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Week 1 | Garden Snail Quilt Snail Paced Slow-along Sew-along

Snail Paced Slow-along Sew-along hosted by Angie Wilson of www.GnomeAngel.com. Pattern from Pen and Paper Patterns. Fabrics Liberty Lawn from The Strawberry Thief (www.thestrawberrythief.com.au) paired with Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Espresso by Robert Kaufman. Find out more at www.GnomeAngel.com

Welcome to our first #SnailDay for 2017! Today marks the start of our Garden Snail Quilt snail paced slow-along sew-along. (Say the 3 times fast!) I’m so excited to do this one. The minute Lindsey posted the sneak peak of the pattern I knew what I wanted to do. And now, not only do I get to do it, but I get to bring you all along with me for the ride! This post will explain all you need to know about how the snail paced slow-along sew-along will work so you can participate, be eligible for prizes and have a great time making a fun quilt.

Because of the nature of this sew-along we’ll be making 42 snails; the twin size. You can make as many snails as you like, however you’ll need to follow the instructions below to be eligible for prizes (but only if you want to, of course). I’m really excited to make 42 of them because it will give me a chance to really have fun with the snail shells.

I’m going to be using all Liberty Prints and Solids for my quilt which have been generously supplied by the event’s major sponsor, The Strawberry Thief. I met Robyn, the powerhouse behind The Strawberry Thief, at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair in 2016 and it was love at first sight. Robyn is crazy, just like me and it’s wonderful. Life is too short to take it seriously! Robyn told me the night I met her that she was going to convert me to loving Liberty and to her credit she’s done so. Robyn kindly let me go through and pick all the prints I love and like so I could make my snails something special. I’ll be using Robert Kaufan Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Espresso for my background. I’m really excited to reveal them to you over the coming months.

So, now you know what I’m doing, let’s get down to what you’ll be doing!

Image source: @penandpaperpatterns

This First Week

Now, normally you’d only be eligible for prizes if you post on Sunday (in your timezone), however because this is the first week and I just know that there’s going to be a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) I’m going to give you a week to post your first snail. This will be the only week where this happens.

So, post your first snail with the following hashtags, #snailday #gardensnailsquilt #thestrawberrythief #cottonfactory and make sure you’re following these accounts @gnomeangel, @penandpaperpatterns, @the_strawberry_thief and @cotton_factory.

Now, for the finer details…


Start Date: 8 January 2017

End Date: 5 November 2017

What Pattern Are We Using?

We’re using the Garden Snail Quilt pattern by Pen and Paper Patterns. Click here to buy Pattern.

There’s two versions of the snail in the pattern, you can make either or both snails it’s totally up to you and the quilt you’d like to make.

You can find all the information about fabric requirements via the pattern link above.

How it Works

Every Sunday (in your timezone) you’ll post a photo of one snail to Instagram. You’ll tag the photo with the relevant hashtags and follow the relevant Instagram accounts. That’s it, one photo every Sunday for 42 weeks.

It’s so simple, you should have no problems keeping up.

Reminder Service

Because I know we’re all busy with our lives, each Sunday I will post details about that week’s block sponsor, hashtags and requirements for winning here on my blog and on my #SnailDay photo. This way you’ll always be able to find out what you need, when you need it.

Tips & Tricks

There’s no reason why you can’t sew ahead, take photos ahead and then just post on Sundays. (This is exactly what I do!)

There’s a number of services, both free and paid, that will allow you to schedule posts to Instagram. Just google “Instagram scheduling tool” and decide if there’s any there that you like, fit with your budget and will be helpful.

Alternatively, Instagram now allows you to save draft posts for posting at a later date. Click here to read how to do it.

Sponsors & Prizes

To be eligible for prizes you’ll need to follow the instructions on each Sunday’s #SnailDay blog post and Instagram post. Don’t worry, they’re not going to change each week, but they will change monthly as we welcome on a new sponsor.  I will make sure all the information is available to you when you need it. And don’t forget, you can always add hashtags and edit your captions if you miss something!

You can find out more about our sponsors by clicking here.

Snail Paced Slow-along Sew-along hosted by Angie Wilson of www.GnomeAngel.com. Pattern from Pen and Paper Patterns. Fabrics Liberty Lawn from The Strawberry Thief (www.thestrawberrythief.com.au) paired with Essex Yarn Dyed Linen in Espresso by Robert Kaufman. Find out more at www.GnomeAngel.com

Major Sponsor: The Strawberry Thief

The Strawberry Thief borrows its name from the 1883 print design, for Liberty of London, by the notable William Morris, a prominent member of the arts and craft movement. The Strawberry Thief is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest online retailer and wholesaler of Liberty Tana Lawn to the quilt and craft industry, distributing from Fremantle, Western Australia.

You can find The Strawberry Thief in the following places: Instagram | Website | Facebook

January’s Sponsor: Cotton Factory

Cotton Factory is a Sewing Studio located in Ballarat, Victoria. We offer a gorgeous range of carefully curated modern fabrics, for use in quilting, bag making, apparel and toys. We love social media, and welcome crafters of all abilities to the Cotton Factory Community.

Prize: $100 gift certificate.

You can find Cotton Factory in the following places: Instagram | Website | Facebook

Please note: The prize is open internationally. Winner is responsible for own postage, insurance and custom charges where applicable.

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