Link Love: Conquering My Fears + Procrastination

I’ve had the best week. I’ve spent time with the boys, I’ve spent time in the sewing studio and I’ve spent time learning! I’d seriously forgotten how good it feels to learn. For years now I’ve been putting off learning Adobe Illustrator. I need illustrator to be able to out together technical diagrams for patterns, books, tutorials and alike. I tried once a couple of years ago and I just got so overwhelmed and baffled that I convinced myself I couldn’t do it. However, the need for it never went away and it’s now gotten to the point where it’s a major roadblock for me. You see, I’ve got big plans and these big plans require me to be able to draw diagrams.

This week however I finally learned how to design a quilt in Illustrator and it took all of about an hour. AN HOUR! And on top of all that it only cost me USD$0.99 to do it! I cannot believe that I’ve been procrastinating and avoiding learning this program for years and it took me an hour. (See below in the “clicky clicky” section for how I did it.) I feel like such a dork. It’s so typical of all the things I avoid doing but know that I have to do them. They’re never as bad as I think they will be and it never takes me as long to do them as I think it will. So why am I constantly putting things off and creating a rod for my own back? I don’t know. (well I do know, and if you’re asking yourself the same question I highly recommend reading “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.)

Learning this thing that had been looming so large in my life for so long was just so liberating. Spurred on by the awesome that was conquering my Illustrator fear I took some classes in inDesign, surface pattern design and graphic design. All the things I’d been wanting and needing to learn more about but I was too scared. It’s been so exciting and everyday I’m bubbling over with excitement and ideas (and I think it might be driving Hubby bonkers). I haven’t felt this great about where I’m going in a long time. (More about that in another post!)

This achievement got me thinking about all the things I’ve put off learning or doing because I’m scared of failure. (Because that’s what’s at the root of it, I don’t want to fail and feel less than.) I’m not the only one that does it. We all do it. I can almost guarantee that there’s something inside you right now that you’d like to conquer but you’ve been putting it off. Whether it’s a new technique, a WIP that’s got you beat down, tidying your work space, destashing, exercising more, eating better, learning a new skill – there’s something inside you that you want to do but you’re not for whatever reason. I’m here to tell you to go do it. Learn, practice, clean, purge – whatever it is. Do it! You might fail. You might suck at it. Or you might just kick it’s butt and feel invincible (until you get up from your desk to take a victory lap and trip over the new cat in your life who likes to sit under your chair and hit your head on the sewing studio door jam).

I want to be your cheerleader so you can have a great week. Leave a comment below and tell me what it is that you’re going to do this week to conquer something you’ve been procrastinating on. Next week I’ll ask you to report back on your progress. (Of course you don’t have to, but if you want to that would be awesome!) Sometimes all it takes is knowing someone’s in our corner to help us achieve what we want to. And with that, I’m off to enjoy my last week with the Little Man before he starts big boy school. *sob* Wishing you a fabulous week filled with love, laughter and fabric fondling.

If you want to learn how to use Illustrator to design a quilt then check out Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning hub where you can watch videos on a range of interests including design, small business, social media and more. I took the “Designing a Patchwork Quilt in Adobe Illustrator” class by Corrine Sovey (just search patchwork in Skillshare) and it was brilliant and just what I needed to get started. Word of advice though, the class is for an earlier version of Illustrator, so if you’ve got the newest version you need to use the “classic” workspace view (you’ll understand what that means when you do the class!). Click here to get 3 months unlimited access for USD$0.99.


I’ve shared this free pixelated heart quilt pattern before but it’s the season of love and so I thought it fitting to share it again because I really love it. Click here to read more.


Looking for a quick mini make then check out this X’s and O’s free pattern on the Moda Bake Shop. Click here to read more.


Having just binge watched Season 2 of The Crown I think this free Crown Quilt pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company is a must make. Click here to read more.


I’m not often tempted to join sew-alongs but this #candycatqal being hosted by Kristi (@schnitzelandboo) and Joanne (@unicornharts) has me really tempted (I need to make a Spike quilt to celebrate him joining our family!). The pattern is free and you can get it by clicking here.

In 2018 I’m going to be travelling around Australia teaching people how to fussy cut and I can’t wait. If you’d like to take a class with me I have the follow classes currently available:

  • Fussy Cutting FUNdamentals @ Amitie Textiles – Saturday 17 February 10:00am to 3:30pm. Learn everything you need to know about how to fussy cut for patchwork and English Paper Piecing. We’ll cover Improvisational Fussy Cutting, Traditional Fussy Cutting and Fussy Cutting for Colour. I’ll talk about fabric selection (including how to work out exactly how much to buy), colour theory and where to find those unusual prints to make your work pop. To book click here. (Hurry – this one’s nearly sold out!) 
  • Amazeballs Tote Bag @ Amitie Textiles – Sunday 18 February 10:00am to 3:30pm. Using the Amazeballs Tote pattern from my book, Fussy Cutters Club, we’ll learn all about improvisational fussy cutting to make unique and one-of-a-kind projects. Participants will learn basic bag construction and techniques for adding fussy cutting to all their projects. To book click here(Hurry – this one’s nearly sold out!) 
  • Fussy Cutting FUNdamentals @ Hobbysew Belconnen – Saturday 24 February 10:00am to 3:00pm. Learn everything you need to know about how to fussy cut for patchwork and English Paper Piecing. We’ll cover Improvisational Fussy Cutting, Traditional Fussy Cutting and Fussy Cutting for Colour. I’ll talk about fabric selection (including how to work out exactly how much to buy), colour theory and where to find those unusual prints to make your work pop. To book click here.
I love to share the cool things that I find during my week of surfing the internet window-shopping and splurging. Here’s my top 4 from this week:
A. I’m loving: Cotton + Steel have released images of their upcoming Christmas line and I’m loving this Cardinals print. Click here to purchase this on Etsy.
B. I’m identifying: This enamel pin resonated so strongly with me this week that I purchased it for my collection as a reminder of what I need to do. Click here to purchase this on Etsy.
C. I’m sewing: I’ve been sewing with Sun Print 2018 all week and I am seriously addicted to these colours. Click here to purchase this on Etsy.
D. I’m adoring: Pink Door Fabrics have got the most amazing collection of leathers in at the moment. The colours are amazing. Also perfect if you’re making Totes Amazeballs from my book, Fussy Cutters ClubClick here to purchase this on Etsy.

Have you got an event, a charity drive, a pattern release, a class schedule or something else that you think my community would be interested in hearing about? Why not drop me a line and let me know – I’d love to share it with my readers. Click here to email me.
  • Meredithe and Anne are hosting a challenge in 2018 where participants can nominate 6 UFO’s and 6 New Makes that they want to conquer in 2018. It’s a great way to find new friends and have an accountability framework in place for getting things done. Find out more by clicking here.
  • Sherri Noel has released two Tomte patterns which are a great way to celebrate Christmas, or you could make one for each season. You can buy the quilt pattern by clicking here or purchase the matching plushie pattern by clicking here.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a very small commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link, in fact in some cases I can offer you a better price via an affiliate link. I will not recommend something that I do not use myself. These commissions help me keep being able to provide you with great content for free. Thank you, in advance for your support!

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