5 FAQ’S about Living with a Gastric Sleeve

The following answers are just my experience with life after the procedure.  I don’t know anyone else that’s had the procedure so it’s hard to compare experiences.  This information does not replace medical advice, it’s merely my experience and if you’re considering the procedure you should talk to your medical provider and follow their advice.

When did I have the procedure

In December 2009 I opted to have a gastric sleeve operation performed.  It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, in fact it took me over a year to make the decision.  But it’s proved to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

For those who’ve not heard of the procedure before it’s where a surgeon removes 80% of your stomach and leaves behind a tube of stomach.  Unlike the Lap Band it’s irreversible.  Which means that it’s about a life long commitment.

When I tell people about having had the procedure the news is met with a variety of reactions, but the predominant one is of curiosity.  So in an attempt to help answer some of those questions I thought I’d put together a list of questions and responses.  If you have anything else you’d like to know leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.  Who knows I may even collect them up and do another post!

1. What can you eat?

I can eat whatever my heart desires; just not in big proportions.  Unlike the Lap Band the stomach isn’t restricted so there’s nothing for food to get caught on.  Of course I couldn’t eat anything straight away I had to build up to it over a period of six weeks post surgery.

There’s been some significant changes to the food that I do eat.  Prior to the surgery I was addicted to hot chips, after the surgery I really don’t enjoy them any more.  I used to be a big milk drinker, now milk products make me sick.  It was worse just after the surgery.  I would have a mouthful of milk and I’d be sick.  Now I can eat some cheese and it’s not a big deal.

I can eat bread, pasta and rice.  I used to eat a lot of pasta prior to the surgery, now I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to.  It’s just too heavy and fills me up too quickly.  I tend to eat more rice now as I get a decent size portion before I feel full.

I can eat all meats, it’s just I can no longer eat a Hog’s Breath steak.



  1. I have been overweight since I hit my teen years I have my sleeve operation scheduled for Jan 20 2013 now that I know its only a couple months away it seems so realtime extremely nervous is there any concerns about leakage that anyone has exoerienced?

  2. I have been a regular and large beer drinker for more years than I can remember. Will I be able to keep drinking beer after sleeving?

  3. Hi everyone. My husband has told me he wants a gastric sleeve and has seen specialists who say he is a perfect candidate. I am reading up on every thing and most people are glad they got it done however I am just really concerned that it is a major operation and is irreversible. Is it something that you would say should only be done as a last resort? My husband is only 30 and has a family history of heart problems. He sees this as the best option to ensure he doesnt continue with his heart problems,blood pressure and weight gain. He doesn’t want to yoyo diet for another 10 yrs or more. Should we be trying alternative things first? Sorry so many questions but I just want to support him as much as I can. I just don’t know if this is the right thing. I would hate for him to have regrets about such a life changing process this young. Also how long until you felt “normal” again after surgery?

    • Hi Nikki
      I had the lap band in 2006, I eventually lost more than 40 kilos with it but that was mainly through starvation as I couldn’t eat much of anything. I am booked in to see a specialist and will probably have the band removed and have a sleeve bypass.
      I am replying because I am an advanced registered nurse and from what I have experienced from my own personal level and from counselling clients is that for some people there is not a normal relationship with food and the only way to maintain a normal weight is with surgery. Why wait another 10 years and do another 10 years damage to your body? I think that mentally, the weight gain and loss that comes from yoyo dieting screws you up also.
      Good luck

    • Hi Nikki,
      I think your husband is very lucky to have a caring wife as you are. I had a sleeve done on the 8th of July 2013, I have been a type 1 diabetic for 42 years, with high blood pressure, over weight, my eye sight wasn’t good since having the surgary I havn’t felt better, apart from losing weight 19 kilos so far my blood pressure has droped, my eye sight has improved my over all health has improved greatly and I wished I had of had it done years ago. I had no problems with the surgery or with the recovery after surgery. It takes a little time to get use to the smaller serves of food but belive me it is well worth it. Only your husband can decide on what he wants to do, I wish him well and I would say go for it.

  4. I will have my sleeve surgery in Nov 2013 and I am getting really nervous because I hear you can lose you hair and my hair is already very thin. Does this happen and can I do anything to prevent it?

  5. I just had mine done 9.17.13 so far so good, feeling great, never feel hungry, just feel empty so I know it’s time to put something in my stomach. My only problem right now is I miss eating, I know I will have it back in time. 🙂

  6. I was brought into hospital with an infection 13 weeks ago weighing in at 249 kilo. It was suggested that I was a candidate for surgury ( I had never considered this) and was put on the Cambridge diet (14 glasses of milk a day) for 10 weeks and then 71/2 glasses of milk and 600 calories of food, after this regime I now weigh 193 kilos. I am due to have a gastric sleeve opereration in the next two weeks. I do wonder if the weight loss I have already achieved will affect my any losses after the operation. I must admit I am nevous but reading all the comments here has been enlightening, thanks to all.

  7. I just had my gastric sleeve done on Thursday night on 12th Sept. After waking up I had extreme pain in my shoulders but it soon left. I also had my gallbladder out and a hernia repair done. I got home on the Monday 16th Sept. I found it hard to sleep in the hospital bed and the food was terrible. They gave me this chicken like broth that smelled terrible, jello, apple juice, water and a lemon icy pole. Almost all of it had sugar in it so I didn’t really want to eat it. Just couldn’t eat the broth finally. I am feeling great. I can only take small amounts of liquids. My favourite thing to drink is Ningxia Red from Young Living. It gives you an amazing boost and tastes great. I also have some miso, peach tea. My doctor said I could have Optifast but I don’t like drinking it because it has sugar in it. I’m trying to find an alternative protein drink without sugar. If anyone has any ideas that would be nice. I am also using my power plate to exercise and walking a little. Altogether a good start plus I’m losing weight.

  8. Hi there, once I had my 1st child at 18yrs I couldn’t lose the baby weight and continued to get bigger and bigger. I have tried many things to lose small amounts of weight only to regain it all back with extras. My latest attempt was my best ever, I lost 25kg, but it was hard work and took me over 2yrs to do and in the last few months of slowing down on the constant food watching and gym work-outs I have managed to regain 15kgs. I have got to a point where I feel I need extra help from a gastric sleeve or get used to being the fat person who locks herself in the house and has no life. There are 2 things that bother me about having the operation and was wondering if anyone can help shed some light on them:
    1. I have a serious choc problem I cannot control…how will this op help with it??
    2. I am afraid I will feel like a failure for taking the ‘easy way out’ and not just working my ass off…has anyone had these feelings and how do you feel post op??
    Thank you for taking your time to read my post.

  9. I’m had my psyc eval yesterday, my stress test today and am having my sleep study tonight. I am very excited going thru this process but don’t have my surgery scheduled yet.

    I’d like to know if someone could tell me what they drank after the surgery for meals and if you felt like you were starving. I’d like to know what brand of protein drinks worked best for everyone.

  10. I had the sleeve june 17 ,2013 and i feel wonder ful and only heartburn which i take medicine for that and i am on vitamins of course and slowly trying to exercise.

  11. Thanks for taken the time to writ such a great piece on content. I have also suffered from being overweight since I was a teenager. I had a gastric sleeve surgery in September 2012 and have lost a small person in weight about 148 pounds. I know for me it was the best decision I ever made ans now I want to give back to other with the same obesity issues.

  12. I had my surgerey on 31 of August, today I had a. deit coke to help me make an blurp , i feel fine, was that to early to be drinking.

  13. Hi everyone, it’s my first day home from the hospital today after my sleeve. Feeling a bit nervous and had the middle of the night terrors last night ” omg what have I done I love my food”. Feeling better this evening though and brought some small soups from Woolworth’s that were quite tasty. The hospital food was so bland soup or gravy mix, not quiet sure. Lost 9 kilos so far goal is probably 40 kilos away. Thanks for all your posts. It made me feel better that there’s a normal life to be had.

  14. I had my sleeve done on July 18th and I am good. 2 days in hospital with wonderful nurses and docs. I am a little weak and sore but I see Dr tomorrow and he should putme on pureed food, so I can get poor protein in me. I can onlydo 2ozs at a time but am totally satisfied. I was 259lbs before and since pre op diet and surgery I am at 232 July 30th. I am happy I did this.Also got to stop my insulin shot before I even left the hospital. Yeah!!!!! Good luck everyone… is worth it.

  15. Congratulations! 33 kg is a lot of weight. A LOT!

    As you wrote in the post, exercise is probably needed for the last 10 kg. In fact, exercise is needed not only to lose weight, but to have a good overall health as well. So I hope you get a good exercise program and get started right away.

    Good luck! 🙂

  16. Hi Everyone, I had my gastric sleeve done just on two weeks ago. I left hopital after 5 days without any pain, My type 1 Diabetes has never been better and I feel really good, but can someone tell me when they went off there Blood pressure tablets etc was it straight away or after sometime thanks.

  17. Heyyy there!
    I relate a lot to your nicely written article for iv had the surgery too almost two years ago!and it’s really been the best decision i ever made in my life so far. I had a lot of glands problems and suffered since i was 14 now it’s been way much better. If any one has any questions concerning the surgery feel free to contact me:
    Best Regards

  18. Needing advice, im booked in for a sleeve on November 6th 2013, its daunting, I know a few who’ve been sleeved and a few that have been Bypassed and all seem to condemn what the other has had done and swears what they did was the best…. any one got any advice?
    Ive had a band removed a few months ago, after 20 years it had to come out, but im stuck on deciding whether to sleeve or bypass, any advice would be appreciated.

    • Hey when i wanted to do my surgery i did loadsss of research and beleive me from my own experience speaking iv had a very smooth surgery and a smoother recovery and had never been better since…
      I did a gastric sleeve and at first i lost weight and got very tired physicaly and mentaly but thts wt u should expect…it’s a long journy towards a new life!
      Mind that u mite need at somepoint to get some vitamens in ur system but not like the case of a bypass where you will have to take medicine for the rest of your life…

    • My surgery is booked for nov 4th..but may have it sooner if I can get clearance from all the pre surgical realistically it can be mid October ..had band for 3 years , didn’t lose anything , only made me choke..I’m super psyched and a little nervous..I know once its done it’ll be all worth it…I want to be the person I was when I wasn’t 350 lbs..energetic , lively,happy..I owe it to myself and my family…

  19. I’m off today at 1pm to get the sleeve done. At present I’m 129 kg. ill up date as time goes on. I’m looking forward to the new way of life and energy. At 53 with medical problems I feel this is the answer. I also think I will save the cost of the surgery in the first 6 mths. Until then .

