5 FAQ’S about Pregnancy & Gastric Sleeve

The following answers are just my experience with life after the procedure.  I don’t know anyone else that’s had the procedure so it’s hard to compare experiences.  This information does not replace medical advice, it’s merely my experience and if you’re considering the procedure you should talk to your medical provider and follow their advice.

One of the things that brings people to my blog (other than my milkshakes) is the fact that I’ve had a gastric sleeve.  (It’s a procedure where they surgically remove 80% of your stomach and permanently restrict your food intake.)  I had the procedure done to assist with our ability to conceive (turns out your fertility is severally impacted by being 80kg overweight and having PCOS).

I had the procedure done in 2009 (December 14 to be exact!) and between then and now I have lost just over 65kgs.  (That’s like 2 supermodels!)  I’ve also managed to realize our dream of being able to start a family (through the magic that is IVF).

I get a lot of comments on the blog asking about my sleeve and I’ve been really blessed that one of my posts has become a place that people exploring the procedure seem to come too looking for answers.  A lot of the questions are about the procedure, what to expect after the procedure and what people can eat once it’s done.

However, a reader left a comment on one of my posts asking about being pregnant after having the procedure. I thought I would put into a post, to share with everyone, the answers that I give when people ask about the gastric sleeve and pregnancy.

Here’s the top 5 (or more accurately the most memoriable) questions that people (and specifically Susan) asked when I was pregnant (and they knew about the sleeve):

1. Will you starve the baby?

Always a great question to ask a worrying pregnant lady.  The answer I gave people was; “no, the baby is fine”.  When you’re pregnant the growing baby is your body’s first priority so any nutrients you put into your body go straight to your baby.  However, with a restricted intake you need to make sure to maximize the nutrients you are getting.

All of my doctors were aware that I’d had the procedure so they paid extra attention to the baby’s measurements.  I also went and saw my dietitian in the first trimester to find out what I would need to do to ensure I was getting enough food for the two of us.

She gave me a great eating plan and went through everything with me.  She recommended that I take a multivitamin to ensure that if I didn’t follow the plan that I’d be at least assured I was getting the nutrients.  My IVF clinic recommended the same thing so that was easy enough to do.



  1. Hey, I know this post was a long time ago but i am about to embark on pretty much the same journey you went through. I too have PCOS and we have been trying for a baby for 5 years now and nothing, all the fertility doctors tell me to lose weight like its as simple as that and wont help with IVF until my BMI is under 35. Finally my doctor put me forward for weight loss surgery as all my attempts have only resulted in 3-5KG loses over months of trying( being 129KG and 5’10” ). at the moment i have been given the option between the Band and Sleeve and i am leaning slightly more towards the sleeve i think mainly because its permanent. Reading your story brought tears to my eyes as this is the best possible outcome i could i want for myself, Congrats BTW! Did you have any changes in your PCOS after the surgery? Is there any tips or hints you can give me to help me along the way? i am scared that i am pinning all my hopes on this surgery to help me lose the weight and in the end there will still be no baby!

  2. I was just wondering how long did you wait after having weight loss surgery to try to become pregnant?

  3. That for all the great information regarding concerns about the pregnancy and frequently asked question. I know that infertility and weight or obesity go hand and hand. I personally did not have difficulty with inferality but a close friend was never able to have children because of it so it is dear to my heart. I also had teh gastric sleeve surgery and had great result. Is funny how 1 little action will change your life forever. Any ways thank for the great blog, keep up the good work.

    • The Doctors advised that I should wait 6 months before undergoing more IVF treatments. However, each patient is different and you should seek and take advice from your medical professionals.

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