Magic Knot: Fabric Pull

Magic Knot [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE] is all about using up your scraps and having fun mixing fabrics of the same colour. This pattern works best when you use a mix of fabrics. I wrote this as a 9 patch quilt which means that all the fabrics in your nine patch blocks should be different (or at least not have the same fabric beside itself). I mean, what’s the point in cutting up a fabric only to put it back together right beside it’s self, you might as well have cut a rectangle and saved some thread.

With that said, I’m not the quilt police. So if you’d like to use one fabric for your Fabric A be my guest. You could always use the seam lines to grid quilt some fun free motion patterns on to each square to make a super fun and funky pattern of texture.

Understanding the Pattern

To achieve the look on the cover of “Magic Knot” you will need 8 distinct fabrics/colours. You’ll find the fabric requirements, as well as a placement diagram, on the back of the pattern.

If you want to be successful with highlighting the magic knot pattern in the quilt top then you need to ensure you pick bold and distinct fabrics for each placement.

Fabric A is a scrappy selection of different fabrics from the same colour family. (See below for examples.)

Fabric B needs to have enough of a tonal difference between it and Fabric A so that it stands out. If the fabric is too close in tone to Fabric A they will bleed together and you won’t get a crisp pattern. colouring sheet

If your still not sure what you’d like to do I highly recommend checking out the colouring sheet on

PreQuilt have put together a great video to walk you through how to use their application to colour your quilts, simply click the image below and it will start playing.

I think the best way to get a feel for your options with this pattern is to see what others have done with it, so let’s take a stroll together through a gallery of wonderful maker quilts.

Fabric Selections in the Wild

To help you work out the look you’re going to go for I’m sharing with you some of the versions of “Magic Knot” that my wonderfully talented and adventurous testers made.


The fabulous Anny Schomburg (Click here to follow her on Instagram) made this version and it’s all the rainbow goodness I could hope for. To achieve this look you’ll need to go monochromatic with the following fabrics in the pattern: Fabric A.

Anny used the colouring sheet that comes free with the pattern to plan out her rainbow progression. (The pattern includes an example of how to achieve the rainbow look. It also includes a colouring sheet to help you plan.)

Anny’s rainbow is achieved by using a colourful mix of scraps which are grouped by the primary colour that they read as. For example, that fabric print has a yellow background but a white print on top. From a distance it reads as primarily yellow.


I’m obsessed with this version by Bea Matheson. I love the way Bea has used a feature print on the inside of the “knot”. It’s not something I would have thought of and I’m already trying to work out an excuse to make another version of this quilt so I can have a go at this fabric placement.

Bea’s quilt is also a great example of how simple quilting can create texture and a feature of all the piecing. I love the dark binding that frames the quilt perfectly and picks up on the back ground colour in the feature prints of the knot.

Same Print, Two Colourways

Nicki Slater (click her to follow her on Instagram) took an unusual, yet genius, approach to making this quilt and used the same fabric print but in two colourways for her version of Magic Knot. I confess it’s probably not the most economical way to make this quilt (as you’re cutting and sewing a lot of seams that you wouldn’t need too) but it has a striking impact. This quilt reminds me of a quilty soft version of snow on a television screen. I’ve found myself staring at this quilt like a magic eye print from the 90s. It’s brilliant!

Where to from here?

Hopefully these quilts have inspired you to have fun. Remember to use the free colouring sheet in the pattern to help you shop your stash. I’m off to raid my stash! I can’t wait to see what fun I can have with this pattern. I’m looking forward to spending this month with you twirling our batons through the 9 Patch Parade route!

this month’s deadlines

You can use the following dates and prompts to help plan your month and stay on track.

  • Week 1: 3 – 7 May – Fabric Selection
  • Week 2: 10 – 14 May – Cutting and Preparation
  • Week 3: 17 – 21 May – Sewing
  • Week 4: 24 – 4 June – Show & Tell Completed Projects

The next section of the 9 Patch Parade will kick off 7 June. The patterns will be “Starry Technicolour Chaos” by GnomeAngel or “Starry Nine Patch Chain” by Marti Michell. When you purchase the 9 Patch Starter Kit both patterns are included and you can [CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE].

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