    • Well it’s done and already I can feel the difference. I went in at 130 kg I’ve lost 5 kg so far. Don’t forget the tummy was about 1kg but that’s a bonus. Hospital food can make you loose weight but if you are unable to eat it. I feel sore in the tummy and getting up it still hurts. Other wise no other pain. Am I hungry ? Yes you still get those hunger pains but 100grm yoghurt fills that spot. I’m having a chocolate protein shake with full cream milk ,yoghurt , and purée fruit . I’m full. Home today and looking forward to it. Holy cross was fantastic and Dr George’s work and his team are on the ball. Cheers till next time. Colin

    • Colin, you situation is a close match of my own. I would love to hear how you progress. Thanks for your encouragement, everyone.

      • i had my sleeve on 18th sept 2013 im now 17lbs lighter in just 10 days….. not had any sickness or pain

  20. I am told that your desire for eating is greatly diminished because the part of your stomach that is removed holds the ‘nerves’ that tell you, you are hungry.
    Was that your experience?
    Thank You!

    • Vincent you never loose the desire to eat your just full very fast. I have lost the desire to over eat because eating just one bite too many for me makes me feel awful and you usually throw up. but you learn to listen to your stomach. Its been 3 years I weigh now 125lbs and love it. my husband and I love to eat out you adjust your eating but I pretty much can eat anything. and I am very good at eating my left overs. I ask the waitress for a doggy bag as soon as we sit down. lol

  21. Hello. I had a failed gasyric sleeve surgery in december. I am going back for a second attempt with a guru surgeon on 1st july. Due to that failed surgery i am extremely nervous, but i know its the best thing for my health.

    • I have bought a blender and stocked up on recipes for green smoothies etc to ensure that once im sleevef, i get vitamins minerals etc.. is this a good idea?

  22. Hi I would like to how gastric sleeve stop u from eating, what will happen if u over eat?

  23. I am 10 weeks post sleeve surgery. No problems! The desire for fast foods fades with time if you hang in there. It is only mouth hunger not real hunger. I eat only low fat,no bread, no sugarnow with no problem. I have lost 43 pounds,and feel wonderful. I started with a gym at 7 weeks post surgery. I use only the machines and feel very strong! I am 78 years old and was a couch potato before. If I can do it, so can you!

  24. Hi everyone, Iam in the process of seeing Drs, Nurse, Dietitian etc. I know the sleeve is the right way to go but still feeling abit nervous.

    • One of the best things I have done for myself, hubby and son. So much more energy, I am so much happier and life is great.

  25. How did you feel immediately after surgery?
    How long did you stay in the hospital?
    How long until you felt fine?
    Does it feel tight or like anything is left in your stomach??
    Thank you! I’m
    Scared but seriously considering the surgery!

    • you feel I little sore, I had a very sore shoulder (from the gas). I was operated on the 24.01.13 out 26.01.13. I was back to feeling fine in aprox 1 week. No feeling of tightness or anything left in your stomach. It is the best thing I have ever done. For about 1 week of discomfort it is so worth it. good luck.

    • I can answer a couple of questions. I’m just over a year on my gastric sleeve and have no regrets. I’ve lost almost 100 pounds and am only 20 pounds from my goal. I will admit the first few months were way to easy to lose and I forgot to try and put on 10 pounds. I’m back on track and realize nothing comes for free. Walk around the block once a day and the rest will sail off your body. I look at myself now and sometimes don’t even recognize my own face.
      I eat what I want but very small portions and I eat very slow. It takes 20 minutes for your food to reach your stomach. If you eat too fast in 20 minutes you will feel uncomfortable. Make your meals a ritual, plan your time so you can eat slowly.
      For pain after the surgery? There was NONE. The worst part was the nausea, like I was on a tilt-a-whirl for 3 days straight. I got out of the hospital on a Thursday and played kickball with my grandson in the yard on Saturday. I have no regrets life is good now. I’m happy and confident, and more energy. No more insulin for diabetes and no more sleep apnea. A new person was born the day I had my surgery.

  26. I am having the sleeve surgery on the 17th of April (2013) and I am getting a bit nervous. reading this blog and the subsequent comments have made me feel alot more comfortable. I am concerned about the surgery itself but I was wondering “will I ever be able to eat normal food again”?
    I am excited for the future. And wish you all the best with reaching your goals.

    • Hi there, I had the sleeve in Sept 2010. I lost all my weight. I still can only eat very small portions of regular “healthy food”. Junk food is much easier to eat unfortunately, but the size of my stomach prevents over eating. I can pretty much eat anything, but some days certain foods react funny. Pasta with tomato sauce is the hardest for me, but pasta made other ways is fine. So I think everyone is different. Biggest thing is no matter what I eat I have to eat slower than I used to. Eating to fast always causes me to throw up. Also waiting too long between meals tends to make it harder to eat. I can drink pop (soda) never had problems with dairy. Stress affects my eating also. But on a day to day basis I am very happy I did it. You adjust to the eating portions. it doesn’t bother me at all to eat little, my family makes fun of my eating cause I can down a bag of chips but cant eat 4 oz of chicken. you learn to eat left overs. One meal at a restaurant is 2 or 3 meals for me. If you really like something you can eat more of it later. Your stomach tells you when your full, listen to eat. Getting sick can be the difference of one more bite. Good luck

  27. I have been overweight all my life and am seriously considering having a gastric sleeve. Any advice or information on how to go about it would be greatly appreciated

    • Hey there! I have been obese my entire life too; I was never thin; not even as a 5 year old. I am 27 now; I had my sleeve in October 2012; 5 months ago; and I lost 38kg so far. I was 172kg. It is the best decision I ever made.
      I don’t know where you live so I can’t give advice regarding a doctor; but you need to research the doctor well; forums are full of discussions and you will surely find someone who knows a doctor in your city/country. You need to make up your mind; decide that is is time to change; and make sure you have support if you are the type who depends on family. If you live alone and prefer it this way; like me; then just go ahead; being by yourself means no one will interfere with your meals and bug you to eat a “bit” more. But still you’ll need support the first 3-5 days as it will be a bit sore or painful to move much. Think carefully and if you want to change your life and you have the will; then by all means go ahead and get yourself a new you!

  28. I’m 1 week post-op and I’m still amazed that ive lost 18 lbs. My reason was to loose weight so ive, just been on the scale everyday! I know its too soon but there was a scale right outside my hospital room….. needless to say, after all the walking that I was made to do, I jumped on the scale when finished! I’m still on liquids which is a pain but its working! I’m in pain only when I swallow to quick and comfortable sleep hasn’t caught me yet! I’m patiently waiting on end results and can’t wait to workout and eat healthy foods!

  29. my friend is having this surgery so was checking out the questions.When I had a c-section I got the back/shoulder pain and they inserted a tube to get the gas out and after that the pain went. good luck to all of you

  30. Hi there

    I’ve been reading through all your posts and found it sooooooo helpful in making my decision. I was banded in may 2008 at 110kgs and have vomited nearly everyday since no matter what I eat. I put up with this for years because I was losing weight and I thought that was the most important thing but my vitamin levels go so low that I kept getting sick, I became anemic and could hardly concentrate. I had lost 40kgs but I when it got to the point that I could bearly keep water down I was rushed it to hospital to have the band removed and replaced as it had slipped and twisted which was restricting the bloody supply to my stomach. The revision was done in 2011 and since then I have had fluid in out of the band on a monthly basis as even having 1.5ml in there would make vomit up everything I ate. I have gone back and forth up until recently when my doctor suggested that we take the band as its not working for me. Since the revision I have gained 18kgs and am feeling really really bad about myself like I’ve failed, I know I eat bad food but things like chocolate, biscuits and ice cream are the only food I can keep down. My partner is always picking on me for what I eat and blames my weight gain all on that, he tells me I must be the only person in the world that has a band and gains weight…. I feel horrible
    I have decided to have the band out and get the sleeve done, which my parter says is taking the easy option 🙁 I’m booked in for the 02/04 to have the band removed and then going in on the 14/05 to have the sleeve done. I’m excited but very nervous but I’ve found this site amazing its helped answer a lot of my question.
    Is there any suggestions for healthy and easy to eat foods post op ?
    What was the pain level like after having the sleeve done verses after having the band ?
    How much time do you think I should take off work to make sure I give myself the best chance of perfect results ?

    Thanks so much for your help.

  31. Hi everyone. I am so excited to read all the advice and feedback. I am due for surgery on 17/5 and am looking forward to my new life and health.

    • hi i am 9days post op didnt do pre surgery diet so mwas lucky doc operated but for type 2 diabeties ulcer lower leg he allowed op but started walking day 1 of op but since op cant stomach sweet taste any food fluid or other wise but handle jap pumkin soup or just pumkin drinking water most days is good well enuf to keep me hydrated i started this journey with 117kg day of op 9 days out an am 108kg ulcer is nearly healed an ive thrown out my diabex an glyade sugars never been beter 6.9 from 12 or 18bsugars mayb cause as i said cant stomach sweet s jello yuk even sustagen oooh no im doin fine with jap pumkin how ever i want to eat it yay for me has anybody else been this lucky i dont know yeah had op on march 8 2013

  32. Hi all, I have made a appointment to see the surgeon on the 15th of April for a gastric sleeve, Iam hoping he can give me answers I need to know on a type 1 diabetic having the procedure done.

  33. Hi everyone. I am now nearly 6 weeks post sleeve and other then being a little tired still I am getting a lot better. I am still haveing trouble drinking enough fluids but suck ice to help. At the moment some foods go down better then others but its improving. Only very small amounts at each meal. Have lost 10 kg in the 5 weeks but have stalled on the weight loss but was told this would happen so am not worried. I have always been fat so am excited about this journey I have under taken. I wish it had been around when I was younger. It’s the best thing I have done. Remember it does get better.

