Information about Elizabeth Hartman + Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Sew-alongs

Can you believe that 2018 is just around the corner? No, me either. I’ve been leisurely pottering around at home with my boys and it’s just dawned on me that I have two events kicking off in January so I’d better put some more information out there. In 2018 I’ll be encouraging those of you that have the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt on their bucket list to get it ticked off and completed. I’ll also be making all the Elizabeth Hartman animal blocks that I’ve long been eyeing off. It’s going to be a big year and these two events will see it start with a bang.

I’ve put together some information and links to help you get started and decide whether you want to come on the adventure. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Back in 2015 I partnered with Marti Michell and Fat Quarter Shop to host the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Sew-along. It was a great event and taught me so much about hosting events, building a community, accuracy and helped me fall in love with sampler quilts. The Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt is one of those quilts that so many people want to make and so I’m running the event again in 2018, but with a slight tweak. The first time around it took nearly 2 years to run the event, this time I’m going to be setting a tougher pace and asking people to make all the blocks in a year. I want you to have finished your Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt by the time you finish with 2018.

The event will kick off on 1 January 2018 and the last block will be posted on 10 December 2018. The event will also be run primarily within the Farmer’s Wife 1930’s Sampler Quilt Facebook Group (click here to join). You can certainly share your blocks on Instagram if you’d like (and there’s an event hashtag to help you connect with other participants), I’ll just not be posting regularly about the event to Instagram. All the prompts for which blocks we’re making will be included in the Facebook Group and in my weekly newsletter (click here to sign up). Block details will be posted in the Facebook Group on Monday’s and Friday’s with the roundup being posted to the weekly Monday newsletter.

Unlike the first time I hosted this event I’m going to be offering monthly prizes to help people keep motivated and on track. I’m finalising the details for this at the moment and as soon as I have the details I’ll be putting all the information in one handy place. To be eligible for prizes you just have to make the blocks and post them to the correct image folder in the Facebook Group each month. (I’ll have more details on how to do that shortly.)

A word about eligibility for the January prize: Because a lot of you will still be getting supplies in order for January the eligibility for winning in January will be a little different. Because of the amount of blocks in the book (99) we need to keep a fairly cracking pace, but there is wiggle room to catch up comfortably while still being eligible for prizes each month.

Where to Buy the Book

The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt: Inspiring Letters from Farm Women of the Great Depression and 99 Quilt Blocks That Honor Them by Laurie Aaron Hird – available from: Amazon | Pink Door Fabrics | Fat Quarter Shop | The Quilting Company | Interweave

Where to Buy the Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates

Here’s a handy link list of the must-have template sets for the sew-along so you don’t have to go hunting for them:

Remember, the use of the templates is not compulsory.

Where to Buy Fabric Kits

Pink Door Fabrics have put together some fabric kits for those of you looking to get a head start.

A: Tula Pink Allstars Solids – 22 Half Yards AUD$107.85

B: Tula Pink Spirit Animal – 44 Fat Quarters AUD$179.08

C: Heather Ross – 50 Fat Quarters AUD$221.23

D: Alison Glass Diving Board + Sun Print 2018 – 51 Fat Quarters AUD$240.79

WIN: Pink Door Fabrics will be giving one lucky person who orders one of the above kits by 28 December 2017 their money back on the price of their kit. That’s right, you’ll get your kit for FREE! Better hurry kits are limited and these are going to fly out the (pink) door!

Once we kick off in January I’ll have some more details about alternative fabric kits that will be available for people to purchase from other event sponsors.

I’ve had an ever growing list of animal quilts by Elizabeth Hartman that I’ve wanted to make and in 2018 I’m crossing them all off my to-do list (until she releases more patterns of course!). Each week starting on 3 January and ending 9 June I’ll be prompting you to sew Elizabeth Hartman animal blocks.

Let me get this out of the way up front because I just know it’s going to trip some of you up… YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE ALL THE PATTERNS! Think of this event like a choose your own adventure – you just make the blocks you want and forget the rest. It’s really simple. Just pick the blocks you want to make and make those, you can turn them into quilts, bags, pillows, table runners, whatever you like.

This event is all about helping those of you that have wanted to make one or more of Elizabeth Hartman’s animal quilts. I’ve selected 10 patterns (see below) that I’ve always wanted to make and I’m going to make at least 1 block from each pattern and turn them into a big quilt, some cushions and a couple of other projects. I’ll be using this event to keep motivated and on track and to help you do the same. As always there will be prizes on offer and to keep things exciting there will be a couple of ways you can enter:

  1. Pick a pattern and make a quilt as per that pattern. You will need to post one photo of each of the individual blocks in the quilt between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018. You will then need to post a photo of your finished quilt top (it doesn’t need to be quilted or bound) between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018.
  2. Pick the blocks you’d like to make and make your own project with those blocks. You will need to post one photo of each of the individual blocks in your project between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018. You will then need to post a photo of your finished quilt top (it doesn’t need to be quilted or bound), cushion, bag, mini quilt, table runner between 12:01am 3 January and 11:59pm 9 June 2018. Important: Your entered project cannot include any other animal blocks by another designer. They can include traditional patchwork blocks, setting blocks, improv piecing, words, etc. but the animals must be by Elizabeth Hartman.

