Link Love: Post-Trip Blues

I’m back from Fall Quilt Market and I must confess that I’m struggling to get back to normal and back on task. For some reason this trip really hit me hard. I don’t remember disliking the long flights as much as I did this time, but I really struggled. I rarely sleep on flights and so the exhaustion of not having a good sleep pattern, combined with all the running around at Market has just thrown me for a six. I’ve been tired and cranky and just out of sorts for the last couple of days. But, today is a new day and I’ve given myself the past three days to wallow and do nothing but that’s all changing as of today. Today I’m back in the saddle and getting on with the business of family and work life.

Market was a really different experience this time around as I had work commitments that I needed to do whereas last year I wasn’t beholden to any timetable and could do things as I wanted to do them. I presented at my first schoolhouse (which you can see by clicking here) and it was a little nerve wracking. The room was packed and I was so conscious of not running over time, but I was lucky enough to have friends in the audience. I also got to meet some lovely ladies after the presentation and sign their books and talk all things fussy cutting. I also did a couple of book signings at Market which was really surreal. The first book I signed I legit forgot how my pen worked and then I forgot how letters and words work; I was so nervous.

In between appearances and commitments I got to walk around Market and catch up with all the amazing people in this industry. It was so exciting to finally be able to meet Heather Ross whose fabrics I have long loved and use in everything. I got to catch up with the amazing team at Andover Fabrics, including the team with Alison Glass and Libs Elliott. I got to see the lovely ladies at Cotton + Steel who’ve been such great supporters of my work. I caught up with the team at Tula Pink and talked about #100Days100Blocks2018. I got to spend time with Chelsea from Pink Door Fabrics and talk about all the things we have planned for 2018. It felt like Market was packed with Aussies this year, so it was a nice thrill to be able to talk to some of the amazing Australians that are doing great things in our industry in person.

I had big plans for taking and sharing photos like I had done the previous year but I was just so busy that it just didn’t happen. I had things taking up every moment of the day and it meant I didn’t get to see Market like I had done the year before. I confess it’s a little disappointing to have missed out on that aspect this year and I’m really struggling with the fact that I didn’t have free time like I had the year before. Oh well, it’s all a learning curve and next year will be different again.

For now it’s time to look forward and end 2017 with a bang. I have a lot of work to do and I’m looking forward to the challenge, so I’d better get off the computer and get on with the making. I hope you have a great week and it’s filled with love, laughter and fabric fondling and I’ll see you in person again on Monday 6 November.

PS. The Fussy Cutters Club International Swap entry is closing soon. I’ve shared how you can save on the purchase price of the book through some of my favourite supplies. Click here to read more.


Nicole (of Snips Snippets) made my Gaggle of Geese Placemats from Fussy Cutters Club and shared her spooky inspiration with us all. Click here to read more.


Bernie (of Needle & Foot) made my Totes Amazeballs Tote Bag from Fussy Cutters Club and shared her caffeine inspired tote with us all. Click here to read more.


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Lucy (of Charm About You) made the We Are All Connected mini quilt from Fussy Cutters Club and shared her AMH inspired version with us all. Click here to read more.


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Bec (of Skyberries Handmade) made the Crouching HST, Hidden Churn Dash quilt from Fussy Cutters Club and shared her inspiring fussy cutting with us all. Click here to read more.


I love to share the cool things that I find during my week of surfing the internet window-shopping and splurging. Here’s my top 4 from this week:
A. I’m bugging: I’m always on the look out for unusual fabrics to fussy cut and I love this insect inspired Japanese fabric. Click here to purchase this on Etsy for AUD$8.39.
B. I’m obsessing: How amazing is this quilt? And you can get it as a quilt kit so you can make your very own amazing version. Click here to purchase this on Etsy for AUD$162.36
C. I’m coveting: I’ve seen this fabric in person and I’m telling you now, you’re going to want some for your collection. Click here to purchase from me for AUD$267.93
D. I’m cutting: As a quilter I’m obsessed with scissors so this fabric is perfect for sharing that obsession with the world and for fussy cutting. Click here to purchase this on Etsy for AUD$3.32+
Have you got an event, a charity drive, a pattern release, a class schedule or something else that you think my community would be interested in hearing about? Why not drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to share it with my readers. Click here to email me.

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