  34. Hi all. I am awaiting having sleeve done in next 12 weeks just had pre op assessment, I have a bad back due to falling and braking it, I am more worried about my back and the pain from that, because I cant lie on my back, I guess I will be unconscious for op so my back wont be a problem, but I dont know any adviceplease .

  35. I had a gastric sleeve on 2/12/2013 and did fairly well postop. I have been on liquids for 1 month and have found it nearly impossible to get fluids down. I am still very weak and I am not looking forward to eating food. Has anyone had trouble with severe belching? It is very embarassing and almost non stop. My doc said no straws and I haven’t used one but still have terrible belching. Any advice about drinking fluids or what to start eating when I start would be very helpful.

  36. Hi There,

    Im 24 years old and have been overweight since I was young. I have made so many attempts to lose weight and have really struggled so I have started looking into the sleeving and met with a surgeon today and now Im having alot of doubts. I went to the appointment thinking that the banding would be the best option but my doc has shown me the pros and cons of both. Im just scared with how permanent the sleeve is as I am only 24 and I will be living with it for the rest of my life? At the same time though I need to lose about 40kg to be at a healthy weight and if Im being practical and realistic I dont think I can do that without the surgery. I would love any feedback, opinions or advice. Thanks for reading!

    • Audrey-
      I was sleeved on Monday and I’m 26. I have had none and I mean zero issues or side effects. I also have 40-45kgs to lose!
      I was booked for the band but changed my mind after hearing too many issues of it slipping.
      I am back doing things normally and it hasn’t even been a week. Other than being iverweight I’m overall healthy.

  37. Hi I wanted to ask for some advice from those who have had the sleeve surgery. I am currently a student looking to have the surgery during the summer holidays. I am quite nervous with what will happen after the surgery and wanted to ask roughly how long does the liquid stage need to last for good results? Also after you start to eat solids, is there a big difference in what you could eat before and after or is it mainly just the portion sizes? As I live away from home for uni, would it be extremely difficult to maintain the types of food I can eat or again is it mainly just about portion sizes? Any information would really help me. Thank you

    • Hi Dave, I am now nearly 5 weeks post sleeve. I had a few problems in the beginning which was fixed. You will be very tired afterwards. I found having the protein shakes afterwards great. It gave me energy. After 3 weeks I started having scrambled eggs and cheese omelettes . Your stomach will tell you what you can eat. You will only eat small portions. Good luck.

  38. hi Robyn. I am a type 2 so no comparison sorry, but I am sure your doc will be able to help you with your insulin levels. Dont let it hold you back. You still get to eat all the foods you used to but just smaller amounts. so you just adjust your insulin. I say go for it nothing to loss sept your weight. best thing i ever have done. so much energy. I go to our local heated pool every day for 90mins and exercise. less impact on your body. it is fantastic.

    • Thanks Debbie, Iam really worried about if I hypo.
      to bring my blood sugars back up I usally eat jelly beans or sugary drinks and I don’t know how many I would be able to tolerate.

  39. Hi all, I have type 1 diabetes for 41 years, Iam thinking of haveing gastric sleeve done. has any other diabetics had this done and how did they cope with insulin, blood sugars and eating

    • expect to be happy you had the operation. I am into week 4, after having operation. my only problem is portion. I am now eating normal food and having no probs. good luck with it. I wish I had done it years ago.

  40. Thanks for the blogs I am having the sleeve done next Monday and hearing all the success stories I know doing the right thing at 51 have been large all my life at17 I weighed 17 stone looking forward to a healthy and long future

    • Good luck with surgery. I am on day 17 after my surgery and would do it all again. Be prepared to be very tired afterwards.

  41. I had my sleeve done 4 days ago. Feel great but have severe bruising down lower right side. Has anyone else had that? I am pushing trying to drink the amount of fluids you need. I also feel bloated,and very bad taste in my mouth.

    • hi sue, i had the sleeve done on the 24th jan. No bruising forme. I to have trouble trying to drink the water we have to drink. Also no bad taste. Have you tried chewing gum that may help. I also am happy with the recovery of the op so excited that i did it.

      • The bad taste in my mouth has gone. I am very badly bruised and sore still. I am only having about half a cup of soft food a day. I think taking my pills fill my stomach up too much. I don’t regret the op at all. It will be great to be skinny for once in my life.

        • hi sue, you say soft food. What do you mean by that. Until today just got home from doc, I have still been on optifast shake, apple juice, custard and vanilla yogart. I am now having a sloppy weet-bix. really dont think i will finish it but it is great to get some solid food into me. I also Brought some fish pieces today and am going to steam a little piece for my tea.

          • Hi Debbie. I am already on 1/2 sloppy weatbix and microwaveable porridge . My doc told me when I left hospital we could eat any sft foods that we could manage e en scrambled eggs(which I have not tried). I made some cream of pumpkin soup and jelly. I have found that I have the weatbix for breakfast then around 12 about two dessert spoons of the soup then again at about three the same soup amount. Dinner is dessert spoon of jelly and ice cream. Doing it this way I don’t get pains. I try and sip on water during the day and also have my tablets but have to space them out. It is day 7 for me.i see the specialist next week but am seeing my local gp today. I still have bad bruising but am feeling better each day.

            • Day 8. Cannot eat more then 1/4 cup of food. Am struggling to drink a cup of water a day,even when sipping slowly it dose not stay down. My bruising doctor said was from bleeding during surgery and will take a while to settle down. Anyone else haveing problems?

  42. Hi, I am reading all of these posts trying to decide on gastric sleeving or gastric banding, I am not leaning towards gastric sleeving, I dont like the idea of food getting stuck, and the discomfort from that doesnt sound inviting. is the gastric sleeving done by keyhole or by operation site? also what happens when you reach your goal weight and this procedure is reversable how do you stop losing weight? You have all spoken about the gas inflating the stomach for the procedure, as it is i get violently ill from gas during surgery, can they do it under LA + light sedation,

    • Hi Jacqui,

      My procedure was done by keyhole, but you’ll have to consult with your surgeon about what types of procedures are available.

      The procedure is non-reversable (not sure if you had a typo there) – your body will plateau at a weight it’s comfortable with. However, again this is a great question to ask your medical team.

      I would doubt that they’d do it under a LA as it’s a major operation – but I’m no doctor. Talk to your medical team they might know of a way to do it to save you any illness from the gas.

  43. I’m 39yrs. old ,190lbs 5’2″ Thinking about having this procedure. And very worried about scaring, lose skin and diet. Not to mention the cost. Can anyone help.

  44. I made the decision to move forward GS, at age 45 and 80 pds overweight at 5 ft 3 just waiting on ins to see when it can be scheduled. Been thru the Dr visits, and now I think this waiting is harder than moving forward with it. I read comments so of course I am nervous.
    I have had to c sections and dr told me it was worse b/c that only afffected my abs, i have my gallbladder out but again he said its worse, can anyone give me an example.

    I really am a picky eater, love carbs and dairy,do I have to give them all up?
    hate sea foodand alot of veges am i doomed.

    I heard absolutley no diet cokes, soda in general.

    I dont drink alcohol daily but do like to have a few when i go out, so no beer, or champagne on new years but wine ok, liquor mixed with water?

    we have a w/e ride scheduled on a motorcycle, (i am thinking it will be about 6 weeks post op), will i be ok to go?
    Thanks in advance for all the advice…

    • hi melissa i had my operation i week ago today. Pain managed in recovery then back on ward was given panimax 4 times a day. now at home no pain killers at all today. The most pain I got was a bad headache. which I think is due to not enough fluid intake. Best thing I have ever done for my self. Feel fantastic. walking is a great recovery tool. I walked every hr on the hr up and down my ward. I am sure you will be fine for your motorcycle trip.

  45. Hello all my name is Steve and I had a sleeve done on Jan 14th and now I am facing my 2 week post op appointment tomorrow. It’s been a lot more tough on me mentally then physically. I was in the hospital for 2 nights and when I got home I cleaned my kitchen! LOL
    I started at 421 lbs before surgery and this morning I tipped the scales at 397 so I’m pretty excited. Pre op I was nervous because you have to make changes, you physically don’t have a choice. The good news at least in my experience is that it hasn’t been that bad. It just looks a lot worse then it actually is. So for anyone reading this and thinking about surgery go for it!

  46. I have read that they take out 80% of your stomach.
    I dont want to be thin. I am currently 128 kilos.
    Is it possible to only have 50% of ones stomach removed?
    I drink lots of water and have suffered from kidney stones.
    Last think I want is to be dehydrated.
    Don’t mind if the weight loss is slower and not as much.
    My goal is 100 kilos.
    Thanks 🙂

  47. Hi, very interested in the gastric sleeve. Single mum living in the country.. What’s the costs ( I heard you can use your super??!) and how do you start the ball rolling?

    • Emma, Yeah you can use your super. That’s what I’m doing. First step is to get a letter from your Doctor to refer you to a specialist. Also get your doctor to write you out a letter to attach to your application stating why it is important for you to have the surgery. Once you see the specialist he will provide you with a letter also to attach to your application. The application can be printed out online. Hope this helps 🙂

      • so are you saying that there are particular forms that have to be filled out – is that by your doctor or specialist

  48. Hi everyone, I’m due to go in for sleeve surgery in march of this year (2013). My Doctor has told me to stop smoking prior to my surgery. I can handle the pre-surgey diet but not sure how I’m going to go with kicking the cigarettes :-/ Is it an absolute must that I stop smoking???

  49. I am currently going through my test stages, with my gastroenterology and cardio tests next week, then seeing my surgeon the week after, fingers crossed he will give me an op date!! Is it an idea to start the liver shrinking diet now or should i wait until i get a date? can you be on that diet only for a ceratin amount of time? im excited and nervous at the same time, ive read all your comments and i am truly grateful to you all for sharing them 🙂

  50. Hi guys,

    im 21 years old and about 120 kgs, tomorrow is my second appointment with the surgeon, he wants me to choose which i want the band or sleeve, i want to steer clear of the band. everyone’s advice and stories have been wonderful to read to help me prepare, my reasons for surgery aren’t just weight either, i have high blood pressure and am on blood pressure tablets, since i was in stroke range…. i have some sleep apnea and have had lots of period problems.. writing this makes me want to cry, but also re-convinces me im making the right choice…

    • felicia. I seen my doc on the 21st of dec and he agreed to operate on the 24th jan. Not much time to think about it, which was good. I was 140kg, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetic. and 47yrs old. was told I had to lose 4kg before operation on optifast. 2 weeks before operation. I started 18 days before and lost 10kg. One week ago today I was operated on. Panimax for 5 days then nothing. In hospital 2 nights. Every hr on the hr I got up and walked the ward for about 5 mins. then back to bed or sat down. home 2 days and went to the pictures with friends. My blood pressure tablets have been lowered along with my insulin for Diabetetes. Best thing i could of ever done for my self. looking forward to the weight loss in the next 12 months

  51. Hi

    Investigating all options at the moment so thanks for the info.