For every finished project (a quilt top is considered a finished project) you post using a block from the selected patterns (see pattern list below) you will get an entry into the major prize pool.

Each month there will be a monthly winner picked from those that posted a block from any of the selected patterns during the month. At the end of the event there will be Grand Prizes awarded for completed projects made during the event.

Where to Buy the Patterns

We will be covering animal blocks from the following patterns and so I’ve collated a list of stockists for where you can buy these hard copy patterns.

Fancy Forest – buy from mePink Door Fabrics | Fat Quarter Shop | Sew and So | Amazon

Lepidoptera – buy from mePink Door FabricsFat Quarter Shop | Sew and So | Amazon

The Kittens – Pink Door Fabrics | Sew and So | Amazon

Awesome Ocean – buy from meFat Quarter Shop | Sew and So | Amazon

Delightful Desert – buy from mePink Door Fabrics | Amazon

Greenhouse – Pink Door FabricsFat Quarter Shop | Amazon

Florence Flamingo – buy from mePink Door FabricsFat Quarter Shop | Sew and SoAmazon

Dogs in Sweaters – Pink Door FabricsFat Quarter Shop | Sew and SoAmazon

Lloyd & Lola – Pink Door FabricsFat Quarter Shop | Sew and SoAmazon

Bjorn Bear – Pink Door FabricsAmazon

Lisa the Unicorn – buy from me | Pink Door FabricsAmazon

If you’re looking for a PDF version of these patterns be sure to check out Elizabeth Hartman’s online store by clicking here.

Where to Buy Fabric Kits

Pink Door Fabrics have put together some fabric kits for those of you looking to get a head start.

A: Greenhouse in Terrarium – AUD$209.09

B: The Kittens in Magic – AUD$75.48

C: Fancy Forest in Terrarium – AUD$295.43

D: Awesome Ocean Pattern – AUD$29.68

E: Delightful Desert in Terrarium – AUD$357.48

F: The Kittens in the Cauldron – AUD$71.43

Once we kick off in January I’ll have some more details about alternative fabric kits that will be available for people to purchase from other event sponsors.

Where to Find More Details about the Event

You can find all the details that have been released to date (including the order we’ll be doing the blocks) by clicking here. I’m still finalising some details, but as soon as they’re done I’ll let everyone know via my newsletter (click here to sign up).

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a very small commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link, in fact in some cases I can offer you a better price via an affiliate link. I will not recommend something that I do not use myself. These commissions help me keep being able to provide you with great content for free. Thank you, in advance for your support!

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  1. I started a 1930’s farmers wife QAL two years ago and made 26 blocks. I’d love to join and finish this beauty. Can I post my “already done blocks” on your QAL, or would that be cheating? 😉

    • Hi Jenni, as per the event FAQs you can post already made blocks, you just need to do so in line with the entry requirements if you’re wanting to win prizes. Let me know if none of that makes any sense. 🙂

  2. I have the Farmers wife 1920s book and started just a few blocks in that one. Do you know what the difference is between the 1920s book and the 1930s book? I would love to join but don’t really want to purchase another book that seems so similar.

    • I did the FWSQ 30s quilt in Angie’s first SAL .. there are 99 6” [finished’ blocks styled after actually patterns from the 1930s and the FWSQ 20s book has 111 blocks styled after 1920’s patterns – they are similar in that they are about vintage quilt blocks from the Farmer’s Wife magazine of those decades but different enough that you would not be able to follow along with the SAL if you use your 20s book.

  3. I bought the book, and was disappointed that the blocks are on a DVD. I only use my tablet, so I won’t be able to get the instructions for the blocks. 😠

    • I’m in the same boat. I don’t have a way to access the information on the disk. Totally frustrating!😡

      • Hi Donna & Monique, there’s an email address for F+W in the FAQs – if you email them I’m pretty sure from memory they’ll send you a copy of the cd electronically. Let me know if you have any problems and I’ll see what I can do from this end.

        • Angie, thank you for you response. I’ll look into that. I’m always amazed at how much you have one your plate yet you respond in such a timely fashion. I don’t join all your QALs but I always cheer from the sidelines. Thank for enriching our online quilting world!

    • You could take the disc to a printer & they will print it out for you for a fee or you could always ask a friend to print some for you