterns. 

I love template based patchwork so much that I’ve decided to spend my Friday’s showing you why templates are awesome – whether you make your own or you invest in an acrylic set.

Free Block Friday is a weekly free download block design using template construction that can be used to complete a sampler style quilt.

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Details about the quilts that we’ll be working on are listed below. This list will be updated as new quilt patterns are released.

Quilt 1: Starts 15 October 2021

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