    One trick I am using relatively successfully so far is to use a smaller plate, but also, a smaller fork, so each meal takes longer to eat and is more manageable.

    I think you take in more air too, so it helps the overall weight loss

    Lost about 10kg so far this wayl

  52. So, has anyone had this surgery to cure bulimia. I have consulted with a company who has performed the gastric sleeve for this problem.

    • Hi Vickie, I don’t think this is a question that anyone here can help with. I think this is one that you would need to talk to your medical team about and possibly a psychologist to discuss the underlining issues for the bulimia. Good luck and I hope you get the answers you’re looking for!

  53. Hello if anybody know how long does it take for it to heal, since I work outdoors as a A/C refrigeration mechanic and going up and down ladders and lifting heavy stuff. I just want to be safe and not harm myself.

  54. hi! everyone on jan15 im having sleeve bypass my weight is 288pd at dis time i am in my liquid diet before the surgery, Im having second though about the surgery, people been telling me story about friend they had the procedure done an they die, Im scare and i want to know if any one has die after the surgery and how likely is dying from it

    • Hey Anthony, I had my sleeve 01/08/13. It has been two weeks and I am fine. I havent taken pain medicine since the Saturday the week I was released. I eat Fish and shrimp for my protien. I have done so since one week post op. You may not be able to but my body accepted it just fine. I have had absolutely no complications what so ever. I eat about 90 grams of protien and drink 64 oz of water everyday, not to mention its two weeks out and I have lost 16 pounds. I walk three miles a day since week 1 which I think helped me heal so fast. Good Luck if you have any questions feel free to email

  55. gl naes, it was one of the best things i’ve ever done. you’ll do fine, don’t rush thiings, follow the recomendations of the dietition and you can’t go wrong. gl

  56. Hi all, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and feel inspired by your success stories. I have been a fat girl my whole life but the last few years (& 3 kids in 4 years) have seen me pile on the weight by the tonne. I am ashamed to admit my weight is 125kgs- my BMI is 40. I suffer from Depression, Fibromyalgia & constant arthritis type pain; I currently take 4 different medications & feel like a drug addict- I’m sure I rattle. My Mum passed away on the 1/1/2012 at the age of 55; she was diagnosed with lung cancer a month before she died! Seeing Mum die so young made me rethink my whole approach to life and I am due to have a gastric sleeve operation in 11 days. I am seriously shitting myself & want to fast forward the next month to get past the pre-op starvation, pain & loss of control in regards to food. I also worry about the lack of energy & the need to keep sipping water to avoid dehydration & nausea post surgery. Never in my life have I put myself first & for the next few months I’ll have to do just that. I want a better life for myself, my husband and my kids. I want to feel good about myself and my appearance. I don’t want to see my own reflection & shudder with embarrassment anymore. I know it won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it.

    • Good luck Naes, it’s a brave step. If you can manage three kids though, you can definitely do this – it’s just all in the planning 😀 There are certain processes you never skip with kids, certain things you never leave home with – it’s the same when it comes to your health xx you can do it 🙂

    • I had my op i week ago today. I am on soups, custards, yoguart and clear fluids. best thing I could of ever done. As for pain my left shoulder is still a little sore. but havnt needed any pain relief at all today. only in hospital 2 nights. I lost 10kg in 18 days on optifast before operation.

  57. I had my gastric sleeve on 12/19/12. I am already eating less than an oz of normal food. Just wish i xould drink more

    • Just wondering how you went with your op and your fibromyalgia pain thank you hope all went well for u

  58. Hey… Just got sleeved 12/18/12. I was only in the hospital for 2days. I’m now on the liquid diet, thats brutal. I kinda cheated, with a little quarter piece of my sons chicken & now paying for it horribly, with a very uncomfortable & full feeling. Hoping I didnt do too much damage. My pain level is about a 6 & only when im doing too much, which kinda goes with the mommy territory. Too soon to tell if this was the right path for me. Hoping for the best.

  59. Hey catherine… do you manage to chew each mouthful for 3 to 10 mins….i find it really hard to do that for 1 min….it just destroys the taste of the food and in any case i can only eat very small servings…..

  60. Hi Tony….I too did the sleeve op on Dec 4,2012 and i too feel it very difficult to eat such small portions and for a long time, i get full too soon and i constantly feel dehydrated. I feel like drinking water but all that water after the surgery has made me hate water. The post surgery period of about 4-8 weeks is really hard i am told, but my wt loss ( 15 kgs ) since the operation is good and that makes me smile…….Neves

    • i don’t chew for that long hon, i just chew food normally then wait tha amount of time depending on what i’m having means i don’t eat to quickly and stops me from needing to throw up or be sick.

  61. Hiya all im due to have gastric sleeve on Tuesday reading all comments questions etc on different websites im quite nervous has to wether you suffer with diareha sickness etc afterwoods just asking has im double amputee so moving quickly is not my forty any advice to someone who is normally VERY POSITIVE

    • gl Shaz, there is some vomiting for some i’m told. keep a bowl handy. my op went very well with minimal pain etc.i was up and moving the next day with no pain meds and no pain. no vomiting for me after surgery, only if i eat to fast which is my own fault.try the website above, i’ve joined that and found it invaluable. good luck

    • Hi Shaz, I had my GS op 18/12/12 and apart from directly after surgery I haven’t felt nauseous or vomited. Once you do a swallow test before leaving hospital if your surgeon gets you to do one, your bowels will move but yo will know to ensure you go to the loo as it generally is your bowels moving. I couldn’t have apple juice once I was allowed liquids as it went straight through me, so my piece of advice, try something listen to your body and if you vomit or need to move your bowels, steer clear of it until further down the track. Milky drinks are currently my friend and even pumpkin soup On my way!,ade and strained is keeping me going, but everyone is different. 🙂 good luck! PS I was 117kgs, at 25 yrs of age, I started a pre op diet of liquids from Dec 3 2012, since that have lost 7.8kgs no exercise involved. This is the best decision I made, and its such a positive one!!

  62. Hi i have decided to go with the gastric sleeve as i have read all the ways people cheat with lapband n i dont want to be tempted when i have a bad day.. i want a permanent weight loss. i was just wondering roughly how long i would need to take off work??

    • I’ve just been sleeved one week ago and will be going back to work on Thursday. Physically I’m fine but feel weak from lack of food. To be comfortable and also be over the liquid stage I wish I had taken off 3 weeks in total.

  63. not after two weeks, solids won’t start for ages yet. you have to stay on soft diet for a while yet, your stuomachhas to get used to solids again. 2 weeks you should still only be on soft mushy if i remember correctly.

  64. I had the gastric sleeve on 11/27/12 and the first 2 days were really hard because I had nausea and dry heaves really bad so I had to spend 2 nights in the hospital but I made sure when I came home I have continued to walk and my recovery has been great. Sometimes I can still feel a little soreness at my incision sights but I feel great but have had a lot of diarrhea but the dr said that could happen. It’s been 2 weeks. Is it ok to start eating soft solids yet? My paperwork is very conflicting.

  65. you should probably see your doctor Alyse, i haven’t had kidney pain which is think is what the pain in your back is. there is a website that i belong to that i’ll give you so you can go and talk to others too.

    plenty of people on here with gastric sleeves done but i would see your gp about that pain, cos that sounds more like your kidney. and i can only sip water slowly, if you gulp it’s not good for you.

  66. My Gastric Sleeve surgery was performed on the 20/11/2012. My post op pain was unimaginable for the first 24 hrs, but after that it became more manageable. I spent a total of 7 days in hospital, however this was at my request. I can currently only eat a small 120g can of baby food daily, but I constantly feel dehydrated and can’t seem to drink enough water etc to quench my thirst. Is this normal? I also seem to have pain while drinking in my back. I don’t know if this is a sign of being full or if my stomache is still healing? If anyone can give me advice I would appreciate it. On a by note I have lost 10.4 kg since the operation and continue to loose weight everyday 🙂

    • I had the gastric sleeve on 27/11/2012 and I get the same feeling in my back or kidneys if I have eaten too much or try to drink too soon after eating. I have to wait a few hours after eating to drink to avoid this and I too feel it difficult to drink enough. I hope soon that I can eat slightly larger portions; it takes me almost an hour to eat one egg and then I need to wait another two to drink. I thought I did a lot of research and took over a year to decide but this is much more difficult than I ever imagined.

    • Hi Alyse,
      I have had a lap band in the past which has since been removed after slipping 3 times and are due to have surgery for a sleeve next week. I noticed that when you posted your comment it was only 12 days after your op. The instructions I have been given are a liquid diet (must be thin enough to pass through a straw – but do not use a straw as can allow air bubbles)for the first two weeks post surgery. Perhaps you have attempted eating too early. I know with the band if things got stuck by stomach got irrated and probably swallen and stopped me from eating virtually anything. Perhaps you need to return to fluid only and let your stomach settle down a little more. Just a possibility but I have not been there yet…. All these joys to look forward to next week. I must say you have me a little nervous now!

      • Alyse, you still need to on fluids that is why you getting this pains. Your tummy is still in healing mode. Juices, custard, jellies, Up and go is good one, these are the things you are suppose to drink or eat now. Believe me you will get sick of all these foods, but it is only for the best.
        Karli, you don’t need to be nervous…just stick to your dieticians instructions and all will be well. There is times where you want to test the boundaries like eating a piece of cake or try something for dinner that the rest of the family is having and then you will feel the pain and realise it is not time yet. Hang in there and good luck with your surgery. just remember to do the optislim or optifast two weeks before the surgery!! and take all your vitamins!! most important part…Let me know if you have any questions. I’m two months post op. Take care.

