Sue Daley Round We Go Sew-along Version 3 of Block 1

Roud We Go by Sue Daley - Come and sew the blocks in Sue Daley's Round We Go Block of the Month and you could win some fabulous prizes. See more
Sue Daley’s Round We Go Sew-along hits it’s third week this week! This week’s block is my favourite so far. Big call I know, given we’re only 3 blocks into it but I’m making it. This colour palette is something new for me and I’m seriously crushing on it. The flower in the centre of this block is from a fabric I purchased years ago when I feel in love with it at a Craft Market. I adore the colours in this block. They work so well together and I’m really loving the pops of white. I rarely work with white based prints because I hate seeing points and block definition lost when white touches white, but I’m totally thrilled with how this block allows for the use of white because it’s so self contained.

I’ve had a couple of people ask about how I’ve been putting my blocks together to combat the curves not meeting at the point (which was a problem I had with my first two blocks and I had to unpick them both and redo them. I’ve put together a guide on how I assemble this block and you can find it below. Remember that the entry requirements for this month are a little special as I want to give people a chance to get involved if they’ve not had a chance to organise supplies in time. Next month we’ll be back to needing to post one block a week, but for September you’re just going to need to post the 4 blocks by 5 October. (I go into the specifics below so keep reading to find out more!) Don’t forget to check out the hashtag #RoundWeGoSAL on Instagram for some more inspiration.

Suggested Block Assembly

Roud We Go by Sue Daley - Come and sew the blocks in Sue Daley's Round We Go Block of the Month and you could win some fabulous prizes. See more

I’m starting this little section off by letting you know that while I’ve done a lot of single shape EPP this is my first time working with curves so I’ve been doing some learning along with everyone else. If you have a better way of putting the blocks together then stick with that, this is provided as a way to help others who may be struggling.

I always lay my pieces out when I’m working so I can see how the pattern and fabrics are playing together. The image above shows the block segments laid out and numbered.

  1. Join 2 to 3. Repeat for all 2 and 3 pieces, you will have 6 of these units.
  2. Join 2 + 3 to 4. Repeat for all 4 pieces, you will have 6 of these units.
  3. Join 2 + 3 + 4 to 1. I join all the pieces on the one side (the join between 4 and 1) and then I go back and sew the seam between 4 and 2 + 3 to join all of the units together.
  4. Add 5 to the block. I sew from the outside of the curve to the middle, tie off and then sew from the other side to the middle.

Hopefully this makes sense and helps you out with your accuracy. I do find that my block may be a little “tight” as I work and curve up, but once the papers are removed it sits flush. It’s the tension of the paper and the stitching that makes it curve.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer. Don’t forget to check out YouTube as well, there’s heaps of tutorials on line for English Paper Piecing.

Weekly Task

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Each week I’ll ask you to post a photo of one of that month’s blocks but I’m not going to enforce the weekly task for the first month. This means 2 things:

  1. You can join the event at any time prior to the 5th October (in your timezone) and still be eligible for September’s prize if you meet the criteria, and
  2. You can self pace until the 5th October.

I’ve decided to work it this way to help people who are coming late to the event and to give you a little more wiggle room when it comes to life getting in the way.

Prizes will be allocated monthly so you can join at the beginning of every month if you want to be in the prize pool.

Winning a Prize

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Now I bet you’re wondering how you’ll go about winning a prize, well it’s simple.

To win an monthly prize:

  1. Post 1 photo of the monthly block per week,
  2. Include all the requirements for eligibility (we’ll go into more detail about this in a minute).

Monthly prize winners will be announced on the Friday following the end of a month.

To win the grand prize:

  1. Post a photo of your finished quilt top between 12:01am 1 September 2018 – 11:59pm 30 September 2018 in your timezone,
  2. Include all the requirements for eligibility (we’ll go into more detail about this in a minute).

Your quilt top can be quilted, but it’s not a requirement for prize eligibility.

A Word about Block Type

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You only need to post 1 photo of 1 of the monthly block types per week. This means that you’ll end up with 4 individual photos at the end of the month of the four blocks you’ve made that month. Each month will have one block type and you can see what they’ll be by clicking here.

Each Friday AEST I’ll post my weekly block to my blog and social media to act as a reminder for you to get yours in. You’ll have from 12:01am Friday to 11:59pm Thursday each week to post your one block. On the months where there’s 5 weeks in a month we’ll do something a little special.

Eligibility Requirements

To enter the prize pool it’s really simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Use the event hashtag on your photos (the hashtag is #RoundWeGoSAL)
  2. Follow the following Instagram accounts:


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You can see the full list of sponsors and the prizes by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For general questions about participating in sew-alongs and events click here. For event specific FAQs click here. These are designed to be read together, so be sure to check both of them for the answer you seek.

That’s everything… for now… as always if you have any questions either drop me a line or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out. I hope you love making this quilt as much as I have, it’s a real delicious make.

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