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9 Patch Parade 2021 Reboot

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You’d be forgiven for thinking you were experiencing déjà vu, but you’re not I promise. In 2020 Marti Michell and I attempted to get a little 9 Patch Parade happening, but well, 2020 had other ideas. There was fires, hail, unemployment, home-schooling, pandemic and a plethora of other things happening behind-the-scenes that were “once in a lifetime” occurrences which meant the 9 Patch Parade came to a halt before we’d really even gotten off the ground.

But we survived 2020! We’re stronger, more prepared and in need of some sewing like never before so we’re rebooting The 9 Patch Parade! It will kick off on 1 February 2021 and run until 31 July 2021. We’ll be using the From Marti Michell Nine Patch Rulers to make some fabulous projects based on the humble 9 Patch patchwork block. This block is one of the cornerstone blocks of quilting and it’s so versatile the fun with it is limitless.

Bonus Patterns for 2021

Despite it’s train-wreck like appearance, 2020 did afford us the ability to work on a little bonus for this year’s event which we hope will excite you and encourage you to get back to making 9 patch blocks.

I’ve written 6 patterns, all based on the patterns already in use in the 9 Patch Parade, that will give you another option for making and having fun with us. The patterns are my play on the patterns developed by Marti Michell and were designed for use with your already collected fabrics.

There’s a couple of ways you can get your hands on these patterns:

  1. CLOSED: Purchased the 9 Patch Starter Kit prior to 31 December 2020 – if you’ve purchased the starter kit from a store other than mine then all you have to do to get access to these patterns is email me (hello@gnomeangel.com) a copy of the receipt for your purchase and I’ll sign you up to getting the patterns. You have until January 31 2021 to claim your patterns.
  2. CLOSED: Purchased the 9 Patch Starter Kit from me prior to 31 December 2020 – if you purchased the starter kit from my store I’ll be working my way through all the orders and signing you up for the 6 pattern set. You’ll get an email from me before the event starts walking you through how to get the pattern.
  3. Purchase the 9 Patch Starter Kit from me between 1 January 2021 and 31 July 2021 – if you purchase the 9 Patch Starter Kit during the first 6 months of the 9 Patch Parade 2021 you’ll automatically qualify for the 6 patterns and I will sign you up to them as part of your order.
  4. Purchase the patterns without purchasing the 9 Patch Starter Kit – The patterns will be available for individual (or bundle) purchase without the need to purchase the 9 Patch Starter Kit.

Patterns will be released each month so you’ll have heaps of time to sort fabric requirements (or shop your stash!). I’m really excited about these additional patterns and can’t wait to see what you do with them!

Now, on with the parade details!

DO I NEED A 9 Patch Ruler?

You could be forgiven for thinking that a nine patch ruler is overkill. It’s just 9 squares, right? Wrong. Can you tell me what the size square you’d need to cut to make a 4″ finished size nine patch block? Nope, me either. The beauty of these rulers is that they take all the hard work of math out of the equation (pardon the pun!).

Want to see one in action? Check out this video from Marti herself:

What is the 9 Patch Parade?

The 9 Patch Parade is a monthly sew-along where participants are asked to create a project, such as a quilt, cushion, wall hanging, table runner, etc., based on that month’s 9 Patch Pattern.

Who’s the Grand Marshall?

The 9 Patch Parade event will be hosted by me! Woot! Woot! And yes, I’m working on making myself a Parade Grand Marshall hat!

What does a 9 Patch Parade look like?

Each month we’ll work on a different pattern. I’ll prompt you each week within the month to share where you’re at and provide you with a structured timetable to help keep you (and me!) on track. At the end of the month participants you’ll share your finished project and go into the running to win a prize!

For the purpose of the event each month will consist of 4 weeks of activities structured in the following manner, where there’s more than 4 weeks in the month we’ll just have longer to work on our projects:

  • Week 1: Fabric Selection
  • Week 2: Cutting your Fabric
  • Week 3: Block Construction
  • Week 4: Quilt Top Assembly and Reveal

What patterns will you use?

The patterns to be used, and their allocated month, are:

  • A – February: Triple Sashing and Nine Patch Cornerstones
  • B – March: Twice as Much Fun
  • C – April: Nine Patch with Mock Diagonal Sets
  • D – May: Magic Nine Patch
  • E – June: Starry Nine Patch
  • F – July: Disappearing Nine Patch

You can use either the patterns in the 9 Patch Parade Starter Kit or the patterns that I will release each month starting in January.

Purchase the 9 Patch Starter Kit from me and you’ll automatically be signed up to get my bonus 6 parade patterns for FREE.

How can you participate?

To be eligible for the prizes you will need to participate via social media. You can do this in 2 ways:


To participate via Instagram you will need to have a public Instagram account. You will then upload your photo(s) to Instagram and use the hashtag #FMM9PatchParade.


To participate via Facebook you’ll need to join the GnomeAngel Facebook Group and post your projects to the group.

** Due to technical issues with the albums posting to the group wall will be acceptable for entries.

What could you win?

Each month one winner, chosen from those who submitted their finished project photos to the Facebook Group or under the Instagram hashtag, will win a $50 Gift Voucher to Marti Michell’s online store.

All you have to do is share your take on the 9 Patch Pattern (either Marti’s or Gnome Angel’s) for that month. The minimum requirement for a make is the smallest size listed in the pattern. (For all Gnome Angel patterns it is the CRIB size.)

It doesn’t need to be a finished quilt – it can be a quilt top. Projects such as cushions, table runners, wall hangings, etc. need to be finished completely for submission.

You can submit one photo or multiple photos showing your progress through the weeks. Those who submit progress photos AND a completed project photo get an extra entry into the prize draw.

Winners will be announce in the 9 Patch Newsletter sent on the applicable Monday after each Parade (month) finishes. (You need to register via the form below to go on the mailing list.)

Are you in?

Simply fill in your details below to get weekly updates in your inbox.

If you have any questions be sure to drop me an email and we’ll work together to get it sorted and get you ready for the 9 Patch Parade!