  67. HI, I had my gastric sleeve done in April of this year and so far i am down by 25kg’s. I had little in the way of pain post opp and except for still working out when to stop sometimes and throwing up if i go to far, i have to say it was the best thing i could have done for myself. I hit 40 at the begining of this year and also hit 107kg’s. I was completely miserable so i investigated gastric sleeve and gastric banding. I chose gastric sleeve because there is no cheating, my boss has her band made bigger and smaller depending on how much food she wants to eat and what situation she is in, with a sleeve you can’t do that, you have a stomach the size of an egg and you fill up pretty quickly. I also time my food depending on what i am eating, bread, meat and pasta typically take longer and things liek porridge, and soft foods don’t take as long, but i time everything, anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes per mouthful. I do at least 3 1 hour walks a week and 1 session of pilates. This surgery changed my life, and though not everyone agrees with what i did, for me it’s been a life changing result and i’m thrilled with the outcome so far, i still have about 10kg’s to go, maybe a little more if i want to, but already the difference in life is marked.

  68. Hi all. I had the gastric band out as it did me no good. I am due to have the gastric sleeve In January 2013. I am also going on holidays prior to surgery and not sure what to eat and would like to know how people are doing, what they eat, how many times a day etc. It has been well thought of. i am scared but looking forward to it. Do you feel feel after a while and how many times a day can you eat? thanks everyone.

    • Shaz in reply to how many times a day etc, it’s 3 regular meals plus 2 snacks and maybe 1 at night. you have to have a good range of food, protein, vege dairy etc and at 3 months after suregery your surgeon should order blood tests to check your vitimin D, B12, glucose, cholesterol and iron levels, mine are all normal i’m pleased to say. you’ve no need to be scared of the surgery. pain is minimal, at least for me it was and recovery is very quick. three nights in hospital and i was home with a meal plan from the dietion and a stick blender to blend my food. lol. to be honest, i forgot about the presurgery diet… but doesn’t seemed to have affected my surgery or outcome. goodluck. you’ll be fine. and when you first look in the mirror after losing 10kg’s, i’ll be worth it.

      • thank you for the very useful information Catherine. I look forward to the new me and will gladly share my journey

        • I had my gastric sleeve on 15 January 2013. Doing really well on the fluids and cant wait for the next stage. I feel I am tired shaky and a bit anxious. My sleeping is not that great either. I a wondering if this is normal perhaps it is due to the amount of calories going in. Any help would be grateful.

  69. Hi Gastric Sleevers
    I am due to have a gastric sleeve in March 2013 does anyone have any tips they could pass on

    • one big tip… eat slowly!! time your mouthfuls especially when you first start on solid food again, my mouthfuls are anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.. and i am four months into my surgery. trust me you’ll thanks me when you start timing

    • I have just had mine done on Wednesday. You will be sore but it’s worth it. I did not have any nausea but haveing a bad back did not help. The doctor has me on very soft foods. I only had clear fluids for one day. I don’t feel hungry at all. My advise is go for it it’s worth it. Good luck.

      • Hi sue im due to have the sleeve done in the next 12/weeks just had pre op assessment done, how are you doing I too have a bad back I fell and broke it, and im more worried about how my back will hold up than any pain from op, was it a problem for you afterwards, any advice please, x

    • Hi FIona I’m schedualed for 1st of March in SJOG’s Bunbury, I’ve just spent time researching on the different sites and picked up some helpful info from the op to diet. main tips are faith in your surgeon listen to their advice don’t be scared to ask questions. eat slow,chew well, small amounts but often, ensure your getting your nutrients someone told me to get vitamins called band buddies NutriChew multivitamins and stay hydrated.
      What’s your op date and were you having it done?
      Good Luck with every thing. Andy

    • Hi Fiona. I had my sleeve done on 05/01/13, it is so worth it!! The first day after the surgery you will be so angry with yourself, by doing this to your body, but from the second day you will see the KG drop….and you will feel good. I lost 12.5kg already, so nice to buy clothes in smaller sizes! Hang in there and good luck.

  70. The left shoulder pain is common. When they do your surgery, they have to fill you with carbon dioxide gas so they have better visuals. This pain you are feeling is a result of that gas. There is a nerve that run along the left shoulder this is being compressed by the gas. The best thing you can do is walk, walk, walk. Walk 5-10 minutes at a time, as tolerated, as often as you can. It will help force the gas out and if you feel the need to pass gas, DO NOT hold it in. You need to pass the gas to ease the pain. Good luck.

  71. Hello I am almost 4weeks post surgery. I am following the processes as instructed in relation to food. I am suffering from a really sore left shoulder to the point where this issue far outweighs any pain I had with my open sleeve Operation. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my op. has anyone else experienced this problem. This is a very interesting site. I find it very helpful. Regards Linda

    • Hi Linda,
      I had the operation on Oct.22. I was warned in advance about the awful left shoulder pain and was told that it is a result of the gas that is blown into the stomach cavity.This gives the surgeon roomto work .
      In order to alleviate the pain and get ridof the gases I was instructed to do breathing exercises using a “toy” wher as I inhale I cause these cilorful balls to rise.
      Of course, you should consult your doctor.
      Good luck:-)

    • Hi Linda,
      Any pain such as you have described should be investigated by your doctor as a matter of urgency. Left arm, shoulder, jaw pain, tingling or chest tightness. It maybe nothing but it could be something serious and it should be checked by a doctor as soon as possible.
      Regards Dianna

    • Hi Linda!

      I haven’t had the surgery, however your pain sounds like the type of pain I had after having 3 c-sections. It’s a terribly sharp, stabbing pain in the shoulder that hurts worse than surgery ever did. Believe it or not, as the people above said, it is absolutely 100% gas pains. Don’t be alarmed! although by now they have probably resolved. 🙂

      • Hey Linda,
        I too had severe left shoulder pain for a while after my surgery. I am 4 weeks post-op as of today, and the pain has finally gone. My mom is an OB nurse and very experienced with operating room goings-on. She told me that the strange positioning of the arms is unnatural and can cause such pain. I also talked to my doctor, who said the exact same thing as my mom. She said, “We had your arm in a pretty awkward position, so that may be the cause. If it persists we’ll refer you to a neurologist.” It was so bad at one point that i could feel the pain in the right side of my abdomen (believe that or not). I had to splint my arm for a bit just to deal with the pain. Like I said though, it has completely gone away. I hope you feel better soon.

        • Hi Linda,
          I know that you are healed now, but I too, had the pain in the left shoulder, that was so bad, that I had a mri done, and it showed that my doctor had knicked my liver during surgery. Yes, that is what the pain was all about. They can say it is gas, but not always true. Unfourntenly, nothing can be done, other than pain meds. The liver does heal itself, and the pain goes away. I’ve lost 110 pounds, and Im at goal. Kathy

  72. I have really enjoyed reading all the comments on your blog. I am 5 days post sleeve gastrectomy. I feel really great just sore. I have almost no trouble eating/drinking. Was concerned about that before the surgery but feeling much more confidant now. I was scared of becoming dehydrated. So far its going well. I usually drink a protein shake for breakfast, and then for lunch today I ate a 4oz jar of sweet potatoe & chicken baby food. I think I ate about 3 oz of it. I still have some gas pain but its very tolerable. Since starting the whole weight loss surgery I have lost 3o pounds, and I must say each morning I wake and weight myself it is soooo awesome!

  73. I am 5 months out from VGS i am very happy so far. i eat things i like in small portions and have changed the way i eat. I have cut out fried foods and try to eat more veggies. My nose also runs when i get full and i thought that was strange so now i feel better knowing others do the same. For the past month i have been having hair loss and it really stresses me out. Does anyone have any sugestions?

  74. I feel less hungry, but I also heard good things about Plication I just think when I had the op there was not so much info on it on the net so I went for the sleeve

  75. I have read that Plication they turn your stomach inwards and sew it up where the sleeve they cut it away. I think there is less chance of things going wrong with Plication because of less cutting but the result is about the same. They even say that with plication you feel less hungry because you keep the hunger receptors at the top of the stomach but i don’t know if this is true, How hungry do you feel? does it just re stick you intake of food or do you feel less hungry?

  76. Does anyone know the difference between Plication and the gastric sleeve? Its just Plication seems cheaper and i have not got much money.

  77. I found it fine going to Brussels for the op its only 2 hours on the train and now I see him in London just off harley steet for aftercare. europesurgery have offices near there. It is the best thing I done for myself its not about looking thinker for me, its about my health being well for my children and living a healthy life.

  78. I had a gastric sleeve fitted by Dr Chris de Bruyne a in Belgium in a year I have lost 6 stone and I am now at my ideal weight. I would recommend the surgery to anyone! I been on so many diets tried everything. The aftercare with Chris is still in the Uk I went to him because he is the most experienced weight loss surgeon in Europe. I have since heard great things about Plication and I know its cheaper. I believe both surgeries reduce the size of your stomach, but I have also found that I am less hungry.

    • where did you find Chris? I am thinking of going abroad, I live in london and could get the eurostar.

  79. I am thinking of surgery….is there a minimum amount of kgs overweight you need to be to be considered for the operation??

    • Generally you should have a BMI of over 35 and an overweight related disease. Am BMI 44 and have hypertension.

  80. To Tim;
    There is a sleeve sight under that is full of information about this procedure. There is good, and bad both on the sight. It is where I got most of my information before I decided this was the best way for me to go. I will be 4 wks out tomorrow and I feel pretty good for the most part. I am working hard on trying to drink enough and get enough protein in so I don’t feel too weak. Also am able to add soft foods now so that is really helping the feeling of being hungry all the time. I just had this dull feeling of being hungry for awhile and it was mostly because of the restricted diet of clear liquids, and cream soups and protein drinks. Now that I can actually consume a little bit hardier food that feeling has been going away. I also wanted to say that my dad had stomach cancer about 5 yrs ago and when they went in to remove the cancer they essentially did a sleeve on him, only they removed a part of his esophagus too. I didn’t fully understand that, that is what he had done at the time, but now that I have gone through the surgery, he explained that is what he had done. I have also heard stories about this procedure being done in Europe for up to 20 yrs. I haven’t been able to find full documentation of that either but have heard that from a couple different sources. I think it was discovered as being effective when doing stomach type surgeries and realizing how it helped people to lose weight as well. I like this option so much better than any other, because it doesn’t reroute any major things. You are essentially the same inside, just a smaller stomach. There are also videos on Youtube that show the procedure and explain what they actually do when doing the surgery. I hope this all helps you be able to come up with an idea of what the best option for you will be.

