52 Weeks with The Quilter’s Planner

52 Weeks with The Quilter's Planner - Join Angie Wilson of in 2017 to sew all 52 block tutorials included in The Quilter's Planner. Make blocks, learn skills and win prizes - what more could you want? Find out more on

I’m so excited to be partnering with the fabulous team at The Quilter’s Planner to bring you a year long sew-along; 52 Weeks with The Quilter’s Planner. If you don’t know about The Quilter’s Planner where have you been hiding? Seriously, this is one of the “it” items for 2017. The Quilter’s Planner combines all the functionality of a traditional planner with all the design and math needs of a quilter. It’s fabulous. If you’re like me and quilting is your life The Quilter’s Planner is a great tool for keeping track of the important things (fabric, WIPs, new designs) and the necessitates (bills, birthdays and which after school event the kids are at). Don’t believe me? Click here to see all it’s amazing features.

Of the many amazing features in The Quilter’s Planner the one that I’m excited about sharing with you is the weekly block. On every week page of the planner is a block design that links to a block tutorial. Click here to see them. That’s a whopping 52 blocks for free when you get The Quilter’s Planner (not to mention all the other stuff that’s in there as well!). I’m a big believer in keeping your skills sharp and investing time in your craft. What better way to do that then with setting aside dedicated sewing time each week! Do you see where I’m going with this? You’ve got The Quilter’s Planner which is all about being more organised and proactively managing things. You’ve got a free block tutorial. You need to sew to keep your sanity. It’s like the perfect recipe for a sew-along! Right?!?

Everything is better with friends so in 2017 I’ll be hosting 52 Weeks with The Quilter’s Planner. Want to know how it’ll work?

A look at the week view. The free quilt block is on the left hand side.

What are we sewing?

Simple. It’s the blocks in The Quilter’s Planner. You’ll find all the block information on the left hand side of your week view pages.

How big are the blocks?

All blocks finish at 12″ squared. This means that if you sew all 52 blocks (and if you want the grand prize you’ll have to) you’ll have enough to make one quilt (with some blocks on the back) or a couple of quilts.

Side note: I’m really excited about getting to the end of the year with at least two quilts I can use as gifts for teachers, friends and relatives. No end of year panic sewing for me next year!

Do I need The Quilter’s Planner to participate?

Yes, and no. You can get access to all the block tutorials via this link. However, you won’t know what order there in so you’ll have to wait to see it get announced. That’s not a big deal in the scheme of things. However, to be eligible for prizes you’re going to need to photograph your block with your planner. (A bit like a proof of life photo with the latest newspaper edition…) So, if you want prizes you’ve going to need to get your very own Quilter’s Planner.

You can buy online or find stockists by clicking here.

What order are we sewing them in?

Simple. It’s the order in which they appear. No need to jump around, just follow the calendar.

How will I share my work?

Simple. There’s a number of ways to do it, you can do them all or you can pick the ones that work for you. Here they are:


Post a photo to Instagram and use the following hashtag #52weekswithTheQuiltersPlanner. Using this hashtag means that people who are also sewing along can find you and your blocks.


Join the Home of the Gnome(Angel) Facebook Group by clicking here and share your work with other group members.

You can also join The Quilter’s Planner Facebook Group and share your work in that group as well. (Link to be provided)

Blog It!

If you’re a fellow blogger why not blog about your blocks and share it with your community. You can come back here and share the link in a comment or share the links in the Facebook Group.

Weekly view for Block 1 in 2017.

Is there a timeline for sharing the blocks?

Yes and no. To be eligible for prizes you need to share the block within the weekly timeframe for each block. For example, the first block’s week is January 1 to January 7. The timeframes will be easy to remember as they’re the dates that appear on the weekly spread that accompanies each block. You’ll just need to post the block by midnight (in your timezone) of the last day of the block week.

If you want to make blocks at various times of the year you can share them whenever you want. It’s your call. It just depends on if you want to be eligible for prizes.

Are there prizes for participating?

Yep! I’ve worked hard to get you access to some amazing prizes from fabulous businesses and I’m really excited to share them with you all – just not right now. (I love the tension that waiting to see what you could win will bring!) I’m going to tell you this, the minimum prize value for each month is AU$100 so we’re not talking about a small prize pool here. That’s a minimum prize pool of AU$1,200! Not too shabby for just making a block a week.

How can I win these amazing prizes?

To be eligible for prizes you will have to follow the directions for each month.

Each week you’ll take a photo of that week’s block with your Quilter’s Planner and share it on Instagram. (You don’t have to show your Quilter’s Planner internals – we don’t need to know you had a Doctor’s appointment that week or what’s on your shopping list. The planner just needs to be in the shot so we can see that you have one (so if you make a groovy cover for your planner you’ll need to remove it for the photo so we can see the cover).

Then you’ll use the hashtag that’s specific to that month’s sponsor, follow the required Instagram accounts and post it on time in your timezone. To win, you have to have met the criteria and posted every block on time for that month. (Don’t worry I’ll let you know well in advance what you need to do!)

Please note: I’d love to be able to offer the prizes across all sharing platforms, but unfortunately at this stage I can only offer them on Instagram. This means you’ll need to have a public (so I can see your entries) Instagram account. I am working hard behind-the-scences to get prizes for the Facebook participants, but at this stage it’s not looking likely. If this changes I will let you all know immediately.

Gosh, this sounds complicated how will I remember everything?

Never fear, that’s why I’m here. My job is to keep you motivated, on track and provide you with all the information you need to actively participate. I’ll be posting details here on the blog, in my Newsletter (click here to sign up) and across all my social media platforms. You won’t miss a thing!

Ok, I got all that, but what if I still forget?

I’ve got you covered. There’s a permanent link on my menu bar (at the top of my website) that will take you to all the details about the event. If you need a reminder of what we’re doing you’ll find it all there.

But what if….

No but’s! You can do this! You can sew a block a week, you can meet new friends and you can totally rock an awesome quilt (or two, or three) at the end of it. I will be here along the way to hold you hand, give you all the information you need and to cheer you on. You’ve got this!

So, who’s with me? You up for a block a week?

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