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This recipe for Nutella Mousse Cheesecake has gone into my Pinterest fail archive. I found this link on Pinterest for Nutella & Chocolate Mini Pies and fell in love with the little scalloped pastry edges and the flakes of chocolate and decided right there and then that I would make these mini pies and they would be epic.

The only thing epic about it was the size of the fail. I searched high and low in kitchen stores to find scalloped edged cookie cutters that would be big enough and I managed to find some that I could use.

I found an Australian equivalent of the frozen pastry and I managed to get all the ingredients together and find the time to bake. It was a disaster from the start – the cookie cutter was too small, the pastry kept tearing, I blind baked it and must have been blind to not notice it burning…

However the filling worked a treat and we all took turns in eating it out of the bowl with spoons.  It was at this point that I thought I’d try and rescue my fail and make it in to a (sort of) success – enter the Nutella Mousse Cheesecake.

I used some chocolate tiny teddies I have hiding in the cupboard, some butter and Malteasers to mask my fail.

The base was a bit too thick, and I’m not sure it works 100% as a cheesecake but it was an adventure. I think next time I might make the Nutella mousse up and serve them in cocktail glasses with shaved chocolate and little bits of crushed biscuit surprises. (Dare I say it.. a deconstructed Nutella mousse cheesecake!)

Nutella Mousse Cheesecake


1 packet Chocolate Tiny Teddies

1 packet Nice Biscuits

150g butter


115g softened cream cheese

½ icing sugar

²/3 cup Nutella

½  tsp vanilla

230g thickened cream

1. Base: Place the tiny teddies and nice biscuits in a food processor and process the biscuits until they are a fine consistency.

2. Melt the butter in a microwave proof dish until it is in liquid form.

3. While running the food processor add the melted butter.  Biscuit will start to clump together – when the butter is mixed through stop processing.

4. Line a spring form tin base with cooking paper and spray with non-stick cooking spray. Pour biscuit mixture into tin and using your fingers or the back of a metal spoon press the biscuit mixture into a uniform thickness.

5. Place base in fridge to set.

6. Nutella Mousse Cheesecake: Pour the thickened cream into a bowl and using an electric beater whip the cream.

7. Place cream cheese in seperate bowl and use electric beater to beat the cream cheese into submission until it’s soft.

8. Add the Nutella, sugar and vanilla and combine until completely mixed through and soft.

8. Fold in the whipped cream.

9. Store the cheescake mixture in the fridge until the base is set. Once the base is set use a spatula to pour the cheesecake mixture on top of the base. Return to the fridge and let the mixture set.

10. When ready to serve remove the spring form tin and decorate as desired.

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