    • Erina,

      I am due for surgery beginning of December, 2012. Concerning the first gastric sleeve pas I understood from the surgeon that the first was conducted almost 10 years ago.

  81. I had my surgery in November of 2010. I had lost 50 lbs and now gained 19 of that. I am frustrated and feel that i eat too much now and find myself very hungry all the time. I went thru something very traumatic and started drinking quite a bit at the end of last year. Does alcohol make your stomach stretch? Any suggestions on HOW I can get back on losing weight? And if I should worry if the alcohol stretched my stomach to the point of no return??

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

  82. I had the band put in 3 years ago. In the first month, I lost 14kgs. The trend continued for 4 months in which I lost a total of 31kgs. I felt amazing! However, I then went on a cruise and overindulged a bit too much, causing a small slip. I had to have all of the fluid taken out of my band, which made the pain go away, but allowed me to eat a lot (and I ATE!). Since then, I have had almost zero success. I have gained and lost the same 5kgs again, and again, and again, and again….
    I am now seriously considering getting some other form of surgery. I am considering the sleeve, bypass, or plication. However, I have found pretty much the same information on the internet as I did when researching the band – what I call “honeymoon data”. I can find lots of information about people who either just got the sleeve or had it for about a year, but not much more than that. My question for you out there who have the sleeve or who are looking at getting the procedure done, is there info about long-term results, problems, etc? It’s amazing how much I learnt about the band AFTER I had it done. I want to have that information before I make the decision to have more surgery. I know that bypass has the most complications during surgery, but it also has the highest success rate. The sleeve seems to be the best option, but it’s rather new so I can’t find much data (I’m a data analyst, so numbers make me happy). Plication is even more new and I can find no statistics about it at all.
    If you have a link you can share, of it you can give me your experience, I would greatly appreciate it! THANK YOU! Regards, Tim

  83. Well i am very morbidly obese with a severe emotional eating problem (binge eating). I know i need to do something for my weight and myself, i think the sleeve is my best option. My biggest problem is i met an ass of a doctor who tore me appart and said i would never loose weight on my own. I feel like if i have the surgery i prove him right, i am booked in on the first to see the surgeon. I know i need to do something urgently

    • Jody,
      I sympathize with your feelings, but I think in order for the surgery to be a success, you will have to get a handle on your emotional eating first. Surgery alone will not make a difference if you continue down that path. I say this both as a patient (gastric sleeve) and a therapist. Getting surgery will not solve the emotional problems, and it shouldn’t be an option because you want to prove anyone right or wrong. It requires a lifetime of dedication and a complete lifestyle change, and in order to do that we need to have our mental health in order. It may work out and feel good short-term, but you need to address long-term problems in order to have full, long-lasting success. I wish you the very best.

      • Mindy~ Thank you for your advice to Jody regarding getting a handle on the “emotional eating” side of things. I had a Gastric Sleeve on
        10-15-2012. Although I am morbidly obese, my surgery was not an
        option for me, as I had a GI Stromal Tumor that needed to be removed. The guidelines for eating (or really not eating) are pretty clear, but now that I am feeling better today, it makes it harder. I have a Post Op scheduled for Friday, and am going to request to be scheduled with the nutrionist and go threw all the same processes that people do before surgery. It may be a little backwards, but I think it will help.(Bacon smells really good!) I realized more today then ever before, I am a stress eater, a bordem eater and like junk food. I am trying really hard to drink, drink, drink…but its hard.
        Thanks Everyone for your posts!

  84. hi everyone, im awaiting to hear if im going ahead with sugery, i was going for the full bypass but i think i will opt for sleeve, look forward to talking to you all again from here in the uk

  85. Hi Everyone,
    This year I had a lap band put in April 2012, but the whole experience just did not work for me. I initially wanted a sleeve, but my family were very worried about me having that operation, so for their sake i took the lapband option. It was the biggest mistake I ever made. Finally had the lapband removed 3 weeks ago, and am counting down my Sleeve surgery (I told my family to stick it, that it was my choice). I am having the surgery Nov 12th, and cant wait. I feel I have wasted months with the lapband, I only lost 3 kg, and was so embarrassed and devestated that it didn’t work. I should have stood up for myself and had the sleeve done originally. I am so glad other people are going through the journey. My surgeon is so kind, since having the lapband and paying the gap fee ($3000) as I have private health insurance, he is not charging for the sleeve operation at all, so I don’t have to pay a cent, which is amazing. I am in Australia, like many people here. CANT WAIT FOR MY SLEEVE, So I can LIVE!!!

  86. I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am in the beginning process of getting the sleeve surgery. I met with my surgeon. On 9/6/2012 and have already done some pre op testing and have to do a 3 month supervised diet and psychological evaluation(insurance requirements) I am so excited to get the surgery done and can’t wait until I can get my date! !! Hopefully I can come back and share my experiences after my surgery!!! Congrats to everyone who has had the surgery and remember noone said it was going to be easy!!!

    One question though what vitamins do you take daily to make sure your getting all your nutrients?


  87. I had the sleeve surgery June 7, 2011. I have lost 101 lbs and have been holding the last 5 months. I’m definitely at the point where I need to start adding more cardio to get the last 40 lbs to disappear! Overall, I have had great results with the surgery. My only issue lately is that I’ve been extremely tired the last few months. I’m not sure if that is surgery related or not. I’m going for blood tests this week to see if possibly my iron is low and I need to add some supplements.

  88. Shannon,
    my brother had sleeve surgery last year. As soon as he got home from hospital he started going for a light walk each day and as he felt better he slowly increased the distance he walked and the intensity of his exercise. He has an advantage in that he has a treadmill, rowing machine and exercise bike in his home that he has used constantly post-op. He is now twelve months post-op, has lost 53kgs and is running 10km fun-runs. I hope I can achieve similar results myself.

  89. I have enjoyed reading all these comments!! I had my sleeve surgery on 9/5/2012. It is 9/21/12 today. Can you tell me when you were able to really start excercising after Sleeve surgery? I have lost 50 lbs already! I made my choice for this surgery because I want a baby more than anything in the world! My fertility Dr. said I would never get pregnant at my weight with PCOS and endometriosos, high BP, and sleep apnea. SO now I cant wait to lose the weight so I can start trying for a baby!! Im just terrified to excercise!

    • Hi Shannon, I wish you all the luck in the world, I have had a band for 17 years, and guess what I have a 15Yr old and a 13Yr old daughter, weight effects men too, started at 185kg, pregnacy hit at 140kg
      It will happen !!! Good Luck Rgs Pete

  90. Thank you to Gnomeangel and everyone else that has shared their experiences here. I live in Townsville and I am 20 days from sleeve surgery, at the moment I am both excited and nervous, I will be meeting my surgeon, Dr Sam Baker in three days time. I feel like I should have lots of questions for him but reading about other peoples experiences has made me feel really well prepared. While I am looking forward to losing weight a big motivator for me is my diabetes. I am type 2 diabetic and have been experiencing severe allergic reactions to my diabetes medication for the past ten months (despite my doctor playing musical medications), I am hoping the surgery will help my diabetes to the point that it will be un-necessary for me to keep taking the pills that I am reacting to…….fingers crossed!

  91. I have just made the decision to get the gastric sleeve done. My sister has just had hers done (6weeks ago) and looks amazing already! She is very encouraging and I am very excited. Doctors visit next Wednesday 🙂

  92. Hi had a Lapland for 6years and got my perfect weight and was soo happy then the band slipped and had to be removed. Was very upset when it was removed and in 11 months have put on 25 kilos . Am looking at having a sleeve done as I can’t have another band has anyone been through the same experience?

    • Hi Jacki, I have had a band now for 17 years…Yes 17 years and it has done its job but have hit the point of non improvement, Im 115kg down from 185kg, but I need to be 80kg. From reading for the last month, I think the sleeve is the answer, I have also friends who have had it done with awsome results, I am seeing a surgeon to discuss the change next week, Mr Andrew Smith , so we will see Rgs

    • Hi Jacki,

      I can so relate to your situation. I weighed in at 143kg and had a lap band in December 1999. It saved my life, I lost 40kg in 10 months although I couldnt tolerate much fluid in it, but then it slipped and was re-positioned higher. After that I could no longer tolerate any fluid in it and had no restrictions with what I ate and drank. 2 years ago I went back to the surgeon and asked him to remove it as it had no function and I had as a result gained approx. 30kg. He suggested having a new band for which there was no fee at all so that is what I did. Same story, I couldn’t tolerate any fluid in it so here I am now weighing my heaviest ever……151kg.

      Saw a different surgeon on Monday, booked in to have my lap band removed on 26 November and in approx. 3 months, when the scar tissue has healed and my stomach is back to normal, I will be having the sleeve, I’d get it done tomorrow if I could. Surgeon No. 2 at a loss to understand why Surgeon No. 1 didn’t discuss the option of having a sleeve 2 years ago. I’ll be counting down the days……finally my butt will be able to comfortably fit into seats again, had a terrible time with that when we went overseas a few months ago. I achieved great things in 1999/2000 and will do so again in 2013/14.

      Mandy 🙂

    • Hi Jacki,
      I had a band for 12 years and lost 55 Kgs and was happily at my goal weight for many years. I had a baby earlierthis year and then discovered my band has eroded and had to be removed. I put on 20 kgs in 8 months and am about to have the sleeve op. I too was really concerned until I read this blog and feel its the best solution for me.

