A Piece of Cake Book Review

A Piece of Cake is the debut book from Peta Peace of She Quilts A Lot. Now I must confess before we get any further in two things: 1. I know and adore Peta and B. Peta sent me her book because I begged and pleaded to see it as soon as I could because I knew it would be good. Peta hasn’t disappointed. A Piece of Cake is filled with all the things you love in a good quilt book: beautiful imagery, great patterns and a nice little view into the mind of the author.

Peta has a distinct look and feel to her work that I envy. It’s light, bright, feminine and uncluttered – all the things that are reflected in A Piece of Cake. When I opened the book I told myself that I didn’t have time to make another quilt (I don’t) and that I would just make a cushion or a table runner. I’d just have a little nibble at the cake, so to speak. And much like my reaction to actual cake I couldn’t stop at a little nibble. In fact, as I sit here typing I’m looking at the table runner I made thinking about how I could turn it into a full quilt. (Because, hello! You can never have too many Lizzy House quilts!) I’m pretty sure I’m just going to turn it into a table runner as planned… maybe. Anyways, the point is this: it was so quick to make that I’m thinking I could fit in a whole quilt of the blocks into my busy schedule because it was so quick and satisfying to make. All the quilts in this book are like this – super quick to make and super easy when you’re looking for a quick sugar hit. 

A piece of Cake | Modern Spools

I made the Modern Spools into a table runner – well it’s a table runner size now but it could very easily become a full sized quilt. (You can click here to see it!) And it went together SO quickly. Seriously, under an hour and I had a row of this quilt cut and sewn. I just love projects that are quick and deliver big doses of colour. I chose this project because I wanted something on our dining table that showed off my favourite prints and gave a nod to my quilty habit, but seriously all of the projects in this book can be easily amended to be mini’s, cushions or table runners.

A Piece of Cake | Square Peg In A Round Hole

I would have loved to have had the time and patience to have given the “Square Peg in a Round Hole” quilt a go. The technique is super easy, I just didn’t have the patience or time to cut curves. (Seriously, I barely have time at the moment to put pants on in the morning!) The quilting on this quilt is sublime and was done by Fiona Bell. I love the colours that Peta chose for this quilt. It’s bright, it’s fun, it’s got such impact. This quilt would look equally as striking in a monotone palette or even a single designers fabric.

A Piece of Cake | Wrapped in Love

The book has a mix of projects in it from mini quilts, cushions, small quilts and large quilts. I love how Peta has broken down how to make smaller versions – perfect for making co-ordinated gifts or scaling projects up and down.


A Piece of Cake | Delight

All the projects in the book can be made from layer cakes (10″ squares) which is perfect when you can’t be bothered wrangling large cuts of fabric. It also means that you can easily work with colour palettes of your favourite designers without having to think too much about will it work, won’t it work.

A Piece of Cake | Origami Squares

I rarely invest in books these days (because I get sent so many, perk of the job and all) but if I did I’d totally buy this book and put it on my shelf with pride. It’s jam packed with great quilts that are quick to make and would work so well as gifts – which is just what I need these days. It also doesn’t hurt that when I look at the quilts in this book I’m reminded of my friend and I’m instantly smiling.

You can pick up a copy of A Piece of Cake in the following places: Amazon | Etsy

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  1. This book is simply awesome.

    I love the way you write about it, just as exactly as I think about it.

  2. Wow…ich love your Quilting…the template are so great…the Tablerunner ist a great idea and
    i like the Wrappen in Love….in short i Love what you do! 🙂

    Have a nice day the Nähbegeisterte 🙂

  3. I’ve seen that book somewhere in my travels through blogland & maybe it was Peta’s own blog, come to think of it and I was pleasantly surprised as it was so fresh and up to the minute. I’ve even been thinking of buying it, though I’ve way too many books already (giggle). Thanks for the review & take care.

  4. Great idea for a spools table runner. I love how all the blocks are so easily adaptable to make runners, cushions or quilts, whatever the reader needs. The square peg in a round hole is my favourite quilt from the book, too. I’ve actually seen it in the flesh (err…fabric) as I’m lucky enough to have Fiona living around the corner. Both the quilt and the quilting are just stunning. It’s such a beautiful piece and when Peta’s not looking I’m totally going to steal it (maybe in the confusion of her renovation).