3 Tutorials on English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing (or EPP as those in the know call it) can seem daunting at first, but it’s actually super simple and relaxing once you get the basics down. Take it from me, I run a mile from anything hand stitching but EPP is a little treat that I love to dip in and out of. I love it because unlike hand stitching there’s paper to support my work and keep it together. I also prefer the stitch method for joining the pieces to that of hand stitching. I’ve pulled together 3 tutorials that will help you figure out which way you’d like to join your blocks. My number 1 tip is to choose a method that works for you. It’s going to be a long process to stitch together 111 blocks so you have to make sure you love it!

1. GnomeAngel English Paper Piecing Tutorial (Glue Basting)

Learn how to sew Engligh Paper Piece patterns together with Angie Wilson on Gnomeangel.com

Ok. so I might be a little bias here but this is a pretty good and thorough tutorial for those of you looking to glue baste your pieces. It’s all picture based so if you prefer to look at a static picture over a video this can be a great way to learn. I use a whipstitch for my blocks. The stitches show on the front and I’m ok with that – I match my threads to minimise how much they show, but I like that they’re there because it points to the fact that my quilt is handmade. Click here for tutorial.

2. Karen the DIY Addict – Flat Back Stitch

3. Pat Bravo – Invisible Feather Stitch

If you’re still looking for hints and tips here’s a video from Sue Daley, the Queen of English Paper Piecing.

Bonus: Sue Daley’s Top 10 Tips for English Paper Piecing

If you have any questions about English Paper Piecing hit me up in the comments and we’ll work through it together! It’s a fabulous technique to master as it opens up a world of possibilities.


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