  93. Hi
    Had my gastric sleeve op on 17th May. I have lost 20kgs in 5 weeks. I am struggling with food as I dislike dairy and red meat. A meal for me is 1 cruskit with vegemite yet I wish I could eat something more tasty. Any suggestions out there? If I eat bread….I am sick and soft drink is super bad for me, the gas causes me to vomit. Would love some feedback

    • I am in week 3 and am blitzing pureed foods. I have a weetbix for breakfast with no fat milk and so protein powder. For lunch I have a small amount of fish pureed with potato, pumpkin, mushy peas and protein powder. I have an up and go for afternoon tea. For dinner I have fish and pureed veges again. For supper I have 1/2 a jar of pureed apple with custard and protein powder. I drink lots of water, but find it is best digested if it is icy cold. I am in Brisbane Australia. I went to a brunch and was able to eat a small sliver of cheese and some hommus dip.

      • Gengen I had my op 1 week ago so still on liquids, but was wondering about the protein powder you are talking about. what is it and were do you get it from. cheers 🙂 I live on lake Macquarie N.S.W.

  94. I am seeing doctor next week to talk about haveing the sleeve done. Thank you for all the information. I will book myself in now. Thank you everybody.

  95. Hey Gnomeangel,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and wanted to ask some questions.
    Ive had my gastric sleeve surgery about 6 months ago. I went through all eating phases: soups, baby food etc…
    Now im at 6 months and still cant eat except 3-4 bites max.
    I always feel that i have soo much energy but im afraid that i will remain not eating well forever. What im doing now to feel better, is only eat fruits for breakfast , lunch and dinner. Surprisingly, alcohol is aright with me so thats a positive! Lol.
    Before surgery, i was 133kgs and now im at 80kgs. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

  96. I am having my surgery next week on the 21st august. I have found this site really helpful as i dont really know what to expect after surgery. Is there anyone from the Uk on here?

    • Yes Gail i’m from the UK, I have my surgery on 25th July 2012, It was 3 weeks ago yesterday and so far so good.
      The weight is coming off and yesterday i moved on to the soft mushy crispy part of the diet ( stage 3 ) so i got to have 3 jacobs cream crackers with a bit of primula cheese on . . . . was amazing to chew something after puree’d food.
      I am really glad i have had the surgery and really looking forward to the future.
      Good luck with your surgery and let us know how your getting on afterwards x

  97. Had my surgery on 7/5/12…had a rough go at first…I have suffered from major heartburn and a very bitter taste in my mouth…My surgeon’s office offers food for bariatric patients…bought a couple of microwaveable meals and they went down fine. My doc says to start eating more solid foods now as it will cut down on the acid in my stomach. I have lost 30 lbs and yes it does feel good, but, I am not used to eating small portions yet. I feel hungry all the time so I am trying to get used to that as well as my stomach rumbling all the time. Hopefully this will go away soon.

  98. I had my gastric sleeve done on the 11th July 2012 and am not in week 4 post op I to live in australia but have not been on as strict diet as you had I has 2 days clear fluids followed by free fluids for 12 days than on to the puréed foods I found that to be the hardest for 2 weeks I am now on soft food that includes toast( I know sounds weird but toast is considered as soft foods according to the food plan I received from my surgen) I have lost 13kg so far and have recovered extremely well had very little pain following surgery and have no problems progressing through the different stages of food consistency looking forward to eating a normal diet should be able to do that in 2 weeks if I have no issues with the soft foods stage!!! Best thing I ever did was have this surgery for the first time in my life I feel full a feeling I have never experienced before in my life I have one peice of toast and I feel full til luch so loving NOT feeling hungery all the time I still seem to have heaps of energy and am feeling even better every day I know I have a long road ahead of me as I need to lose 100 kilos but I feel confident now that I can acheive it!!!! Good luck to all on your personal weight loss journeys!!!

  99. I had my gastric sleeve November last year and have lost over 50kg. It has certainly made a difference in my life. Yes it was a interesting process from fluids to soft foods then slowly onto minced then onto normal. I can eat everything but know what agrees with me best so moderation is the key. I do get dumping if I have sweet or fatty food, but have had this issue pre operation as well.. Quantity is small and eating out is alway entree size meals and then sometimes not finishing those. I cannot eat and drink at the same time. My Dietician advised fizzy drinks in moderation with ice to stop the fizzy bit. I believe it is the best decision I made in my life to have the operation and would recommend the procedure for anyone who wants a better quality in life. Good luck everyone. Cheers.

    • Hi My best friend is considering this surgery. She has been told she is a walking time bomb and may be dead in 10 years due to her weight. She is almost 50. My concern for her is what happens to the skin once the weight has gone. Are there large flaps of skin to deal with? She doesnt go out due to her weight will she want to stay inside due to her skin? She has asked for my advise. I have encouraged her to think hard, research and talk to someone who has had the surgery. Can you please advise me what else to say to her. I only want her to be happy.

  100. Gnomeangel

    Great post and excellent discussion. I am having the op on Wednesday 8 August God willing (nasty cold nit quite right yet). The cold has affected my prep but all the work not to bulk post band removal has paid off.

    My dietician, compulsory for the op, advises purée and liquids for 6 weeks so I expect the strict Aussie approach is still current. My surgeon is awesome so I have no trepidation at all.

    Thanks again

  101. Hi everyone , thankyou all for your comments ..its been interesting reading them all a concerned about the hair loss part and havent been told anything about the soda fizzy drinks …i have my gastric sleeve this tuesday morning 07/08/12…wish me luck coz im pretty nervous 🙂

  102. Thanks everyone for the handy future outlooks on gastric sleeve
    surgery. I’m on day 5 of post op and starting to feel myself again.
    Still only taking clear fluids as my stomach is taking slightly longer
    to adjust to the change, but I’m feeling very optimistic now. Will definitely
    be following these posts for more personal experiences when I progress.
    Thanks-you DannyC

  103. I have been pursuing the gastric sleeve option for health reasons, I am currently on several meds for blood pressure. ( been hospitalized in ICU with it in march 2012) (It is still high but they do control it better). I have gone through the 6 months of classes and am now waiting to hear when my surgery date will be. (should be hearing something any day now). needless to say, I am a bit nervous about it, but I am more aware that if I don’t do something I am a walking stroke waiting to happen. I have been researching everything I can about it. I chose the sleeve as the best option for me. Reading your blog has helped reassure me that I am making the right choice. I know it wont be easy, but living (or dying) because of health issues related to my weight is not an option). I will continue reading this blog as more people post their experiences. I think this will be a great support site! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  104. Hi, I have read about people losing their hair after this procedure. Has that happened to anyone? I am also concerned about those with lack of energy. I am in Australia.

    • Hi Ren – I have really thick hair and a few months after the surgery it thinned out noticeably. No bald spots, but I finely got the fine hair I’d always lusted after. My hair returned to normal within 6 – 12 months of the surgery and I’ve had no lasting affects. Hope this helps.

  105. Hi,
    I just love your site! I am see in my surgen on the 5/10/2012 and am hoping to have my sleeve before christmas 🙂 My best friend had hers done yesterday and is doing well. I have also had IVF my bub is 16mths old now. I am a budding cake decorator, i have made your cherry ripe mud cake and got rave reviews, i now have orders coming out of my ears! Thanks so much for telling it like it is, it is just fantastic 🙂

  106. Hi,
    I too am in the process of arranging to surgery. I am excited and a bit scared too. Particularly reading some of the last comments. However I really appreciated your post and congratulations on your amazing weight loss. I hope that I can soon report similar results. Thank you for having the foresight to blog this – I find myself searching for as much information as possible 🙂

    Cheers, Lila

  107. Hi
    I have recently had my lap band removed after what was limited initial success followed by most of the weight piling back on again! I have an appointment to discuss the sleeve this week. I am enjoying the freedom of eating whatever, whenever but know the reality is that if I don’t do the surgery I will just keep putting more weight on.
    I have read all your comments with great interest and hope at some point soon to be able to report my own trials and tribulations.
    I am in Queensland, Australia.

    • Hi
      Thanks for the info on the Sleeve. I had just booked my surgery, and was going to have the gastric by-pass until I read all the comments on the ‘dumping’ syndrome and there is no way I could live with that…. So I have changed my mind to the sleeve. Would like an up date on anyone who lives in Australia who has had this surgery about a year ago and if they feel its been as successful as they wanted. I am really keen to have the surgery.

  108. Hey im about a month out of surgery and i am nauseous all of the time i cant even handle the puree diet im supposed to be on i take one small
    bite of yogurt ten minutes later i have diarrhea and throw it up….im wondering if this is normal

    • I am 6 weeks out of surgery was in the er 7 times due to deyhdration, put in the hospital twice and could not keep anything down at all after 6 weeks now can take a few bites and drink a little. keep water and protein drink by by bed at night and sip alot. It been real hard only lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks, but was very sick alot. Gastric sleeve.

  109. Well I had my sleeve gastrectomy done on 4/18/12 and I am transitioning to soft foods (protein) including chicken, fish, eggs, yogurt, protein shakes, etc. Tomorrow I can start fruits but I’m going to wait a little bit. I am also frustrated with figuring out the portions. I’m also very gassy and when the food hits my stomach it hurts; I want to eat all the time. Any ideas or thoughts.

    • Hi Tamara – Congratulations on having the surgery. If you have any questions/concerns you should definitely talk to your medical team.

  110. Love the site! Ready for surgery! Was nervous until now. Nice to meet you all and hear your stories. I feel I am not alone.

    • Had surgery april 2012 and lost 79 pound up to now. Changed my life! go swimming, walk a lot more. Feel like iv got my life back already. Go for it with a positive attitude and you can only go forward good luck and best wishes.

  111. One more thing, in case, it isn’t obvious. Had my sleeve surgery 4/16/12. I do not want to go back to the hospital!

  112. Getting up/down is sooo difficult. My husband set a chair next to the bed so I could slide off when I wasn’t having success . It can be so much pain. How long did you experience this? How long did anyone experience this? Don’t even talk about sneezing!Ouch!The large incision is no joke! The right side of my back ,almost on my side is getting a bit tight/uncomfortable? Don’t have any problems chewing 40 x’s before swallowing. DO NOT want any throwing up right now. Getting too tired also exaggerates any discomfort.

    • Hi Barbara – I would recommend you talk to your medical team if you have any concerns/pains/worries. Hope you get a resolution fast and good luck on your journey!

  113. Thanks – this is great information. I do not know anyone that has had the sleeve but mewhere i live and my doctor is out on maternity and i am just 8 weeks post. I feel like I have no where to find out if the things I feel are normal. I lost a lot of weight in the first few weeks and now it seems to have stopped and I know I can’t be eating too much because my stomach won’t let me. I tried to eat and drink together because I have heard people do but as soon as I took the first sip I was sick so now as thirsty as i get I wait 30 minutes after. I know I am not getting enough protein or bitamins down so I am tired all the time and I travel for work so getting through the day and trying to eat have been such a struggle. I feel like this is it forever but reading these it seems it will get better. Hoping!!

  114. Ladies,

    This is the 1st time I’ve looked for info about the sleeve on the internet and I was so excited to find your comments and some helpful knowledge.
    I had surgery 3 yrs. ago, lost 150 lbs. and have recently gained 15 back. Been scared outta my wits that I’ve stretched out my stomach and am headed back to Hell! I made a form on the computer to track amount eaten, when and what. I have 3 days on one sheet of paper, so each day I cut off a form and put it in my pocket so I can pull it out when I eat something. I found that I’m not eating too big a portion just too frequently …. back to my all day grazing habit. So now I try to limit to 3 6oz. meals(what DR. said to do) and a snack between each meal. PLUS 8 glasses of water, that I track on my sheet too. Did you know that being thirsty makes you want to eat? So be aware if you’re drinking enough each day.
    I had to pay outta pocket for my surgery, so I calculated how much per lb. that is; too much to be unsuccessful! My nose runs when I get full, I thought it was a getting old thing. Glad to hear it’s not. Corningware makes plates and such that you can buy @ Walmart or anywhere. I eat off the salad plate and they also have a 6 oz. bowl. If you weight your food before you eat, then you can clean your plate and not worry that you’ve done anything wrong. I have found that of all the meats I can’t eat much steak but I can go to town on fish. Found that how food breaks down while eating makes a difference on how much I can eat. Dr. told me not to drink carbonated drinks b/c it stretches out your stomach. He told me at meals to eat meat 1st, then veggies, then carbs(if you have room left) then if you have to have salad make it last b/c there’s very little nutrition in it. I notice that when I start craving food, that I haven’t kept up w/ eating enough protein. Eating slow is very difficult for me but it’s the best way to avoid eating too much and getting that gagging feeling. I try and walk in the evenings b/c I don’t think I’ll lose anymore weight w/o it. I pray that y’all are successful and enjoy better health.

  115. Thanks for the insight. My story sounds like yours. It’s funny I didn’t know why I start sneezing when I get full. I would always say O’Lord I’m getting sick. But it does it every time. Thanks for the info.

  116. Hey
    I love this post
    I had the same surgery almost a month ago. I am still suffering on how to eat. I still dont know my right proportions.! If I have one extra bite of something I might just throw up! This weekend I had 2 Sushi Rolls I threw up.. So it is scaring me a little bit. Do you think that is normal?
    I had a cheeseburger last week from McDonalds. It took me 5 hours to finish it. I can’t exercise because I got no energy..
    I had 3 bites of grilled chicken today and I was full already. I am afraid this would continue.

    What do you suggest

    • Wow, a month after my surgery and I was just moving on to baby foods and struggling to finish 200ml. You seem to be eating rather heavy/complex food early on. What country did you have the procedure done in? I ask because I know post care is different between Australia (where I am) and the US for example.

      My suggestion would be to talk to your surgeon or your nutritionist about what you should be eating at this point and follow their advice to the letter. You don’t want to undo what’s been done and all you’ve gone through to this point.

      Good luck, hope you get some answers! 🙂

  117. That was really interesting! I’ve never even considered surgery for weight-loss, so I guess my major question is around the ‘why’ bit. But the ‘how’ is food for thought as well (no pun intended!!) x

    • In a nutshell, babies. We’ve been trying for a family for 6 years, and I have some health issues that contribute to infertility (PCOS and endometriosis). These conditions caused me to gain weight and then I couldn’t lose the weight. The specialist told me 4 years ago that if I didn’t lose the weight we’d never have kids. I tried to do it on my own, but it was no good. So after much debating and discussing I decided that the best decision to make was to have the surgery.

      In 12 months I’ve lost 45 kilos and we’re on our third attempt at a successful IVF cycle. I don’t know whether we’ll end up with the family we want, but I know that this decision has been such a wonderful one to make; for me.

      So that’s the why. 🙂

  118. Well now. I’ve learned something today. This was really interesting. I have a friend who had the same procedure. She eats reaaaaaalllly slowly. I think so she can get maximum enjoyment from minimum portions.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  119. Hi Gnomeangle-
    Thanks for posting your experience with the gastric sleeve. I had my surgery August 27, 2010…so not quite two months yet. A lot of what you’ve experienced is what I’m experincing too so I’m happy to read what I feel is normal. Like feeling frustrated because we can’t eat a portion size. I’ll be happy when I can eat 1 cup of food but I’m not nearly to that point. The reason I got the surgery is because I’m diabetic so I did it to get my diabetes under control through weight loss. I was somewhat comfortable with my previous weight because I wasn’t huge so I mainly did it for health reasons so I really struggle with the small amount of food at this point but I know it’s for the best. I was actually online searching on how to find out why I could eat so many chips (potato chips, not fries…I’m assuming your in England due to some of the words and measurement you used so just wanted to clarify) and that’s how I came across your blog. I guess it’s just they break down so small and yes, it’s scary how much I can eat so I will be avoiding those too. It seems protien (meat) really sits in my stomach and if I’m not careful with the quantity I can get that “too full” feeling and it’s very uncomfortable. I was wondering if you had an email address in case I have any questions going through my journey…you seem to be very knowlegeable and we’re experiencing the same things. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Janna,

      Wow 2 months out of the surgery and you’re eating meat. I was still on puree at that stage. That could explain why meat feels so heavy. It took awhile for me to build up to that, but I don’t have that feeling now.

      How are you finding the diabetes since the surgery? I was on heart medication prior to the surgery, had my last pill on the day of the surgery and haven’t had another one since. It’s awesome!

      I find I can eat a large portion of potato chips (I’m an Aussie) and I suspect it’s because they would break down really small. I find now my nose runs as I fill up and if I keep eating I start uncontrollably sneezing. I really need to ask my surgeon about it…

      Sure, you can email me, there’s a contact button at the top (right side) of this web page and it will open an email up. I can’t guarantee I’ll know anything of value but I’m always up for a chat. 🙂

      • Yes, I’m eating meat but just started eating red meat…ground beef is a little easier on my tummy for digestion and with steak I just take small bites and still taking it slow. I was able to eat chicken about 5 weeks after surgery and never had a problem with it (smalll bites of course). It seems you had your surgery in 2009 so I imagine they may revamp the food milestones as more studies come out of the after effects of the Gastric Sleeve or maybe the milestones are different here in the U.S. I noticed from your blog you said you can eat rice as I tried some tonight,it seemed to be a little uncomfortable so there are some things I’m not quite tolerating yet. I wanted to ask you what your surgeon or nutrionist has said about carbonated beverages, such as, diet soda. I get mixed messages regarding if it’s ok or not. My nutrionist said to never drink carbinated beverages again and my surgeon was hesitant to give me a definite yes or no but said it will be ok in moderation like one diet soda every few days. Before the surgery I was addicted to Diet Coke and still crave it! Do you have any insight on this?

        • I still find ground meat a little easier, but I think it’s because it’s so small.

          I had surgery in December 2009, so not even a year yet. (But closing in!) I know that at the time my surgeon was stressing to me that we’re stricter than the US so to stay off the internet and follow his instructions. (I think he realised how bad I am with google!)

          Pre-surgery I was addicted to pasta, post-surgery I don’t enjoy pasta any more but I love rice. I think it’s because I get more rice in then pasta. Again I think it’s because it’s so small.

          Wow, had anyone said that to me I wouldn’t have gone through with the surgery. I’m addicted to Coke Zero! The advice I was given was not to have any fluids when I eat. I can’t not drink and eat at the same time so I’ve never followed that. It means that I get even less “food” in because the fluid (and gas from the soda) takes up more room. I wasn’t allowed to have any soda for the first two months after the surgery, which was fine because I didn’t want any. A few months that I could only drink flat soda. Now I’m flat out drinking 200mL of soda in one go. It drives HUBBY nuts as there’s half drunk cans of soda left all over the house. We’ve even started buying the mini cans (200mL) and I don’t finish them.

          In a strange turn of events, I actually went off coke for about six months and couldn’t stop drinking Ginger Beer. I think it was because the ginger helped settle my stomach down.

          I’m not sure, but my surgeon told me that the US doesn’t stitch back over the staples when they do the procedure, where they do here. Maybe that’s why they tell you not to have it, in case it’s too acidic and causes stress on the staples?!?!? But I am totally guessing. I’d talk to your surgeon about why he says only sparingly. My nutritionist told me to give it up, but she said that’s her position on it regardless of the person. She just hates it. (Heathen!)

  120. Thank you for your insights on this very personal journey. It was really interesting to hear how you have adjusted in a body and mind sense to your new reality. I can only imagine that with time and knowing yourself more, it will only get easier and less frustrating.

    I was thinking of buying that “portion plate” gimmick to just see if I could adjust to smaller sized portion. I have a feeling I would struggle even though I don’t think I eat very much. I also need to eat slower 🙂

    There was a very interesting discussion on 666 last Friday about lap-banding and the foods you could “get away with” eating and it did say that potato chips sort of crushed themselves down to nothing and so it was hard to know when you were full with them.

    • Hey Red 🙂

      I’m hoping it gets easier because I’m a little concerned that I’ll stretch my stomach if I don’t learn when enough is enough, and if I stretch my stomach it will have been a waste of money and effort.

      I too need to eat slower. I think the portion thing would work if you could make it through the detox stage. It’s just a matter of reconditioning your body and mind.

      Damn, bummed I missed the discussion. I’ll have to see if I can find it online.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • I do hope you can find it. They did say that a problem for people with the band, not sure about the sleeve, was that they needed to keep getting it tightened to the point where they were able to get less nourishing food in and it kind of made the thing go tits-up. Speaking of those, I also fear undoing my surgery and stacking on weight up there, so I understand your concerns about not wanting to undo $ and effort.